#21: Loose and Wavy Hair

Choppy Bronde Balayage Bob

Bob haircuts have a reputation of being tomboyish or severe, but today’s modern inverted bob styles couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re worried about losing your femininity with a bob cut, go for a loose and wavy style that leaves plenty of room for softness.

#22: Liven Up Thin Hair

Brown Choppy Angled Bob

If you are tired of dealing with fine hair texture, a short style will be much easier to maintain than long locks. Go for something choppy but not too quirky, and don’t forget the bangs!

#23: Wispy Razored Bob for Straight Hair

Wispy Short Inverted Bob

The wispy locks of the short inverted bob look great if your hair’s texture is naturally dry and feathery. If you’re getting bored with your inverted bob with bangs, let them grow out. The strawberry blonde color is accented with golden blonde highlights that are strategically placed in the front to highlight the face.

#24: Straight Cropped Style

Layered Angled Brunette Bob

Keep hair straight and serious with a long inverted bob that works with the natural texture and direction of your locks. Don’t have stick straight hair? Invest in a quality flat iron to get a smooth result.

#25: Tousled Wavy Bronde Bob

Dishwater Blonde Bob With Platinum Highlights

Chanel beachy vibes with a layered and wavy bob. The loose waves deliver texture, while the blonde highlights bring a sun-kissed glow. It’s not always about looking prim and polished. The messy layers are what make this hairdo so stylish.

#26: Inverted Blonde Bob with Angled Layers

Warm And Cool Blonde Balayage Bob

You can transform your haircut from just okay to stunning, with layers. Piecey or chunky, they break up the coif and give it visual interest. Layers are a great match to inverted cuts because of how they enhance the drama of the angles.

#27: Forward Thinking Bob

Layered Angled Chin-Length Bob

An inverted bob haircut is made beautiful when it follows the natural lines of your hair and facial features. In this example, a thin face with a prominent nose is softened by a bob cut that is angled toward the chin.

#28: Uneven Inverted Bronde Bob

Choppy Angled Brown Blonde Bob

Sometimes imperfections are what make hairstyles perfect, like with this reverse bob. The wispy flyaways and blend of colors all contribute to the final effect of this haircut. The messy-on-purpose style finishes this charming current look.

#29: Asymmetrical Razored Black Bob

Angled Bob With Razored Ends

If you are feeling edgy, have your stylist use the razor technique to give you that choppy and bold cut. To amplify the drama further, a jet black dye-job is key. All the standout elements of this asymmetrical bob come together to create something totally badass.

#30: Short Tousled Bob with Elongated Front

Jaw-Length Stacked Bob With Highlights

Short bobs are great for people who love more structured cuts. The stacked back of an A-line cut offers fullness. Take the volume up a notch by teasing the roots of the hair. Shadow roots will also help the cut look like it has endless body.


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