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18 Hair Сolor Ideas with White and Platinum Blonde Hair

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Many girls want beautiful blonde hair. We see so many movies that depict brightly lit angels and bright celestial beings in modern cinemas. We’ve hand-selected 18 of our favorite styles, from platinum blonde curls to white halos. Let’s take a look at them!

Platinum Blonde and White Hair Trend

A very light hair color that is almost completely stripped of color is a great choice for women with cool undertones. This includes natural blondes who are naturally blonde and were previously fair-haired, but have now turned to a dishwater blonde hue. This is because it can be perceived as a dull, dirty color that needs to be brightened. This is why platinum and white are the perfect tones. These can be used in a solid, all-over color, or as highlights, balayage, or ombre. Let’s take a look at some examples.

#1: Soft Flaxen Blonde Curls

medium blonde hair with platinum highlights

These white highlights add a touch of elegance to shoulder-length waves. This is a great color for multi-dimensional, contemporary blonde hair.

#2: Highlights with a Dab of Platinum

braided updo for brown blonde hair

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You can achieve more sophisticated brown blonde hair colors by adding platinum highlights to light brown hair, or lowlights to blonde hair. This is the second option. Braided hairstyles can be the best way to showcase the variety of color.

#3: Fade to White

ash blonde hair with black roots

If dye is applied lower along the length of your hair, creating a halo effect of dark roots, this can create a trendy look. This look requires some staging.

#4: White and Dirty Blonde Combo

platinum highlights for dark blonde hair

You can try platinum highlights on your dark brown base to create a hair color that is less traumatizing or more complicated. Because it is so versatile, long blonde hair is highly sought after. For years, it has been a part of fashion’s beauty repertoire. We have a new obsession with long hair thanks to supermodels from the 60’s.

#5: Pretty Smooth Criminal Platinum

Long Platinum Blonde Bob

Although it may not seem like much, changing from blonde to white hair can make a huge difference in your appearance. A blank canvas is required to create a white-blonde hairstyle. Before the new color can be applied, it is important to wash out any unwanted colors or irregularities. This ‘color’ is not easy to dye. It’s worth it!

#6: White Blonde Bob

Sleek Chin-Length Blonde Bob

Solid blonde hair looks bold, eye-catching and edgy. The matte effect is created by wearing the color from roots through ends. But, watch your roots! It takes a lot to keep platinum white hair looking its best.

#7: Grayscale Ombre

Ash Blonde Hair With Black Roots

This stunning platinum-silver hair is striking against its black roots. Try an ombre on dark hair to experience fairytale hair.

#8: Short Silver Crop

Short Ash Blonde Undercut Hairstyle

This crop has a front-combed top with a shaved undercut. You can’t ask for more from a stylish and dynamic style in this short crop. Pair with elegant frames and silver or platinum earrings.

#9: Long Platinum Locks

Long Platinum Blonde Balayage Hair

Long hair looks great with platinum blonde. The platinum feathers almost overtake the dark roots which show through the shiny blonde. This effect is stunning and dramatic.

#10: Wavy Blonde Blonde Bob

Shaggy Blonde Balayage Bob

The bob is a classic style for white hair, and it’s not hard to see why. It is acceptable to let a darker hair color shine through. This style works well with a darker underneath. The style can be transformed from an ice queen to a beach goddess by adding curls and waves.

#11: Long Bob in Silver White

Blunt Ash Blonde Lob

This hairstyle is amazing from root to tip. This hairstyle is stunning from root to tip. The platinum white highlights the brown color and blends seamlessly with it. If your hair is straight, a bob with blunt ends would be a great choice.

#12: Thin Platinum Highlights

Brown Hair With Silver Highlights

You don’t have to bleach your platinum hair. You can achieve platinum blonde highlights with a few strategically placed highlights. These highlights brighten the brown base of the hair and melt it towards the ashy blonde ends. Low-lights add drama to the scene, as seen here in thin streaks with darker brown.

#13: White Blonde Curls

Blonde Balayage For Long Thin Hair

These loose, blonde waves are adorable! This hairstyle is very elegant. The platinum blonde highlights on the brown hair are stunning. With a subtle ombre, or balayage, upkeep is not difficult.

#14: Silver Blonde Straight Hair

Long White Blonde Layered Hair

This is the fall of layers of silver! These layers are almost like molten sterling silver. They are like molten silver!

#15: White Hair, Blunt Hair

Blunt Gray Lob With Black Roots

This is more platinum silver than blonde hair. The platinum takes on a beautiful gray tint when it blends with the black roots. This reflects the platinum blonde hair color’s star, the bluntly cut bob. This is a great way for healthy ends after a big blonde.

#16: Platinum Blonde Bob and Exposed Roots

Platinum Wavy Bob

This curly bob has layered blonde waves and lots of dark brown roots. This is a beautiful, grungy throwback style to the platinum hairstyles of the early 2000s. Gwen Stefani is a great example of a platinum hairstyle.

#17: White hair for brown bases

Medium Layered Blonde Hair

This longer bob is a sophisticated mix of blonde and light brown, with a bleached white front. You can create a chic medium-length style for straight hair with long layers that frame your face.

#18: Pale Blonde Balayage

Ash Blonde Ombre Highlights

This subtle ombre is almost blonde on blonde. The platinum highlights begin at the roots and melt in the ash-blonde flow. These layers give your hair extra volume and bounce.

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