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39 Chic Angled Bob Haircuts

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#31 Choppy Blended Bob with Bangs

angled bob haircut with bangs

The messy, layered bob an ideal hairstyle for women who want to look a little bit stylish but also feminine. The texture of the layers makes the cut more sharp which is simple for you to wear and style every day. Due to the hefty layers of forehead bangs it creates slim appearance, diminishing the forehead while highlighting the eyes. This kind of cut is ideal for people with oval and oblong facial forms.

#32: Classic Blunt A-Line Bob

classy a-line bob haircut

The classic blunt A-line bob the classic hairstyle that is suitable for every face shape. It usually falls between the jaw and shoulder. It’s enough long to be able to wear in a ponytail , and shorter enough to stand out when styled in an updo. Additionally, it provides an appearance that resembles thicker hair!

33: Blonde Bob With Straight Bangs

blonde angled bob haircut with straight bangs

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The blunt, shoulder-length cut of the bob is extremely chic glamour. It has a particular couture quality that makes the wearer shine. Since it has the collarbone length, it doesn’t appear to sag at the jawline. It makes the face appear more elongated and reduces the size of the cheeks. The forehead bangs are shaved off to highlight the lips and eyes in the most gorgeous way.

#34: Blunt Asymmetrical Bob

asymmetrical angled bob haircut

This asymmetrical, blunt hairstyle is very flirty and can give any face a an elegant appearance. This style is gorgeous for square faces, because its length extends beyond the jaw line, and lengthens the face. The deep side partof the face tricks the eyes into thinking it is a more narrow face shape. The asymmetrical cut looks stylish and trendy!

#35 Angled Bob with Long Side Bangs

side-parted angled bob haircut

This asymmetrical, blunt hairstyle with long bangs is incredible for people who have more rounder faces. Additionally, the delicate layers at the ends make the appearance to be more striking! This is exactly what you need when trying to make a statement in fashion.

#36: Rounded Chin-Length Bob with Bangs

angled chin-length bob haircut

Anna Wintour’s signature hairstyle is adorable and charming! It’s great for hipsters who are outgoing. The benefit that comes with a round chin length brush is that you will have enough volume and body. You can get the height you want at the crown by gently tapping or rubbing with the round brush while drying!

#37 The angle of the Haircut with Feathered Ends

short angled bob

The jaw length, feathered hairstyle is a cute way to style your hair professionally! It declares “Here’s an ambitious businesswoman” and also says, “She is young and enjoyable!” With the length reduced to a minimum, and the layering to an optimal level the feathers appear visible and they fall elegantly. This cut highlights the chin and squaring cheeks.

#38: Easy-Going Collarbone Bob

cute angled bob

A rounded lob usually is at the shoulder. It is possible to cut the ends as in the image – curled to the face to create a an elongated form to the hair cut. The flatness of the root makes it easier to emphasize the shape in the middle.

#39: Posh Bob with Elongated Front Pieces

stylish angled bob haircut

The chic bob is an incredible fashion for those who like to look fabulous every day. It’s very easy to maintain but it has a strong look! After being split in through the center, it glides across the edges of the face yet still being edgy and slick with razor-sharp angles.

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