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While dirt blonde hair seems to get negative reviews but it’s actually one of the most sought-after hues of blonde. It’s a perfect blend of cool and warm shades, the hair is stunning.

Blonde hair can be found in a variety of shades, ranging from ash blonde strawberry blonde hair to bombshell (aka platinum) blonde. The hair hues fall between the blonde spectrum in terms of color. There are many stylish styles and shades. We’ve put together an inventory of our 54 top dirty blonde looks.

Long Layers With Dirty Blonde Ombre Hair

Long Layers With Dirty Blonde Ombre Hair #longhair #blondehair #ombre

Dirty blonde is the classy more natural-looking cousin of yellow and platinum blonde hair colors, has numerous stunning tones. Why not showcase your hair with all of them using dirty blonde hair that is ombre? Ombre coloring is extremely trendy nowadays. Ombres usually begin with darker roots, and continue to be so throughout the middle and then gradually become lighter towards the ends. Ombres are perfect for those looking for an individual style that requires minimal maintenance. The model’s curly, dirty blonde hair looks stunning with an ombre that is dirty blonde. The shade of ash blonde that has graduated and sun-kissed beachy curls complement perfectly together like the ocean and sand.

Dirty Blonde Hair With Blonde Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair With Blonde Highlights #blondehair #longhair #wavyhair #highlights

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Age can alter the natural blonde hair to dark brown or even brunette. However, when these women turn dirty blonde who skimp and jumping. The brown-colored, dirty blonde woman looks extremely mature and gorgeous. It’s possible to think that filthy blonde hair with blonde highlights could be a mistake to mix the warm and cool tones but the hair stylist masterfully melted the light and dark hues to create dimension and provide various styles based on the light and setting. She is able to be whatever she likes, in fact. The dirty blonde hair with caramel highlights is also a good choice and is equally enjoyable as the other styles. Also, if you’re hazel, green, and blue-eyed ladies can, too, are able to perform “la ladee dah.”

Wavy Natural Dirty Blonde Hair

Wavy Natural Dirty Blonde Hair #wavyhair #blondehair #brunette

Numerous gold shades are delightfully updated and rekindle natural blonde hair. Although the dark roots are evident, the downwards transition is a typical summer-time effect. Its long and lazy curls that she has in her dirty, blonde blonde hair give her lots of options to style her hair for plenty of fun in the sun. This is certainly a plus since you can tell that she’s spending most of her time outside as well as professionally. It’s simple to imagine her walking around in barefoot in the grass on the shoreline, maybe having flowers in her hair. or simply with pulled-back hair, whether working on a laptop , or having a party with her friends.

Extra Long Dirty Blonde Hair With Lowlights

Extra Long Dirty Blonde Hair With Lowlights #longhair #wavyhair #balayage

It’s impossible to take your eyes off of this woman’s messy blonde hair with lowlights. You’ll want to rush to the salon to request the hair stylist to give you that similar appearance. Lowlights give a sense of depth and intensity and that’s why they appear so stunning when worn on hair that is long. Do you notice the way that the color creates hazel eyes that shine? Her warm skin favors brown. The dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes are a perfect combination.

Cute Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair

Cute Dirty Strawberry Blonde Hair #wavyhair #blondehair #highlights

Take a few minutes to take a look at the Renaissance pictures of gorgeous women. They set the standards for beauty and some of them are still in existence. Most had strawberry blonde hair. This isn’t an natural hair color, however. Women in the past went through many steps to attain it. Today, women dye their hair in order to attain it, as well however, what is the difference? It’s easy today. What do you do if you’re not certain? What if you are unable to decide between strawberry or dirty blonde? Perhaps you’re not certain which one would suit you the best. You can do both! The model’s messy strawberry blonde hair perfectly combines warm highlights with dark blonde hair and red undertones. The energy is simply sparkling. There are many variations to suit nearly all skin types. Warm strawberry blonde is a good match for fair and neutral skin tones. On the other hand, more auburn strawberry blonde is favored by more warm skin tone.

Dirty Blonde Hair With Blue Tips

Dirty Blonde Hair With Blue Tips #blondehair #bluehair #braids #ombre

Hair dyed with dip is definitely popular nowadays. There are numerous tutorials on the Internet which means you can try it at home by purchasing an item from your local beauty shop. No matter the color of your hair is, there’s a cut that will instantly transform you. There are a myriad of natural and natural colors that you can pick from. Since blue comes in a variety of variations (cornflower sky blue and cadet blue aquamarine navy blue, teal) is one of the most well-known and popular natural color options. There’s a color for everyone’s complexion and hair shade. The model’s messy blonde hair with blue tips is absolutely stunning. She’s stylish, chic and distinctive. The way that the blue shines through her hair adds individuality and character.

