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41 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas – Best Balayage Highlights

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Balayage is an French hair coloring technique in which the color is applied on the hair using a hand instead of the traditional techniques of highlight using foils and caps for highlighting. The application that is free-hand allows you to create a natural and contemporary look by creating subtle transitions between selected hues, including brunette or brunette, red or even unnatural hues that are popular, like pastels, and even neons.

The Difference Between Ombre and Balayage

Ombre is an ombre shade that has been that has been washed into a lighter shade without darker bits on end of hair while balayage has well-blended vertical highlights that allow glimpses of darker shades across the length, and even towards the end. Ombre’s lighter shade is more dense and focuses between the mid-shaft and the ends. Balayage’s lighter parts are positioned in a strategic way, some begin higher and are closer than the roots some lower and others brighten the ends, leading to an consistent, more unpredictable, and more natural look.

#1: Long Waves with a Warm Caramel Balayage

Long Caramel Balayage For Brunettes

Long hair, flowing curls, and caramel highlights are an old-fashioned combination. A range of stunning V-cut layers adds the movement of locks and highlight the warm undertones that run through. Modern and elegant.

#2: Dimensional Waves and Bronde Balayage

Image result for bronde balayage

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The great thing about highlights is that, no matter the hair type you’ve got that ranges from straight and curly to straight, an illusion of movement can be created. For hair with a lot of texture, particularly highlights in golden blonde give the impression of a relaxed beauty.

#3: Sprinkled Chocolate and Caramel Balayage

Image result for caramel balayage

Are you tired of your hair being a dark espresso color? Try a few sprinkles of stunning burnt caramel highlights? Introduce them slowly, using just a few tiny streaks of light flecks inserted into the front. This will not only give an amazing face-framing effect but will also appear luxurious and stylish at the same time.

#4: Ash Blonde V-Cut for Fine Hair

Bronde Balayage For Fine Hair

It’s impossible to be wrong with a classic Cali girl’s ‘do. The platinum blonde highlights complement the brown hair that is ashy perfectly and convey the look of a girl-next door. Additionally, this color when combined with a V-cut can do magic on fine hair by adding body and volume.

#5: Medium Hair and Multi-Colored Balayage

Dark Blonde And Platinum Balayage

With the hand-painted technique of balayage that brings beauty on the scene, your hair will appear like a work of art that is full of texture and stunning colors. The blending of shades is inspiring and makes us stare at the many different shades. A curly finish is a great way to showcase this work.

#6: Dirty Blonde Balayage Lob

Image result for Dirty Blonde Balayage Lob

This is a stunning illustration of subtle Balayage that is subtle. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your primary color or are afraid to try excessive highlights, increasing the lightness of the tips and framing the strands can give an opportunity to update your look.

7: Shaggy Lob with Partial Balayage

Brunette Bob With Face-Framing Balayage

A few superfine highlights can produce a gorgeous subtle Balayage. Have your colorist paint gorgeous honey hues mostly on the face and at times across the lengths, with a focus on the areas where light naturally strikes. Gorgeously subtle.

#8: Caramel-Toned Layers for Brunettes

long brown hair with caramel balayage

Brunette Balyage can also be done with delicious caramel tones. This color is particularly appealing to women with warm skin tones. The long and luscious locks appear like real caramel. This mane can make someone insane!

#9 Dark Blonde Hair with Platinum Pieces

Platinum Balayage For Dark Blonde Hair

Do not bother with foils, choose balayage highlights for your next salon appointment. This innovative technique for contouring makes hair appear as if it’s been sun-bleached. Here’s a fun concept for dishwater blondes Ice streaks that break the darker dark blonde base. Make sure your balayage is free of brassy tones by applying an emerald shampoo at minimum once per week.

#10 Choppy Bob and Soft Blonde Balayage

Image result for Choppy Bob with Soft Blonde Balayage

Say goodbye to dull color by balayaging your brunette hair with delicate blonde and honey highlights. The upgrade of a shorter choppier cut with soft, feminine streaks looks contemporary and chic. With a few subtle waves and you’re on to an absolute winner.

#11: Bronde Coloring for Medium Hair

Ash Brown Balayage Wavy Hair

Natural brunettes — if you’re not in the market for a new style but want to make a change in your style and freshen the look of your hair with a lift up to the gorgeous bronde shown here. This is a safe and secure change that’s contemporary on medium-length hair.

#12: Ombre Inspired

Dark Brown Hair With Golden Brown Balayage

Ombre hair is gorgeous and trendy but it’s slowly dying out due to its heft. If you’re looking for something that is more God-given, rather than salon-created, opt for an ombre balayage that is more natural which flatters your features without overwhelming the appearance.

