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70 Sensational Medium Length Haircuts for Thick Hair

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Haircuts for Thick Hair

One disadvantage of hair with hair with thick locks is their monolithic appearance. If you choose the wrong haircut, your style that is suitable for thick hair can cause it appear artificial and stationary. This is why haircuts that show the ends and impart them with the feeling of movement are highly flattering for thick hair. One-length haircuts are not recommended in favor of graded and progressive cuts that are shorter of the crown, and longer lengths around the nape will give your medium or long hair appear more lively. The classic bobs, Pixies, and shag haircuts work well when it comes to hair that is thick, no matter if they’re curly or straight. These are the most stunning haircuts suitable for thick hair of medium length. These styles showcase stunning designs, geometric lines, multi-dimensional textures, as well as an array of elegant colours that work well with thick hair.

How to Style Medium Thick Hair in 2022?

When styling thick locks of mid-length Pay focus on the volume you’re blessed by nature. Take care of the ends. You want them to be smooth because the ends of locks that are long and thick tend to look dry and look unappealing. Smoothing balms for hair are able to handle this issue. You can apply whatever hair styling tools you want according to the hairstyle you’d like to achieve at this point. A key point to keep in mind in this regard is the use of hair styling products with strong hold products because with less fixation, your hairstyle may not be as long-lasting as you’d like for it to. The primary goal to follow when dyeing your hair that is thick is the feeling of moving. Balayage and ombre methods help to create the desired look. Smooth transitions in similar hues give dimension, movement and the appearance of lightness to your locks.

Sensational Medium Haircuts

#1: Rounded Collarbone Bob

Silver Lob With Golden Blonde Highlights

If you’re a fan of cool toned blonde styles to create long, thick hair? We have great information for you! Ashy tones will not make your gorgeous hair appear flat. Try an elongated silver lob that is rounded with dark, warm blonde highlights and warm hair to create a gorgeous hairstyle that won’t be out of fashion.

#2 Lob with V-Cut Choppy Layers

Layered Lob For Thick Hair

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Straight-across bobs are perfect for hair with thick layers since it showcases the thickness of your locks. However, without layers, you could get a sloppy appearance. The choppy layers of this hairstyle give it the appearance of a feminine but slightly shaggy appearance, especially when with a twirl. This classic cut is suitable for every facial shape and offers a wide selection of hair types.

#3: Layered Dark Brown Lob

Choppy Brunette Bob

Layered lobs are the ideal choice for people who has thick hair because it flatters all facial shapes and makes heavy locks appear more light. The layers provide enough visual to add interest, allowing you to keep your hair color simple without appearing boring or dull. Then, finish with a messy wave to highlight the various lengths.

#4 Lob with Swoopy Face-Framing Layers

Long Bob With Side Bangs

Medium length hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair are flattering to all and simple to make. One of the most elegant examples is a lob with the look of swoopy, face-framing layers. Modern and stylish and always elegant by wearing this cut.

#5: Thick Wavy Textured Blonde Bob

Medium Shaggy Bob For Thick Hair

Medium hairstyles that are thick are simple to style and set for those who have natural waves. This bob features shaggy layers as well as an ethereal blonde hue that shimmers just as if it’s shining in the sunlight!

#6: Medium Shag for Thick Hair

Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

Shag cuts have become extremely popular and it’s not difficult to understand the reasons. The messy, layered waves instantly make a flirty and sexy style and look great with all hair types. Hair with thick hair are able to wear longer hair without losing the volume you want.

#7: Shoulder-Length Shoulder Layered Front

Blonde Layered Lob

The lob has sharply angled sides and straight cut-backs. As has been said that a key element when cutting hair for women with medium-thick hair is the ability to create the ends that are textured. They can aid to style and give the final appearance.

#8: Textured Cut for Thick Hair

Subtle Balayage For Brunettes

The most effective way to showcase the texture of medium length hairstyles that are suitable for long hair, is to apply some highlights. The different shades will add an extra dimension to your layers and give dimension to your hair. Your stylist can help select the most flattering, subtle shades to get that natural sunlight-kissed look.

