Short hairstyles of today require a shaggy style in order to be seen as trendy and trendy. They give you a younger appearance and can be worn to suit any event. The hairstyles below are suitable for curly or straight hair. They are simple to style and maintain and we believe it’s difficult to find something more stylish in terms of trendy short hairstyles. What is the reason professional stylists say that shags with short lengths could be the best choice? Shags are about messy ends, layering and lots of texture. So, stylists add the volume needed and adds an illusion of dimension when hair appears flat. Check out the suggestions.

The Most Beautiful Short Shag Hairstyles

#1: Haircut Short Haircut with Sass

Short shag haircuts are in style these days and are they are making a comeback from their 1990s glory days. The perfect choice for women with flat or thin hair A shag cut can spice things up and adds body and bounce as well as a new look to your locks.

Short Shaggy Bob Haircut

#2: Waves of Color

If you’re naturally bent hairstyle and your hair is naturally bent, it will be able to take cuts to the shag. The adorable silhouette of this style is an invitation to be complemented by subtle highlights to lighten locks and highlight the layers.

Layered Brown Balayage Bob

#3: Platinum Short Shag

Maybe you were blonde when you were a kid but your hair is now darker as you get older. Perhaps you’d like to discover whether blondes actually enjoy more enjoyment. Whatever the reason platinum blonde hair can be enjoyable for a short cut since it’s more manageable.

Platinum Blonde Layered Wavy Bob

#4: Short Shag Bob

Bob haircuts complement the shag design perfectly. If you’re looking to cut your hair short for a shag, choose an angled bob cut. it gives the fullness of thin hair and makes it easy to manage any hair type.

Short Layered Dark Brown Bob

#5 Gold-Bronde Bob with Layers of Piecey Layers

A round silhouette, smooth lines, and a smooth appearance are the trademarks of this shaggy Bob. The gold and brunette tones that are characteristic of the balayage give the impression of sophistication and depth. This is an excellent choice for women with excessively coarse and thick hair.

Shorter Layered Brown Blonde Hairstyle

#6: Curls of Tinsel

Curly girls look stunning with their shaggy hair. If you’re looking for something that’s distinctive make your hair look more interesting, try coloring it a black shade with silver undertones to create sparkle which is beautiful all year long.

Long Curly Pixie Hairstyle

#7: Short Shag Blunt Cut

Try the pixie cut when you visit the salon, but make sure you leave enough length for the shaggy look. The sharp, straight-across nape line as well as the sideburns that are angled give a unique look to the cut that is distinct from other short shag cuts.

Layered Ash Blonde Pixie

#8: Short Chocolate Bob with Feathered Layers

Give an extra height to your short shag by teasing the top of your head and take some poof in your hair! The soft bangs and sides that are layered curve toward the cheekbones, framing facial features in stylish and dramatic manner. This is a sophisticated hairstyle for a stylish woman to show off.

Short Feathered Shag

#9: Tapered Shaggy Chocolate Brown Bob

The smooth, layered hairstyles with long, layered tops create an edgy look, and the sides of the hair are affixed to the ears and wrap around the jawline and neck to create an elegant look. If you are trying hairstyles with bangs and a sweeping motion, you can sweep them back to one side so that everyone can look at your gorgeous eyes.

Tapered Brown Bob With Bangs

#10 Bronde Bob Shag and Short Back

The view from the back of the shaggy inverted bob looks just as stunning as the front. Its color palette ranges from chocolate brown to a whitish blonde, it’s a modern and bold fashion that only the most confident women could achieve.

Modern Bronde Shaggy Bob

#11: A Bold Statement

Change your hair’s short cut with a vibrant shade like this vibrant burgundy color when you’re ready to go for a unique and unique style. Hair that is longer at the top and slicing the sides can create the look that is suitable for various facial forms.

Layered Auburn Pixie

#12: Disconnected Shaggy Brunette Bob

Modern shaggy bobs are a diverse urban and high-fashion alternative if you wish to have that hair to stand out as the people’s talk. The deep, dark brown shade is the best to show off the cut and the straight, razor-cut ends frame your face, and appear perfectly imperfect.

Inverted Wavy Brown Bob

#13: Razored Honey-Blonde Bob

The bob inverted, with an angled, broken shape with a pliable V cut make even the most thick of hair looks stunning. If you have fine, thin hair, it could help you! A strong dose of honey-blonde highlights keep the hairstyle airy and light.