#13: Silver Gray Balayage Ombre Hair

Gray Balayage For Brown Hair

Silver hair won’t go away! Enhance your millennial-inspired style by wearing gray brunette balayage. There’s a strong intensity contrast in the two shades, however, a talented colorist is able to blend them.

#14: Brown Blonde Balayage Ombre

brown to blonde ombre hair

If you love this idea of lighter edges but you want to incorporate it up in the most sought-after color scheme of the moment, opt for Balayage and ombre. In this particular style, the waves on the beach appear to melt toward the end The most relaxing look you’ve ever seen!

#15: Chunky Honey Blonde Balayage

Caramel And Blonde Balayage For Brunettes

Beautiful balayage begins in the salon. There are no blocky highlights here! For a perfect blended appearance Your stylist will employ the technique of hand painting, selecting hair strands in a strategic manner and then applying dye and bleach to create a stunning multi-tonal appearance. True hair artistry!

#16 Honey Balayage with Flashes of Blonde

41 Gorgeous Balayage Hair Color Ideas - Best Balayage Highlights

Mixing blonde and light brown pieces is a common choice for colors for balayage. Why? The options are endless to meet the needs of anyone! You can ask your stylist of choice to give their opinion the best combination to go for, and then make the leap.

#17: Caramel Balayage for Brown Hair

long choppy bob with light brown balayage

Brunette Balyage is a hairstyle that can come in numerous variations as you could imagine. If you like an unnatural look with sun-faded locks, the caramel and blonde shades are great choices. They can bring new life into your typical hairstyle, which is a choppy one.

#18: Chocolate Brown with Caramel Highlights

medium dark brown hair with caramel balayage

Dark brunette hair with balayage highlights compliment perfectly as is evident by this stunning color. In combination with the chocolaty brown base mixed by caramel highlight highlights it’s an easy and pleasing style. The unfinished waves scattered throughout make this look contemporary and contemporary.

#19 Bob with Textured Bob featuring Golden Blonde Highlights

Honey Blonde Balayage Bob

A bob cut can be super attractive on its own and complements all facial shape. The combination of the dark, medium brown as well as golden blonde hues can highlight the beauty of this look. Focus the lighter shade towards the edges for a striking contrast.

#20: Black Brown Hair with Caramel Balayage

Curly Caramel Balayage Bob

What a gorgeous caramel Balayage? If you’re looking to break up the dense brown hair, using shining streaks of light will add the illusion of volume and dimension. The subtle hints of amber and gold are a great complement to black and brown hair, and can be an excellent transition shade in case you’re planning to lighten your hair in the near future.

#21: Cool-Toned Blonde Colormelt

Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

Balayage looks aren’t likely to disappear from the spotlight very soon, and it’s not difficult to understand why they look as stunning. This is the best illustration of brown and blonde shades that blend seamlessly with each other. For a similar style request your stylist to incorporate honey beige, creamy and platinum hues in the mix for a gorgeous rich, sophisticated finish.

#22 Medium Hair, highlights of Beige and Copper

Caramel And Ash Blonde Balayage For Brown Hair

They come in a myriad of shades that are worth a look. The trick to this look is choosing shades that match your skin tone and blend high contrast colors with transitioning shades like copper and caramel in this instance.

23rd episode: Brunette Bob with Caramel Highlights

Caramel Balayage Bob

Women with shorter hair add some spice to your hair by coloring tips with in a sandy or caramel shade. Highlights with an orange-reddish hue enhance deep brunettes in a stunning way. Balayage hair colors are an excellent choice for ladies who want to lengthen out their hair also!

#24: Caramel Balayage on Shorter Locks

The short hair can be a flirty canvas to create warm Balayage. The caramel highlights that swirl through the loose waves create a delicious look. This is a great look for brunette girls who don’t want be blonde. The shoulder-length is flirty and sexy. It exudes confidence.

Blonde And Caramel Balayage Lob

#25: Brunette-to-Blonde Balayage Waves

Beauty begins with gorgeous hair. A lustrous caramel balayage is an effective way to make sure hair that (and your overall appearance) shine every single day. Ask your stylist to offer layers toward the end of your hair to create the illusion of depth.

Caramel Blonde Balayage For Brunettes

#26: Caramel Highlights on Dark Hair

A gorgeous caramel hue weaved across dark strands provides a striking contrast that emphasises the softness of the Wavy cut. The wavy locks are ready to go including lazy afternoons to date nights. Even if you put these layers of long hair into ponytails, the color will be visible.

Black Hair With Caramel Balayage

#27: Short and Sweet Curly Balayage

Give your bob a new look by adding some curls. Let your stylist add several layers to add some flair. This twist on the bob blurs the lines between chic and sophisticated. The balayage is a great way to enhance the modern appeal of this bob.