#9: Medium Layers and Flipped Ends

Medium Haircut For Thick Hair

Another traditional way to style your hair using layers involves flipping the ends. If you’d rather wear straight hair it can smooth the look of your cut and inject some movement to your style but still keeping the smoothness. Blot dry your hair in sections using round brushes to achieve a polished appearance.

#10: Feathered Layers for Straight Hair

Medium Layered Blonde Haircut

One of the benefits of hair that is thick is the capacity to create multi-layered hairstyles without worrying about the volume being too low. Straight and feathered the style is trendy and has a subtle retro vibe to it.

#11: Bouncy Layers

Medium Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

Medium length hairstyles are often given an undeserved slur for appearing thin and “in Transition.” This style the layers are gently brushed with a straightener in order to add some volume and body.

#12: A Cut Solution for Thick Hair

Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyle

If you’re blessed with hair that is thick, you’ll know that it’s never an ideal thing to have. To reduce the volume try cropping your layers. You can also add subtle highlights, a couple of hues lighter in comparison to your base shade to soften the look.

#13: Brunette Shag with Side Bangs

Choppy Lob With Long Side Bangs

This is for the pretty ladies with long hair. The best way to style them is to curl them, and it’s a simple, beautiful style that you’ll be able to enjoy on days that you’re not in the mood to style often. Side bangs soften the entire shag. Therefore, it’s important to make sure they’re well-balanced.

#14: Mid Length Shaggy Cut

Medium Silver Blonde Shag

Hairstyles for hair with thick layers are usually searched for with a specific goal – to thin it out. By shagging will allow you to enjoy contemporary layers, and a manageable length that can still allow ponytail-free days. If you’re looking to get shag, make sure to find an experienced stylist – too too much of a good thing could quickly turn retro.

#15 Medium Brown Hair with the Angled Cut

Black Layered Hair With Chocolate Balayage

The long and angled cuts could transform into the most gorgeous hairstyle you’ve ever had. Instead of cutting it shorter and savage, let your hair flow without the perfect bob cut that emphasizes your natural hair curl. Make it stand out with a new shade medium brown that is ideal for winter and fall outfits.

#16: Multicolored Sideswept Cut

Medium Hair With Blonde Balayage

Enjoy the endless summer inside you by sporting this easy, lightened, breezy hairstyle. Hair is brushed down the side and cut at one end to create the thick strands appear lighter. The blonde highlights frame and highlight the face.

#17 The Aside Parted Lob with Finely Chopped Ends

Side-Parted Pointcut Lob

Hairstyles for thick hair ask for textured ends since they enhance the form of the cut. This gives the hair the necessary dynamism. A side part that is deep is an attractive addition that gives extra motion to the hair.

#18: Adding Shape for a New Look

Choppy Lob For Thick Hair

The hairstyles that are angled have been popular for quite a while, however, when they come to solutions for hair that is thick they’re timeless. Layered cuts that are angled can be extremely helpful to those with thick, heavy locks.

#19: Mid-Length Layered Style

Brown Shag Hairstyle For Medium Hair

Dark hair may appear larger than it really is. You can lighten it up by using this mid-length layered style. Choose a messy cut – it’s less difficult to maintain and can be worn longer between appointments. The messy cut is fashionable and is a hit in the current fashion world, and good for you, it can work great with thick hair.

20: Curly Style with Side Bangs

Wavy Medium Length Brunette Hairstyle

Are you looking for a new and cute cut for your curly hair? Take a look at medium length hairstyles that have layers. They’re length enough to be feminine, yet shorter enough to keep things in a manageable way. A long side part with a deep cut and long side bangs are great to create a youthful appearance.

