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48 Beautiful Long Hair with Bangs

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11. Long Blonde Bangs and hair

Long Blonde Hair with Bangs

When it comes to colors related, blonde is an extremely sought-after options for long hair that has bangs. Hilary Duff confirms this claim by sporting the style she’s been sporting from her Lizzie McGuire days: sunny locks that have bangs.

12. Short Layers on Long Hair

Short Layers on Long Hair

To illustrate our point by using layers, here’s an image that clearly illustrates the power of layers. While the hair may be long however, the thin and choppy layers add to an attractive shape everywhere.

13. A messy ponytail with Bangs and Long Hair

Messy Ponytail with Bangs and Long Hair

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This is yet another method you can braid your locks into ponytails and making sure your bangs aren’t visible. If you’re sporting side-swept bangs, all you need to do is tie the rest of your locks into an unruly, messy, and casual ponytail that can show off your laid-back side.

14. Long Bob and Bangs Black Long Bob with Bangs Black

Long Bob with Bangs Black Hair

We’ve been in love of Krysten Ritter’s gothy chick look for years, but we’re begging her to be in the attention she deserves in her haircut. In this photo you can take a look at her black and jet black inverted hairstyle that is perfect with her choppy bangs.

15. Casual hairstyles for long hair with Bangs

Casual Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs

If you’re running and need to get out, you can count on this hairstyle to compliment every casual OOTD. Since you already have hair that is long it’s not necessary to have a donut in order to achieve this style. Just wrap your hair around to create a stunning top knot, and let those hairs frame your face beautifully.

16. Blunt Bangs and Vintage Waves

Blunt Bangs and Vintage Waves

Our faithful readers on HairMotive.com know that we feature trendy hairstyles every now and then to time. We got a major source of design inspirations from Vogue for our short, blunt bangs and long , vintage waves.

17. Long Bangs with Short Hair

Short Hair with Long Bangs

What happens if you decide to go about things the other the other way around? Alter your hairstyle completely by opting for a shorter hairstyle with long bangs to create an unorthodox style. You can wear layers of pixie hair with long bangs that are chin-length to the side.

18. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs

Like their name suggests the bangs are noticeable by a curtain-like look. Cheryl Cole stands out through her vintage retro look and this haircut matches her taste perfect. Try these bangs to relive the past.

19. Thick Bangs and Long Hair

Thick Bangs with Long Hair

Hair that is straight must seriously think about having thicker bangs. This approach is suggested for the hair type with this texture since maintaining the bangs won’t be as hard like curly or wavy locks.

20. Parted Bangs

Parted Bangs

To take the curtain bangs look a step further, we are pleased to offer parted bangs. Although the fundamental principle remains the same, split bangs are positioned in a middle and are able to naturally smudge every side on your face. Look like Chloe Moretz this hairstyle.

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