Subtle Caramel Balayage For Brown Hair

#28: Balayage on Extra Long Haircut

The caramel highlight of Balayage is the perfect solution to a simple hairstyles. The stunning color truly accentuates the hairstyle you want, regardless of the texture you select. Highlights don’t have to be flashy neither do they have to be dramatic. They could be in the middle in order to give just the right amount of the color you want to add to your dark hair.

Long Hair With Subtle Caramel Balayage

#29: Ombre to Balayage Transformation

It’s simply amazing how the various shades in a balyage weave around and weave through the coils of curls. There’s so much volume and depth. In addition, if you’re not having a hair-style that you like The color is extremely versatile. Balayage begins at a higher level, close to the scalp. So as it develops, it requires little care. It’s a win-winfor everyone, isn’t it?

Honey Caramel Balayage

#30 Caramel Balayage with Middle Part

Balayage is a fantastic colour choice by itself and is a great alternative to already sporting the classic ombre. Request your stylist to change your ombre into an balayage for more natural-looking hair with the subtle transition of black towards caramel. Although you’re adding more color, your overall look is more subdued.

Light Brown Balayage For Brunettes

#31: Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair

Dark brunette locks with caramel-colored balayage are a great combination for those who want to explore color, but don’t want to get too extravagant. The subtle contrast gives effortlessly stylish style, particularly when it’s paired with effortless waves.

Caramel Balayage Highlights

#32: Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Dark roots aren’t a thing anymore. Make use of them by balayaging your hair with a strawberry and caramel Balyage. The combination of shades is captivating and creates a sense of fullness and depth on your hair.

Honey Blonde Balayage Hair

#33: Black Bob with Caramel Balayage

There’s a line that separates bed-head and the tousled waves. The line is known as the “done-undone” style. It’s cool, stylish and sexy in one, it’s an essential hairstyle. Caramel coloring on dark, short hair makes the coif more attractive.

Choppy Caramel Balayage Lob

#34 #34: Dark Hair with a trendy Balayage

Caramel balayage applied to black hair can give an extra dimension and life to your dark locks. Although a black, solid hairstyle is attractive but adding some color can be an attractive variation. Hair that is darker is, the more subtle you’d like highlights to appear This is why caramel is a great color to match.

Subtle Bronze Highlights

#35: Straight Balayaged Hairstyle

Balyage and waves seem to complement each other However, don’t be too quick to discredit straight hair. Auburn and caramel hues can be beautifully showcased with sleek, back-skimming hair. Without curls or waves, the balance style is more subtle.

Caramel Balayage For Straight Hair

#36: Wavy Chocolate and Ashen Balayage

For brunettes struggling to decide whether they’d like to be blonde or not or not, the caramel ash balayage can be an excellent compromise. The mixture of light and chocolate highlights the curl of curly hair and creates the illusion of the light reflecting off your hair.

Wavy Caramel Balayage Hair

#37: Curled hair with Subtle Balayage

Balyage highlights in caramel aren’t overly dramatic to provide the look of hair that has been sunkissed. Perhaps bright shades aren’t your cup tea and you’re more interested in hair with volume. Lighter ends can give the look of fullness that you’re after, without appearing excessive.

Sun Kissed Balayage For Long Hair

#38: Long and Wavy Caramel Balayage

Long hair is a lot of work for colorists, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make the balayage easy. The length is just something to flaunt with shiny caramel highlights that are scattered throughout. The warmth of this style is sure to impress all through the year.

Long Golden Brown Balayage Hair

#39: Medium Length Bronde Balayage

If you’re in search of the most fashionable hairstyle, you should definitely ask your stylist to use a light blonde toward the ends. The browns and blondes are beautiful and attract attention. The various shades blended together can be used with medium to short length locks, to ensure that you don’t have too many good things all at once.

Dimensional Caramel Balayage Hair

#40: Barrel Curled Balayage Hair

Make your caramel balayage stand out by putting on sleek layers and large barrel curls. The gorgeous curls are ideal for a night-time event and when you blow off in the morning you’ll have best beach waves.

Golden Bronde Balayage Hair

#41: Chocolatey Balayage

The caramel-auburn hue combined together with chocolate brown adds just enough depth that is not overly pronounced, but still captivating. What is appealing about balayage lies in the way it blends in with your hair’s natural color so effortlessly.

Caramel Balayage For Chocolate Hair

For the ladies with dark hair The lighter browns together with your naturally chocolaty deep brown and black hair strands are an opportunity to play around with colors without worrying that it could result in an extremely high contrast color. There’s a wide range of shades that you can mix with the caramel.

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