#21: Shoulder Length Tousled Hair

Shoulder-Length Choppy Wavy Bob

Cut your hair down to shoulder length or shorter cut could make it appear “puffy” when it’s not well-maintained – but who has the time each day? If you have long, wavy hair, then dry it off in the morning take a gel and pump it into your hands and then gently comb your hair using it. The result is both charming and last for a long time.

#22: Medium Side-Parted Brunette Shag

Shaggy Brunette Lob

Shags are great shoulder length hairstyles because the voluminous styles are most effective at displaying the fullness of your hair. Increase the volume of the hairstyle according to the natural way you want your hair to look. Shades of brunette that are more delicate may appear dry, so be sure to apply the right shine spray to get healthy looking locks.

#23: Dramatic Highlights for Thick Hair

Dark Brown Hair With Brown Blonde Balayage

Include blonde and light brown to add texture and style to hair that is thick and brunette. If you’re stuck for suggestions, but you’ve always had dark hair, you can try honey highlights or even platinum. Medium hairstyles that are thick do not require a lot of a cut, but sometimes it’s about the choice of color and positioning.

#24: Thick Shaggy Golden Brown Lob

Textured Lob With Waves For Thick Hair

The golden brown hair you have will appear elegant and healthy when you cut straight across in an lob that is shoulder-length. Give a smooth finish to the ends and some midshaft waves to create a simple flowing style.

#25: Layered hair cut with Medium Layers

Layered Haircut For Thick Hair

Layers of medium thickness around the crown provide a gorgeous volume of the top. A look that many women attempt to achieve by Teasing, you’re going to achieve naturally due to the volume of your hair as well as the proper cut. Highlight the layers by adding subtle balayage highlights that enhance the look.

#26: Layered Cut for Medium Straight Hair

Bob Hairstyle With Swoopy Layers

Some layered bobs require an extensive amount of styling to achieve. If you’re looking to go for something more simple, consider using the “less is better” method. Straight lines offer the convenience of less layers, yet with an attractive and polished result.

#27: Beautifully Feathered and Subtly Highlighted Bob

Black Layered Bob With Bangs

Hairstyles with a grungey shoulder length are a breeze and flattering for all face shapes. The hairstyle is trimmed with a sparse front bang This style offers an intriguing and glamorous look that’s difficult to overlook. The bob’s subtle highlights reduce its dimension , as well.

#28: Cinnamon Layers for Thick Hair

Caramel Balayage For Dark Brown Hair

What could be better on a cold winter day than cinnamon and cocoa? It warms us in the midst of thinking about it. It doesn’t need to be winter to enjoy this delicious combination. A lighter shade of red over a dark chocolate base can visual lighten shoulders hair.

#29: Medium Shiny Brunette Shag

Layered Shoulder-Length Hairstyle

The shoulder length hair that is layered is often reminiscent of 1970s hippies of the 1970s. If you want to wear a look like this, it’s best to stay clear of blow-drying and brushing. Simply run your fingers through it several times and then let it sit!

#30: Medium Layers for Thick Hair

Bronde Ombre Balayage For Bob

Medium-length bobs are lightweight and fresh cut that looks great on women of all age groups. The subtle layering technique can be used to prevent your hair from becoming too bulky while still maintaining the sleek look. Begin your shortest layer at approximately chin level, and gradually reduce the length from to the point of chin.

#31: Textured Plum Haircut

Choppy Burgundy Balayage Bob

Making the ends more textured layers will allow your hair to curl more easily and is a fantastic alternative for people with natural curly hair. Another option to show off your beautiful curls is to add an exciting accent color. Both of these options can be excellent options for all haircuts that require long hair, and can be some extra fun.

#32: Inverted Lob with Soft Razored Layers

Blonde Layered Lob

Layers of rasored hair are generally a great idea for hair that is full! The best way to show the texture is to add it. The big curls that are created by the curling iron create motion, which is perfect for a sexy woman who is attracted to thick hairdos with lots of height.