Choppy Caramel Blonde Bob

#14 Blonde Bob featuring Shaggy Crown Layers

A layered, piecey haircut is one of the short shag hairstyles that look fantastic on most women. If you’re tall, it can provide a refined and sophisticated appearance. And for those who are petite it can make you look more sophisticated and confident. Bangs that are forward-looking complete this dramatic hairstyle.

Piece-Y Short Shaggy Bob

#15: Stacked in Style

Flawless flair can be integrated into hairstyles for short shags that have only a little the wavy texture. It appears effortless, light as well as full of energy yet still thick and full-bodied. It’s the ideal combination of both.

short shaggy brown blonde hairstyle

#16 Long Curly Pixie Subtle Highlights

One of our most adored short shag styles is actually an “long,” wavy pixie style. Its slightly more length lets curls to grow to full-on perfection. Every angle is interesting to see bright copper-blonde highlights, super-long sideburns and flipped bangs which fall just above the eye.

Wavy Chocolate Pixie With Caramel Highlights

#17: Feminine Wavy Golden Blonde Bob

An inverted wavy hairstyle with an angled side is a great option to style the curly locks. It’s because it looks as if you’ve planned it to be messy! Every piece of lock is a piece of art in a way, whether it’s to smudge the neck or frame the face or add some space to the crown.

Inverted Bob For Wavy Curly Hair

#18: Short Shaggy Brunette Bob

If you’re looking for an easy-to-style haircut for your hair that is thick Look no further than an angular, short hairstyle. The style tapers lightly to the nape, and features slightly longer front pieces which define the jawline. Side-swept bangs provide a hint of symmetry, which really makes the style stand out.

Shaggy Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

#19: Short Sliced Inverted Bob

Hairstyles with short shags have become in style among ladies of every age since they’re trendy, fashionable and feminine. The inverted bob cut in slices is an excellent haircut that highlights the sensual shoulder line and lifts the facial features.

Short Shag Bob Hairstyle

#20 Short Bob with Cropped Bangs

Short shag hairstyles aren’t just for women who favor professional hairstyles however, there are those daring, women who are more adventurous, too. With hair that is unevenly cut or perhaps a more subtle fun hair color it’s a cool hipster style. The great thing about having bangs that are uneven is that it is impossible to cut them or style them incorrectly You can do whatever you want!

Rose Gold Layered Bob

#21: Chin-Length Chocolate Bob Shag

If you’re looking to develop your shorter length hair will require a style to help you navigate the transition. A high-chin bob with jagged and uneven edges can do a fantastic job of hiding that awkward phase of the transition. Include naturally shaped waves as well as a tousle to create an extra youthful look.

Jagged Chin-Length Bob With Waves

#22: Crazy Curls

The trend for bedheads is everywhere since it truly conveys the “I am waking up with this” perfect feeling that Beyonce describes. However, you can add some class to this short look by adding accessories like sunglasses or a scarf for an appropriate look for outside the bedroom.

short shag wavy messy curls

#23: Textured Curly Bob Cut

Curly hair queens may also have the bob cut. Texture makes a shaggy cut appear soft, and allows more flexibility when you don’t want to style your hair every day or use hot tools. Cut your hair in layers of shaggy texture that define your face and soften your skin!

Layered Messy Bob For Wavy Hair

#24: Razored Two-Layer Bob for Thick Hair

You won’t think you’re an old woman when you’re sporting youthful, two-layer cut-off hair. The thick, lush crown of healthy hair will appear stunning when cut to increase the fullness and volume. A quick blow dry and a shake of your head, and you’ll soon be all set to go.

Razored Bob For Thick Hair

#25: Short Warm Blonde Shag

The best thing about shaggy hairstyles is they can offer an array of styles depending on the way they’re styled. Short and warm blonde shags that are cut in a swath with wispy long hair in the front. The hair wrapped around the crown can be styled with a tousled style, stylish bedheads, or left straight to create a polished, sleek style.

Caramel Blonde Layered Bob

#26: A Short Shag Purple Highlights

Give a rock’n’roll-inspired tint to your hair’s shaggy look by adding highlights that are cool in color! Purple is an excellent choice with dark brunette hair because it has a some contrast, but it’s not too obvious and doesn’t try too hard.

Black Shaggy Bob With Purple Balayage

#27: Long Textured hair with Balayage

If you aren’t keen on the volume of hair bobs that are stacked should consider shags. The short textured hair can replace the height of the crown of the head by creating an even length of shaggy hair. The shorter layers give the desired ragged look. A tip to highlight them is to use blonde balayage for extra definition!

