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Top 10 Latest Pixie Haircuts for Women

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Pixie hairstyles can be daunting However, they’re extremely flattering and, more impressive, they are surprisingly fast and simple to style each day. If you’re interested in creating your own pixies, check out the latest haircuts for women prior to going into the beauty salon.

1. Spiky platinum blonde cut with side-swept, symmetrical bangs.

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

Stay up late in the late hours in the day in this platinum blonde hairstyle. It is incredibly easy to maintain and takes only a few minutes to style each early morning.

With spiky layers , an asymmetrical side-swept pixie cut This daring platinum blonde, pixie-cut makes it a feminine and attractive appearance.

2. The White Blonde Pixie has asymmetrical fringe and shaved Sides

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

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Short, asymmetrical bangs aren’t easy to control, as can the sides that are shaved however this Pixie cut is a fantastic illustration of how simple it is to match with both.

The shaved ends in this layer pixie have been heavily smooth and blend in with the sides with shaved edges. The asymmetrical hairstyles of this cut may be styled various ways, such as combed to one side, tucked inwards and back, etc. The white-blond shade of this pixie lends this cut an edge and an individual feminine style.

3. All-Cool Blonde Pixie Cut Shadow Root as well as Shaved Sides and Back.

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

The cool blonde hairstyle isn’t easy to manage because it’s extremely difficult to make blonde hair appear natural. But this cut blends the dark brunette roots with well-toned cool blonde layers to create the most natural-looking result.

With shaved back and sides the pixie cut is also easy to wear and dress each day. It is also a great way to highlight her gorgeous blonde long layers.

4. Texturized Pixie that has Side-Swept Bangs as well as Balisage

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

This cut is longer and has layers that add to this cut the final look and allow for more style freedom.

It features dark, dark-colored roots with lighter balayage on the edges of longer layers. The balayage is warm and creates an ethereal look. The ends of this cut are made and fluffy to keep the hair from appearing excessively bulky or heavy.

5. Cool Blonde Pixie cut With Asymmetrical Layers, Side-Swept Bangs, and Side-S

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

Everyone can rock this classic pixie cut , which is extremely fashionable, simple to do and is suitable for many hair textures and styles.

The long, side-swept bangs on the other give a sense of balance and interest to this cut and the cropped layers on the crown add the right amount of volume and volume to avoid it lying too flat on your head.

6. All-Auburn Pixie, Tousled with Long Layers

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

The chestnut pixie cut is unique. It’s certainly a hairstyle that isn’t suitable for all people, but if you’re looking for a bold cut, look for this stunning pixie cut.

With ragged, blunt sides and long side-swept layers the front this cut is difficult to miss and will certainly make you stand apart from the rest and attract attention everywhere you travel. A casual and bleached cut provide warmth and dimension to this fun pixie cut and can help balance the curly layers.

7. Millennial Pink Wavy Pixie Cut

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

Nothing is more stylish than pink in the millennial age So why not incorporate it into the next haircut you choose to wear? It’s not as much of a fashion-related chance as you may believe.

This cut is distinctive and trendy thanks to the millennial pink hue and long layers that frame the face’s front. This cut is perfect for women with naturally curly hair. But, if you’ve got normally straight hair it is also possible to create wavy hair.

8. Wispy Green Asymmetrical Pixie Brunette Shadow Root

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

Green is among the hardest colors to dye hair. Most of the time green hair appears more like a failed dyeing job rather than a planned fashion.

This pixie that is symmetrical showcases how gorgeous and fashionable hair in green can be put together. Its asymmetrical layers complement the unique hue. Additionally, the brunette hair provides a natural, natural touch to this gorgeous haircut. It will keep you looking longer-lasting without the need to go to the salon to apply the roots once more.

9. White Blonde Pixie who has a side-swept with dark Shadow Root

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

The blonde white cut is ideal for women who wish to experience the classic, trendy cut. It has long layers of side skin in the front, which frame your face, and highlight your best features. The dark brown shadow root is a perfect match for the white blonde shade and gives this cut a an unnatural look.

For the final touch The hair layers in this cut as shown above are extremely sleek and glossy. Get that smooth, shiny appearance to your hair with a substantial amount of your desired gloss and shine serum on the top layer.

10. Light Brown Pixie with Highlights and Long Side Bangs

Latest Pixie haircut Trends - Women Short Hairstyle Ideas

If you’re in search of simple hairstyle that is classic take a look at the hairstyle in the above photo.

The warm blonde highlights contrast the lighter brown overall shade of this Pixie. The highlights bring the balance and depth for this haircut. Long side bangs as well as a long side part give more character and balance to this classic and easy to control haircut.

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