#33: Thick Wavy Balayage Hair

Mid-Length Layered Haircut

Another benefit for this style is the versatility. It is able to be casual and messy, or professional by a simple alteration in the style. The soft wavy curls shown here can add a touch of class to your shaggy style.

#34: Voluminous Cut with Swoopy Layers

Medium Length Haircut With Flipped Layers

It’s also one of those haircuts with a medium length that seem like not a thing of the past. The deep chocolate brown color is chic and low-key. Flipping layers are cute and feminine.

#35: Medium Length Shag Haircut

Shoulder Length Layered Haircut

Shags needn’t always be messy. This sleek style is a flirty version of the cut. The thinner layers are swathed around the top of the head while the larger ones are curled and textured out to give the illusion of movement and depth without detracting from the straight look.

#36: Perfectly Feathered Medium Haircut

Mid-Length Layered Haircut

Feathered, mid-length haircuts are a nod to the bohemian 70s and are is worn by fashionable women today. They look youthful on a woman of older age and fashionable on younger women in professional environments Update this look with long, natural hair or colored ones that fade to highlights of balayage.

#37: Shoulder-Length Wavy Cut for Thick Hair

Shoulder-Length Wavy Shaggy Haircut

There’s nothing that says frivolous and fun more than a flowing shaggy cut that touches shoulders. When it’s cut in either on the middle or one side, this hairstyle is a style which is ideal for ladies with thick, difficult-to-control hair.

#38: Blonde Layers for Thick Hair

Medium Choppy Shaggy Cut

A long, beachy bob can be a fantastic look all year round. Apply a smoothing serum to control frizz and smooth your hair. Inject a few waves here and there using the help of a curling iron. After your hair is cool and is dry, apply a generous dose of hair spray. Then use your fingers to move the hair to soften the hair.

#39 The Elongated Layered Cut with a Voluminous Crown

Medium Hairstyle With V-Cut Layers

Make it simple by wearing an elongated cut layered with layers. The intricate tailoring can be displayed when it is styled straight. Make it look good by tying ends and letting long locks slide into one another.

#40: Mid-Length Layered U Cut

Shag Cut With Babylights

There are many medium hairstyles that thick hair can select from, regardless of what the hair type you have. Create natural, soft styles by spraying sea salts and other texturizing products applied to damp hair, after you’ve washed it. If you’re drawn to this look, think about getting small babylights for a little excitement!

#41: Silver Shag Side Bangs

Gray Layered Bob With Bangs

The eye-catching side bangs are matched by the stylish color that is featured on this stunning shag. It’s no longer a color only for the older and seasoned, as a new generation has taken to the cool hue. If you’re looking for hip hairstyles that make heads turn it is an top contender.

#42: Straight Cut Textured Medium Shag

Messy Wavy Lob With Subtle Highlights

Women who don’t want intricate cuts but need a trendy hairstyle would benefit from a straight cut with layers of texture. It is easy to keep and can reduce time for styling shags are a great choice for any outfit and still give you that distinctive look.

#43: Honey Blonde Chopped Angled Bob

Choppy Caramel Lob

The most fashionable and stylish who stand out The angled haired beauty appealing to you. Bobs will not be leaving anytime in the near future. The new style is so fresh and offers a wealth of depth with a range of warm tones So, choose the palette and the range of tones that suit you.

#44 Straight Layered Cut with Bright Balayage

Medium Layered Haircut For Thick Straight Hair

A radiant balayage with feathered layers and a bright color are the best way to add texture and motion on straight hair. Medium haircuts for straight, thick hair showcase its volume and healthy shine even when it’s not naturally.

#45 The Wavy Shoulder-Length is cut with Layers

Shoulder Length Wavy Cut For Thick Hair

While this hairstyle isn’t easy, there is something traditional about shoulder-length wavy cuts. With a variety of tones ranging from the deep brunette tone to the platinum blonde the layers and perfect curls show off them stunningly. It’s perfect for all ages and facial forms.

