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28 Latest Shaggy Bob Haircuts to Copy This Year

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As the leaves turn and the air cools, the season of transformation beckons. And what better way to embrace change than with a fresh, chic haircut? Enter the shaggy bob – a hairstyle that has stood the test of time, evolving from classic roots into a symbol of modern sophistication and effortless style.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate the versatile world of shaggy bob hairstyles. Whether you’re seeking a bold new look or a subtle change, we’re here to ensure your haircut not only turns heads but also becomes a seamless extension of your unique personality and style. So, grab your styling tools, and let’s embark on this hair transformation journey together!

Choosing the Right Shaggy Bob for Your Face Shape

In the art of hairstyling, one truth remains unchallenged: the perfect haircut is not just about the trend—it’s about harmony between your hairstyle and your face shape. The right shaggy bob can accentuate your features, balance proportions, and even reflect your unique style. Let’s break down the best shaggy bob hairstyles for each face shape:

1. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Oblong Face

Shaggy Bob For Oblong Face

The goal is to create an illusion of width. A chin-length bob works wonders by adding fullness at the right spots. Consider a blunt bob with a fringe to shorten the face’s appearance visually.

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2. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Square Face

Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Square Face

Soften the strong jawline and angular features with an asymmetrical cut. Longer strands at the front gradually shorten towards the back, elongating your face and softening its edges. An angled bob with a sleek middle part can also be your go-to style.

3. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Round Face

shaggy bob hairstyle for round face

Aim to elongate your face. A shaggy bob with longer layers and side-swept bangs can create the desired slimming effect. Stay clear of chin-length cuts that could make your face appear rounder.

4. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Oval Face

Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Oval Face

You’re in luck! Most hairstyles suit an oval face. Why not experiment with a grown-out pixie with added waves or a stacked inverted bob? These styles maintain balance and add a trendy twist.

5. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Pear Face

Shaggy Bob For pear face shape

Balance is key. A classic bob, shorter at the nape and diagonally cut towards the chin, can help balance the jaw’s width. Embrace the bob’s classic elegance and enjoy its flattering charm.

6. Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Heart Face

Shaggy Bob Hairstyle For Heart Face

Celebrate your unique features with a long bob accompanied by side bangs. Sleek layers flowing from the back towards the chin add a layer of sophistication and style.

Remember, the right shaggy bob is not just a hairstyle; it’s a crown tailored just for you. So, choose wisely and wear it with confidence!

Shaggy Bob Haircuts: The Best Examples

If you are able to style your hair your way, shaggy bobs can make you look stunning. The Layered Shaggy Bob, designed by Taylor Swift, can give you the look of a true diva at any event. This hairstyle is so popular because of the casual look it gives you. Bob has bravely adapted to changing fashion and time. It is slightly updated each season so it remains fashionable year after year. A messy trend in hairstyles is triggering certain changes in classic bobs. They get sexier, shaggier, and more texturized. They bring their unique charm to the red carpets and streets of cities, whether they are curly, straight or curly shag hair bobs. Which shaggy bob is the most popular? Let’s check…

#1: Short Ash Blonde Wavy Shag Bob


This wavy, layered bob feels so light and soft that it’s almost a pleasure to wear! The fashion world finally recognized the beauty and appeal of silver hair. It’s now a popular choice for young people around the globe!

#2: Choppy Collarbone Shag Bob


For thick, straight hair, long layers with a collarbone cut are a great choice. These layers create a flattering silhouette and are beautiful in movement. The peek-a-boo is incredibly attractive, but it also warns us about the dangers of its use.

#3: Short Shaggy Blonde Bob

Short Shaggy Blonde Bob

This bob is for the blonde. It’s straight and straight. This professional look is professional and texturized. For a chic twist, pull the long, layered bang down to the side and overlap the angled front.

#4: Two-toned Burgundy Shaggy Bob


This medium-length burgundy haircut is great for showing off your creative side. Add the color to your hair by creating some shaggy layers. Let your natural hair waves guide you to where to apply the color.

#5: Funky Shaggy bob

shaggy pastel purple bob with yellow ends

The fun, short, shaggy bob will have everyone talking…guaranteed! This violet and yellow style looks like something from an anime or fairy tale. It combines a short, sharp cut with a bold, unexpectedly cool color.

#6: Medium Brown Tousled Bob


Her shiny locks have amazing shades. We would attribute the success to the coloristic solution. The layers of shaggy hair bring out the natural texture and shades in her mane.

#7: Blonde Shaggy Lob

28 Latest Shaggy Bob Haircuts to Copy This Year

You can get many different styles of the shaggy hairstyle. The classic shaggy bob is now a blonde, layered style. Each layer has its own mind and flows like delicate ribbons.

#8: Brown Blonde, Messy Bob

Brown Shaggy Shoulder-Length Bob

This easy ‘do is perfect with your natural hair color. You can opt for natural, lived-in dyes instead of expensive options. This sandy blonde ombre highlight highlights enhance the soft look.

#9: Shaggy Brunette hairstyle

Choppy Chin-Length Bob

You might want to add layers to your hair so it doesn’t look too perfect. You can achieve a textured look with a lighter color. If you have the time, style your new bob with a slicked-back look or add some loose waves.

#10: Wavy Dirty Blonde Bob

Blonde Balayage Shaggy Bob

You can’t have bobs that are too short. You can have a bob that is longer or shorter. A long shaggy style is best for thick hair. This will highlight your full hair, but it won’t feel as heavy or cumbersome as a longer cut.

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