Dirty Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights

Dirty Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights #blondehair #pinkhair #highlights #braids

Pink is an excellent feature. It’s romantic, soft and elegant, yet exciting, too! Pink allows you to be whatever you’d like to be, in fact. You can effortlessly transform your look from night to day or office to party between one moment to the next. The dirty blonde hair with pink highlights is the perfect color for a subtle look. It certainly brightens the model’s dark blonde hair color. It’s certain to make her be noticed every time she’s out regardless of whether it’s an event, networking lunch or family gathering. If she’s got blue eyes, be on the lookout. When a dirty blonde lady with blue eyes puts highlights of pink in her hair she’ll literally stop anyone in their feet.

Ash Blonde Hair Color Idea

Ash Blonde Hair Color Idea #blondehair #wavyhair

Ash blonde hair, regardless whether it’s light, medium dark, light or anything else is stunning with highlights. The majority of blonde hair shades require strict maintenance to stay fresh, however because the ash blonde shade is subdued it is more affluent. The gorgeous woman’s balayage on dirt blonde hair, which exquisitely blends various shades of ash with dirty blonde, is so effective that you can’t even discern where the ends meet. This is the kind of thing that magazine editors and fashion photographers would refer to as “editorial,” meaning they’d need to photograph her right away to create the publication of a fashion spread. Her swooped-over, enchanting style is reminiscent of the an old-fashioned Hollywood appeal that is still a force even today, in the present and is still influencing.

Cute Layered Short Dirty Blonde Hair

Cute Layered Short Dirty Blonde Hair #blondehair #bob #layeredhair #highlights

For a long time, women avoided hair that was dirty blonde hair. But no longer. Clean blonde hair is now becoming the most popular blonde option. It can provide relief from the harsh bleaching process and the damage that blondes suffer and can cause the appearance of a blonde, and can be altered to improve your skin tone , and blend into your routine. What more can you ask for? Consider this model’s adorable layered short messy blonde hair. It starts with dark roots, and then the cool shade immediately leaps into the hair and adds a sense of depth and shine for the fun waves of her short, dirty blonde hair, then ends with a gorgeous messy cut. It’s cute.

Curly Dirty Blonde Hair With Subtle Highlights

Curly Dirty Blonde Hair With Subtle Highlights #blondehair #longhair #brunette #ombre

The filthy blonde hair has certainly had to endure a lot of insults. Not only is it “dirty” within its name however, it’s also referred to as “dishwater blonde” because somebody, somewhere, claimed that it was like the water used to wash dirty dishes. Ewww! What if you used these insulting words to describe the young lady’s stunning hair? Take a look at the subtle sun-kissed highlights on dirt blonde hair accomplished. Dirty blonde resides between lighter brunette and dark blonde which is why golden blonde tones make it warm and the cool tones of ash cool it. Even though her curly and filthy blonde hair is very long the golden hues warm your dark complexion and highlight her beautiful eyes and lips. This is why hair that is dirty blonde hair is a great shade for any.

What Is A Dirty Blonde Hair Color?

What Is A Dirty Blonde Hair Color picture1

If you’re thinking about what constitutes the definition of a dirty blonde shade Here are some examples of the most beautiful shades that will give you some ideas.

This dark blonde shade is the perfect choice for natural blonde hair look with a little undertone of deep. The deep brown base and the soft blonde hues which blend into darker platinum is absolutely amazing. It’s especially beautiful on long , wavy hair.

For styling for a sleek look, brush your hair using an oval brush. Then flip over the ends as you dry them for sexy beachy waves. Turn your head upside down initially to give it more body for the most fullness. If you want more waves, you can use an enormous barrel-shaped curling wand to create loose and relaxed waves that let you look gorgeous and windswept look.

What Is A Dirty Blonde Hair Color picture2

If you’re looking for a look that showcases diverse shades of blonde this gorgeous mix of blonde balayage shades is simply stunning. From champagne blonde to honey blonde and platinum the look is a mix of all. You can request the tiniest blonde highlights at the front, and scattered all over to frame your face. It will let your hair shine like gold under the summer sunshine.

If you are naturally curly hair, simply spray your locks with Sea salt and allow the hair naturally dry. If, however, you have straight hair it is possible to air dry the hair create romantic loose waves using a big curling iron. In either case you’ll look hot to go with these stunning colors that are light blonde hair.

What Is A Dirty Blonde Hair Color picture3

This style is among our top hairstyles, especially the dirty blonde hair ideas. The stark contrast between the cool and warm shades of light blonde is stunning. Deep dark brown undertones and the light ash blonde and buttery blonde mix, this beautiful balayage combination of blonde hues is truly out of the norm.