#46: Thick Beachy Waves

Medium Choppy Wavy Hairstyle

Relaxed, loose hairstyles with shaggy ends are the popular beachy look all year long. Even during the coldest part of winter, you can still manage to sport hairstyles that make you look like you’ve spent the whole day at the beach. Hairstyles for overnight braids, curling iron, or even sea salt spray could create waves in hair that’s not naturally wavy.

#47: Mid-Length Messy Layered Style

Medium Layered Brunette Hairstyle

The messy midi can be created by a few and short wispy layers emanating at the top of your crown. To elevate the look to a higher level, apply small streaks several levels lighter than the base shade.

#48: Shaggy Balayage Lob

Shaggy Straight Cut Lob

The reason the majority of medium-length haircuts for thick hair have layers is that the thicker your hair gets and the more heavy it is. The ability to hold any style is challenging, if not impossible. If hair is too heavy it is unlikely that even a bottle of sculpting spray will help it keep its original form. Beginning with a few layers creates movement and makes your locks appear light and vibrant.

#49: Textured Dynamic Layered Bob

Ash Blonde Choppy Bob With Black Roots

Medium hairstyles that are thick give a lovely lift thanks to the roots that are teased. This is a simple way to boost the impact of your hair, particularly when it’s cut at an angle or an A-line. Consider a grey and white color combination to create an icy look.

#50: Soft and Feminine Angled Lob

Angled Ash Blonde Lob For Straight Hair

These lobs with angles provide a gorgeous shape for framing your face. Long strands of face-framing give an elegant look when worn in a straight. The cut and design are straightforward, but provide a lot of style.

#51: Medium Hairstyle , with Layered Ends

Layered Hairstyle For Medium Thick Hair

Medium length hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair look amazing especially when they are curled and layered. Copper highlights on dark brown hair provide shiny and healthy shine. The cut is best when split in the middle straight across or put back in buns or ponytails.

#52: A-Line Lob featuring Long Face-Framing Layers

Blowout Hairstyle For Long Bob

The long, swoopy layers soften the hard edges of the curly bob and when paired with an A-line style is the perfect hairstyle for women looking for an elegant cut that appears feminine and flexible. Hair is styled inwards to ensure maximum softness.

53: Jagged Lob With Long Bangs on the Side.

Mid-Length Choppy Cut With Bangs

Hairstyles with jagged edges are popular for thick hair because of the vibrant vibes they give off. Uneven cuts work well on hair with full volume because they have plenty of body that keeps hairstyles looking healthy and rich. Long side bangs add freshness that the haircut offers.

#54: Nice Shaggy Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair

Medium Shag With Subtle Balayage

A great shaggy cut is a perfect way to embrace unbalanced choppy layers which begin at a certain height and increase until the ends. For hairstyles like this you should think about getting babylights for a more dramatic effect. the fine lines of layers.

#55: Choppy Angled Textured Lob

Above Shoulder Textured Wavy Lob

The lobs that are choppy above the shoulder emit sensual vibes and look cute, particularly when styled loosely. An all-purpose cut that is suitable for redheads, blondes and brunettes!

#56: Curled Golden Hairstyle

Mid-Length Wavy Layered Hairstyle

Learn from Goldilocks with this contemporary version of rings. The hair with the capacity to hold a curl effortlessly pull off this gorgeous shoulder length hairstyle. This look can be achieved with a barrel-sized curling iron as well as your preferred hold-up product. If you’re looking to cut down on your time in the morning, you can sleep in extra-large hair rollers.

#57: Straight Cut and Thoroughly Layered Lob

Ash Blonde Shaggy Lob

One of the most interesting facts about hairstyles with thick hair is that, in the majority of cases, they can be styled by yourself when you decide to pick the best cut for the hair style you prefer. This shag is perfect for hair that is slightly textured and has a natural curl. It is important to note that this hairstyle is perfect for women who have different outfits!