Feathered Bob With Bangs And Highlights

#28 A Sunset-inspired Pixie Bob, with Nape Cut

Everybody will talk (only positive things obviously) about your Pixie bob. The pale pinkish-brown palette brings the shades to create an appealing color for every skin tone. The back is cut undercut, with the side pieces below the jawline It’s an easy shag that’s short!

Piecey Rosewood Pixie

#29: Jaw-Length Shaggy Walnut Brown Bob

Cut your bob hairstyle in order to maintain the jawline is an excellent option if you’re looking to feel the lifting effects of cut-offs of short shags. The extremely-deep side section contributes to the feminine look of this nut-brown hairstyle.

Feminine Shaggy Jaw-Length Bob

#30: Piece-y Gold Bob featuring Silver Highlights

A mix of silver and blonde a textured piece makes a fantastic job in framing your face. The sleek, swoopy bangs fall beyond the chin and only barely touching cheeks. If you are looking for a feminine hairstyle that is easy to put together with only your fingers, this is the perfect choice.

Blonde And Silver Piece-Y Bob

#31: Silver-White Shaggy Hair

How can one make a shag hairstyle more fresh? Through a silver-platinum-colored color obviously! The messy cut is cool down by the cold hair color, creating an interesting visual effect as the texture’s wildness is subdued by a metallic shade. This one is definitely unique and is for those who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd!

Layered Metallic Solver Bob

#32: Dark Pixie with Cinnamon Streaks

Layers are a girl’s most trusted companion and you can elevate your layers to the next level by having them cut short enough to stand out from the top of the head! This adds youthful freshness. You can highlight a variety of lengths with streaks by picking a lovely shade such as, for example cinnamon for an accent shade with dark hair.

Spiky Black Pixie With Copper Highlights

#33: Dusty Lavender Short Shag

Shag hair styles can be perfectly paired with dark shades like lavender. The unconventional style is a great match with neutral shades. You can tease your roots to increase the volume of your crown and straighten hair at the front to give an edgy vibe.

Short Razored Pastel Purple Bob

#34: Short Highlighted Shaggy Hair

There are a lot of shag styles to choose from, this one is ideal for women working who work in professional settings. The short, highlighted hairstyle is neat and polished while showing that you’re fashionable and trendy.

Layered Blonde Balayage Bob

#35: LONG Razored Shag cut with Balayage

Do you prefer your hair to be cut short in the nape, but with a length that is long in the bangs and crown? If so, you’ll love this long cut pixie that has glowing blonde highlights from balayage. Make a headband that is elegant to give a feminine touch to a cut that is short.

Razored Pixie With Blonde Balayage

#36: Two-Tone Feathered Pixie

If you’re looking to play with one of today’s well-known short shag styles for women, you can keep the longish edges into the earlobes and try an edgy height on top. A chocolate brown color with lighter blonde balayage layers keep the look well-balanced and in line.

Pixie Shag With Spiky Top

#37: Jaw-Length Shaggy Bob

For the girl with hipster chic style hairstyles with short shags which are jaw-length are calling your name. They are refined by the elegant chunky pieces that graze cheeks, and elegantly swept bangs make sure to keep the layers down in a cut like this. Homogeneity is a plus for a bob with feminine softness.

Short Platinum Bob With Bangs

#38: Bob with Contrasting Highlights

Va va voom! A shag that has a flirty side. Make your hair look more attractive with contrast highlights in a gorgeous shade such as violet-silver. This hairstyle will make you stand out no matter if it is straight and sleek, or brushed.

Pastel Purple Balayage Bob

#39: Balayaged Choppy Bob Cut

Ladies of mature age look stunning in an edgy bob cut. This illusion of length remains by bobs that have straight cut lengths in the nape of your neck. However, they may retain a modern style with a choppy look!

Blonde Shag With Short Layers

40: Choppy Bob with Blonde Endes

Hairstyles that are shaggy can be styled with messy ends and wispy hair for the most airy, whimsical feel. For this hairstyle that is textured take a haircut using razored layers on the head. Dry it rough with a touch of texture spray. Keep the hair neatly cut!

Shaggy Bob With Highlighted Ends

#41: Short Sliced Metallic-Blonde Bob

The white-blonde highlights cut in slices are scorching on the straight bob. An upward turn of the side pieces make the short shag cut attractive and appropriate on women of different age groups. The feathered sideswept bangs flow effortlessly over the eye, creating a the appearance of a sensual and mysterious style.