It’s also the best thing about it is that it can be used with any hair texture since it gives a great deal of depth and dimension to your hair. It is a great complement to curly, straight and wavy hair as well. You’ll look like a hot blonde bombshell by wearing this trendy combination of blonde shades.

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas – Which Suits Your Skin Tone?

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas Which Suits Your Skin Tone picture1

Are you looking to find blonde hair color ideas which can be used by every skin color? You’ve found the right website! We will help you discover the right shade of blonde to complement your skin tone.

Blonde hair colors can never go out of style and it’s impossible to go wrong with this gorgeous butterscotch blonde. The gold blonde hair color is perfect for anyone who wants an authentic look. The transition of dark hair to golden highlights quite subtle and blends well that nobody will think it’s not your natural shade.

You can ask for darker blonde hair and a subtle fade into a stunning color of butterscotch. This looks best on people with a smooth, soft face and light eyes however, it will complement any skin tone. If you’re looking for a color that is suitable for any season this shade is what you’re looking for.

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas Which Suits Your Skin Tone Ash #blondehair #highlights

Bronde is rapidly being recognized as one of the loved blonde hair colors. You can observe why it’s becoming a sensation in the world. This blend of an ethereal brown and a lighter blonde shades is the ideal combination for those who aren’t sure which one they would prefer to be brunette or blonde. What better way to get the best of both worlds by having blonde hair?

This shade is ideal for those who have warmer shades of skin and eyes that are dark. If you’ve got the proper attitude, you can completely rock this sexy color of bronze!

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas Which Suits Your Skin Tone picture3

One of our top blonde hair shades is this soft, buttery blonde. A beautiful mix with light shades of ash blonde platinum blonde and honey blonde Butter blonde is the ideal shade if you’re in search of something elegant and feminine. Imagine a buttery mix of blonde hues encasing curls for a stunning romantic look that will send males wild.

Ask your stylist which mix of blonde buttery will work best for your skin. It’s not a good idea to have your hair faded. It is possible to go for a darker tone with some delicate buttery blonde shades, or you may want to opt for all-over creamy blonde balayage shades.

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas Which Suits Your Skin Tone Ombre #blondehair #ombre

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that makes your feel like a modern-day blonde princess, this sheer stripe of gold is inviting you to try it. The dark undertone that is paired with delicate blonde hues and baby blonde ends is delicate enough to make people the mistake of thinking it’s your actual hair shade.

The choppy, tousled waves such as the ones in this photo are a fantastic method to showcase this gorgeous blonde mix. Make sure you prove that blondes can have more fun when they wear this look of pure gold!

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas Which Suits Your Skin Tone Brunette #blondehair #balayage

Have naturally wavy blonde hair? What’s better than a mix of cool and warm blonde tones that melts like butter? An a little darker base, with different tones of platinum blonde make an amazing combination of buttery blonde hues.

Are you ready to rock those gorgeous beach waves? Wet or wash your hair, then apply an ample amount of salty sea spray, then comb your hair and leave! It will look like you’ve got off the beach with those sassy beach waves!

Dirty Blonde Hair Color Ideas Which Suits Your Skin Tone Platinum #blondehair #highlights

If a lighter blonde is what you prefer the tawny gold shade is the most popular at the moment. The gradual fade of golden blonde shades is so subtle that people won’t even be aware that it’s not the natural hue you have. Begin with an ash blonde dark base, and then fade to a light golden blonde shade at the tips. The men are sure to stare at you when you pass through. You can add some sexy, messy waves so you’ll become the envy of your pals!

Reasons To Keep A Dark Blonde Hair Color

Reasons To Keep A Dark Blonde Hair Color Caramel #blondehair #highlights

Why do you have to stick with the darker blonde hair color? You can ask one female that are sprouting this gorgeous shade! Dirty blonde was once seen as dull and unattractive however, it’s now an extremely trendy hues of blonde. If you’re still unsure, take a look at this article to learn what the reason why dirty blonde is what it’s at!

  1. The dark blonde hair vs light brown hair offers a lot of depth with its soft shades. If you’re trying to enhance the depth of your hair dark blonde is the best option!
  2. Dark blondes are less upkeep than platinum or extremely lighter blonde hues. There won’t be numerous touch-ups, which is always a plus.
  3. The dirty blonde hair is perfect if you’re looking for hair that is natural, sexy and elegant.
  4. The dark blonde hair flatters every eye shade and tone of skin. Blondes with pale shades could make you look dull or unnatural.
  5. Hair that is dark blonde hair is healthier than platinum hair. You don’t have to bleach your hair to maintain lighter than platinum.