#58: V-Cut Layers for Choppy Lob

Bronde Choppy Bob

The ultimate symbol of femininity and modern is the choppy lob that has V-cut layers. For such hairstyles, keep clear of smaller, face-framing strands because they could muddle the long , uniformity which makes this cut attractive. Keep it natural tones of hair (the one that isn’t warm or ashy) for a casual look.

#59 Brunette Woven Lob with Ends that are jagged Ends

Medium Choppy Haircut For Thick Hair

There are certain people prefer to stay on the dark side. Don’t play with highlights and opt for the deep, all-over color such as that deep, mocha-brown. The sharp ends add a freshness to any lob and imperfections are the key when it comes to this style of hair.

#60: Medium Textured Haircut with dynamic layers

Longer Brunette Shag

Medium wavy hair requires an array of layers to increase its texture. Light, subtle highlights on brunettes complement the texture to create a appearance that is light and lively – essential characteristics of contemporary hairstyles.

#61: Long Angled Bob

shoulder-length bob haircut for thick hair

A popular and sought-after medium length hairstyles that are popular this year is the lob. It’s airy and light like the short hairstyle, but it offers the flexibility and length of a longer style. If you’re in search of a hairstyle that is easy to style and looks good in every situation The long bob style is the perfect choice for you.

#62: Medium Layered “U” Haircut

mid-length U-haircuts for thick hair

For those who have naturally straight or wavy hair may choose an u-shape haircut, in which hair becomes shorter on the sides , and more long towards the middle. This is a great style for medium length hairstyles since it shows the gradual shift in length the best.

#63: Medium Layered Haircut

layered medium length haircut for thick hair

If you’re a woman in need of a hairstyle that is stylish for all occasions, the haircuts are worth a try. Long and medium layers in the cut offer sufficient flexibility for those who might need to put their hair back into a short ponytail when they need to.

#64: Shag cut Bangs

medium length shag haircut for thick hair

The 70s are coming back in a big way. With flared denim, suede and maxi dresses occupying our wardrobes, it’s time to get into the medium shag hairstyle too. The messy texture gives an edgy look that all women like.

#65: Medium Haircut , with Bangs and long layers

Medium-To-Long Layered Haircut

A mid-length haircut is a greatest all-rounder, especially when you’re trying to grow out your hair in order to appear longer than it is. Highlights add the definition and depth.

#66: Medium Length Waves

Black Lob With Loose Waves

Make sure you apply deep conditioning treatments on your hair regularly to keep medium length hair looking smooth and soft. A sharp cut on the bottom can assist thick hair strands to hold the hair together from beginning to end. Longer shoulder length haircuts for hair with thick layers aren’t just about style and cut but also about health also.

#67: Angled Layers for Medium Length Hair

Angled Wavy Bob With Long Bangs

The jagged layers produce the appearance of ripped edges, which can be a great solution for hair that is slightly wavy. The locks will be set evenly without the need for special styling techniques simply blow dry and then go. An angled side part and long bangs give you the fashionable style.

#68: Asymmetrical Bob

Messy Side-Swept Lob For Thick Hair

If you would prefer to wear your hair in a side-parted style, consider an asymmetrical choppy hairstyle of medium length. The hair will touch the shoulder on one side and fall onto your chest from the opposite side. It’s the best length and texture for thick hair that might appear too bulky in smaller cut-offs.

#69: Shoulder Length Wavy Pink Bob

Pastel Pink Bob For Thick Hair

It’s the most popular medium hairstyles for females. It’s not too long or too short, which is what the term “golden mean”. While it’s gorgeous as the style is, the hue is more stunning. The pop of hues that resemble cotton candy makes the waves appear more beautiful.

#70: Collarbone Cut for Thick Hair

Layered Bronde Balayage Lob

The ladies who are looking for long-haired layered cuts might be worried about getting too short. This is true since layers add weight and you don’t want to appear like you’re wearing the helmet. A slightly longer length of the collarbone is a way to create the appearance of a shorter cut however, it visually balances the volume.

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