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48 Beautiful Long Hair with Bangs

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21. Emo Hairstyle

Emo Hairstyle

We’re not the type of people to believe in stereotypical images, however we do think of full, thick and incredibly side-swept bangs with the emo hairstyles. If you don’t agree with the style of life discussed you can have an attractive, cute and edgy look by using the bangs of these kinds as well as long locks.

22. Long Curly Bangs and Long Curly Hair

Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Who said bangs couldn’t be curly? Naturally curly women are at ease knowing that they can sport long bangs at any time. Indeed, bangs that have curly textures are guaranteed to stand out above other styles, and in an impressive manner.

23. Long, wavy hair with Bangs

Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

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It’s the same for bangs and wavy hair alike. One advantage hair that is wavy can offer over other hair types is the ability to maintain your hair straight, or even a little arched. In either case you’ll get a delightful boho style with minimal effort.

24. Two Tone Hairstyle

Two Tone Hairstyle

If you truly would like to showcase your unique fashion, choose unique coloring ideas to go with the length of your hair and bangs. A method that is sure to make you stand out from others is to dye your hair in two colorsand then cutting it straight through the middle.

25. Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

Invigorating your entire style is a piece cake. If you’re willing to use a razor make sure you contemplate having an undercut. It’s important to note that this does not require cutting off how long your hair is, but cutting it in a unique manner.

26. Long Straight Hair, Bangs and Straight

Long Straight Hair with Bangs

This image focuses upon the feel of locks of a long hair with bangs. While we are in love with the unique style that curly or wavy bangs can give but we do have to acknowledge it is straight hair that’s the most simple to style when you’re sporting fringe.

27. Long hair with short bangs

Long Hair with Short Bangs

Find your the artist in you or the mystery woman sporting short hair to match the length of your hair. This may perhaps not be the usual option to wear bangs, however it’s sure to bring out your personality. Make them choppy or blunt depending on your personal style.

28. Pin Up Bangs

Pin Up Bangs

In the case of short bangs, you can relive fashion with this hairstyle pin-up. The bangs are blunt, short and just a little arched to give that vintage appearance. We also recommend soft waves to finish the look perfectly.

29. Messy Hairstyle

Messy Hairstyle

As you shouldn’t be scared to do your hands dirty at times and you should not be afraid from making your hair messy. Although you might be nervous initially, be aware that messy hairstyles are becoming more popular than ever because of obvious reasons.

30. Long black hair with bangs and black color

Long Black Hair with Bangs

Another color of hair we often find on long hair which has bangs, is black. Because of the intense hue and bohemian style the hairstyle you choose will result in a romantic, mysterious and female fatale. Don’t be afraid of getting this haircut if naturally brunette.

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