Piecey Blonde Pixie Bob

#42: Voluminous Short Choppy Blonde Bob

Young and sassy with a full body and choppy texture There’s something about the curly haircut with a sexy edge. The cut is distinct from the shaggy, short cuts in the other photos and works very effectively with hair that’s long and straight. In any other situation, it could be viewed as unruly. In this case , it’s pure joy of life!

Wispy Layered Platinum Blonde Bob

#43 Long Pixie that has Layers of Angles

It’s the shaggy pixie with a smoky look! The numerous layers and wispy parts make the hair look taller and frame your face in a flattering way. The feminine and very natural blonde balayage can help highlight the layers that are angled and highlight your most attractive highlights, including your cheekbones and eyes.

Layered Ash Blonde Pixie Bob

#44: Messy Curly Blonde Pixie Bob

Who said that shaggy hairstyles with short shags are suggested only for straight or slightly curly hair? We’re not convinced! The curly , stacked locks dominate the scene and the blonde white hairstyles are styled and cut to enhance the cheekbones and forehead. Hot and flirty, it’s the perfect wash-n’-go hairstyle for busy women!

Tousled Wavy Bronde Pixie Bob

#45: Very Short Shaggy Bob

If you’re not sure whether they want to go all the way up “pixie-short” hair We suggest a shorter shaggy bob that has a lot of shaved layers. A hint of copper on the chocolate brown base keeps the style fresh and clean as well as the slight inverted style makes a perfect style for anyone.

Short Shaggy Razored Brown Bob

#46: Straight Wispy Jaw-Length Bob

You can add a bit of lift and body to your fine, super-straight hair by pulling the roots out or opting for a perfect blowout. The long, ash blonde bob with jaw length is the ideal solution for fine hair that requires an extra boost and oomph.

Straight Ash Blonde Bob For Thin Hair

47: Straight Long Shaggy Pixie

Are you willing to experiment with one of these shag hairstyles? With this shag , you’ll have an edgy retro style that looks like it’s straight from a television show.

60's Inspired Short Shag Haircut

48: Choppy Blonde Bob With Messy Waves

It could be the look you’re seeking in a shorter shag! It is easy to maintain and style and also easy to match with the perfect outfit and makeup The wavy chin-length haircut with a bit of added height on top of your head can reduce the appearance of your face and make you appear larger and slimmer. Who would have believed that the perfect haircut could accomplish everything? (Hmm, us!)

Wavy Golden And Ash Blonde Balayage Bob

#49 Messy Hair Highlighted with Long Bangs on the Side.

You’re not sure if you prefer to go short? It’s not a problem- pick either! The bulk of it is on the sides which are a bit below the chin just below the bone of your collar. The lower back highlights the gorgeous neckline. The balayage is copper-toned to add elegance.

Messy Brunette Pixie Bob With Highlights

#50: Sophisticated Wavy Ash-Blonde Pixie Bob

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle you might want to consider a modern variation on the traditional wedge hairstyle. This side-part and the overall round shape is perfect for your natural curls and frames the jawline beautifully, framing the face. The soft hues of Ash-blonde balayage look timeless.

Short Wavy Side-Parted Blonde Bob

#51: Longer Waves

Although the shags of the 90s were known to be more long and cropped towards your face, the contemporary style is more free-falling. If you’ve ever been envious of those with natural beach waves it’s likely that they cut their hair in a layer and used a texturizing spray to keep it in place.

Wavy Messy Bob With Blonde Highlights

#52: Rock Star Shaggy

If you’re a casualand relaxed type of woman Choose a cut that is in line with your character. With long layers and bangs it’s a remarkably easy style to maintain and is still stylish.

Shaggy Brown Bob With Bangs

#53: Pink of Perfection

Do you have images of fun hair hues and wanted to have the same look? This hair color is the ideal option for those who are able for bleaching without causing many damages.

Pastel Pink Wavy Bob

#54 Short Chopped Cut, with Bangs

Hairstyles with short shags are fresh and fun, however, you can always see a distinct appearance in a simple hairstyle like this. Hairstyles that are messy need a new cut to look as good.

Shaggy Bob With Choppy Bangs

#55: Shaggy Pixie with Bangs

A pixie that is very short is a style inspired by masculinity that women adore. If worn with a shaggy cut the pixie appears less rigid and slightly feminine, and conveys a more casual look that is still effortless stylish.

Pixie With Textured Crown And Bangs


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