Lavender And Dirty Blonde Ombre

Lavender and Dirty Blonde Ombre

Ombre hair doesn’t need to be applied to an platinum base. The dirty blonde waves that have the deep purple dip ends look very appealing.

Pale Dirty Blonde

Pale Dirty Blonde

This hot look with its face-framing highlights are absolutely stunning. The darker, darker and lighter tones over are sexy and have a peek-a-boo effect.

Dirty Blonde Balayage

Dirty Blonde Balayage #blondehair #balayage

The long layers of golden dark blonde top and light blonde undertones give an exotic sun-kissed appearance. This retro style with its long flowing hair with dirty blonde tendrils can make you look like a vintage 70s beauty.

Muted Honey Tones

Muted Honey Tones

This shade is great when paired with porcelain skin as well as green or blue eyes. The rich honey hues will perfectly complement those with delicate eyes and delicate skin.

Tousled Pixie

Tousled Pixie

This short and sassy , tousled hairstyle is great for those who are seeking to stand out from the usual shorter hairstyle. The various shades of blonde and the tousled layers add texture and depth to this gorgeous pixie.

Gold And Platinum Dirty Blonde Ombre

Gold and Platinum Dirty Blonde Ombre

This gorgeous cut, with its captivating curls and the perfect combination of golden and platinum blondes will give the volume of hair that is thinner to create a romantic vibe.

Brunette Roots With Dirty Blonde Tips

Brunette Roots with Dirty Blonde Tips

This striking contrast between stark deep dark brown roots, and gold, dirty blonde tips is enthralling and dramatic.

Elegant Undercut

Elegant Undercut

This flirty, short cut with dark blonde hairline and lighter blonde top layers is fashionable and elegant for those looking for the look that’s a bit more edgy, but still elegant.

Sun Kissed Gradient

Sun Kissed Gradient

With sun-kissed highlights, this long cut that is trimmed with dark brown blonde hair and golden blonde hair will give you the perfectly LA Diva vibe.

Dirty Golden Blonde Hair

Golden Blonde

This lively shade featuring golden and ashy top and lowlights looks more sophisticated with this flowing bob.

Sunshine And Sass

Sunshine and Sass

This multi-tonal blonde with vibrant blonde highlights that frame your face while revealing darker streaks of blonde in the back are the perfect mix of class and sass. The thick layers, with a textured texture add an abundance of body and volume that sparkles in the sunlight.

Pale Blonde Balayage

Pale Blonde Balayage

This balayage with a pale-toned color is great for people who have fair skin and light eyes.

Darkest Blonde

Darkest Blonde

With its warm blonde highlights and an intense brunette base, this hairstyle is gorgeous on women who have olive or medium skin tones with dark or dark-colored eyes.

Dirty Blonde Curly Bob

Dirty Blonde Curly Bob

Every woman wants Carrie Bradshaw’s gorgeous “Sex and the City” curly long chin-length curls. They are never going out of fashion!

Buttery Blonde Ombre

Buttery Blonde Ombre

This multi-dimensional wavy do that has darker roots and soft light blonde buttery babylights is fun and fun.

Curly Highlighted

Curly Highlighting

Get your game on with curling the hair and adding highlights. You’ll look like the image of a Hollywood celebrity.

Cold Light Violet Dirty Blonde

Cold Light Violet Dirty Blonde

This fade of color is the transition from warmer dirty blonde to colder violet.

Natural Base And Higlighted Ends

 Natural Base and Higlighted Ends

The addition of highlights to the ends is a great idea for those who don’t want to harm your beautiful natural locks.

A Lot Of Highlights

A Lot of Highlights

It’s not always easy to achieve the perfect blonde hue all at once, simply by dying hair. In these situations stylists can suggest adding several highlights of blonde and repeat the process until you can dye your hair blonde.

Honey Ombre

Honey Ombre

Honey ombre isn’t flattering to every girl. Be aware that darker shades will take volume.

Warm Curls

Warm Curls

If your hair is naturally straight, dense, and heavy, you should stop thinking about having full-length curly locks at your home. Simply wave them around and maintain your excitement.

Silver Strands

Silver Strands

The silver shade of hair is not uncommon nowadays. However, you should increase the volume of the hair’s roots if you don’t want your hair to look dirty.

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob

This haircut is ideal for real tomboys. The edge of the hair will make the effect more noticeable.

Peach Princess

Peach Princess

This hairstyle certainly has an edgy look. This hairstyle is an example of having all the things you want in one hairstyle such as volume, texture and sexiness.

Like you see that there are tons of cute and flirty styles that can be worn with dirty blonde hair! Find the look that works for you, and then get ready for a hot new style to wear this spring!

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