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If you’ve been dreaming of a manicure that doesn’t require experimentation with the proportions, mixing or monomers Poly gel nails are the exact thing you’ve been looking for. This type of nail is a compromise between acrylic and gel nails, but it is more durable as well as more flexible and lighter. It’s extremely flexible and can be put on natural nails as well as the sculpted nails. The result is beautiful, lasting manicure. So, say goodbye to the harsh chemical and unpleasant scents and welcome poly nails. Read on to learn all you need to know about.

What are Polygel Nails?

Poly gel nails are one method that will take your nail art to the higher level. It’s a mix of acrylic and gel, and combines the advantages of both, however without the drawbacks. Polygel is similar to putty. It is applied to nails, and then smoothed using the use of a brush that is flat. It’s extremely adaptable and is applied as a natural nail polish or modelled as acrylic. It doesn’t necessitate mixing monomers, and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. It gives you strong, flexible and light nails that smell absolutely clean and won’t harm the natural nails. They can be dried under the UV or LED light. They are usually transparent, pink or white, but they can also be mixed with regular polish or gel in case you wish to experiment with the colors.

Polygel Nails

Polygel vs. Gel

It’s easy to see that it appears that the difference between gel and poly nails appears to be very minor However, there are some significant distinctions. Gel nails aren’t extensions to your nails they are a kind of polish that lasts longer than normal nail polish. Polygel however is more durable than hard gel, and can be used as a topcoat for natural nails as well as for enhancement. Both gels and polygels are UV cureable, however polyols can also be curable using the use of an LED light. They are generally more flexible and lighter in weight and don’t carry an unpleasant odor. Gel nails are more thin than polygel nails and thus more prone to breaking.

Polygel Vs Gel

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Polygel vs. Acrylic

Acrylic nails have a lot of pros, length and a variety of nail shapes as well as nail design. Yet, Polygel offers an attractive alternative. One of the major advantages of Polygel as compared to acrylic is it’s much more bendable, light and more durable. They are more resistant to breaking and appear and feel natural. They are not odorless; however, Some people believe that monomer dust that is applied to acrylic has a pungent smell. Another advantage of polygel is that it is much easier for application and don’t have to be mixed like acrylics require. Acrylic paints are produced using the mix of the monomer powder as well as acrylic liquid. Acrylic nails extend your natural nails. poly gel is added as an extension or layered over the natural nails to create an overcoat.

Polygel Vs Acrylics

How to Apply Polygel Nails?

These nails made of polygel are fantastic due to the way they are made. The process that is used to make them does not harm the natural nails. They also do not contain harmful chemicals or scents that are used. This results in beautiful nails which are flexible and flexible. For applying nails, you just have to follow a few steps, starting with prepping your nails, to applying lotion or oil to moisten your hands. Read on to learn more information about whether you’re planning to take a manicure in the salon or plan to try it at the comfort of your own home.

Make sure you have the nails ready.

In the process of preparing for a manicure with poly gel, it is crucial to follow the proper steps to prepare your nails. This involves filing your nails and shaping them to an ideal shape. Also, you should remove your cuticles as well as clean the hands and then dry to make sure they’re clean and free of shine and grease. It is also possible to use polish or rubbing alcohol prior to the process.

Preparing Nails For Polygel

Apply the Polygel

When applying the poly gel Nail technicians apply a tiny pea-sized amount on the nail with the small tool made of metal. It is helpful to utilize a double-sided device that includes a spatula as well as a brush. The tip of the brush is submerged in the slip solution, which aids in shaping and stops the gel from adhering to the instrument. The polyol is given an appropriate shape as well as length that you want. If you’re looking to build it up, follow this step to apply the cone onto your nail.

Apply The Polygel

Smooth it Out

Polygel is the same consistency as putty, and must be spread across the nail. To spread it you’ll require an emulsion-dipped brush slippery solution, which will smooth the surface, without being concerned whether the glue will stick to your tools. The greatest aspect of it is the fact that it’s extremely versatile and is sculptable into your preferred shape, for example, the long stiletto nail.

Smoothing Out Polygel Nails

Cure the Nails

Poly gel nails have to be dried, and this is done by using UV lamps or LED. Based on the type of poly gel you’re using, the amount of time for curing will vary , but is usually around 30 seconds using LED and around 2 minutes when using the UV lamp. Polygel does not set until it is cured. The process is repeated.

Curing Polygel Nails


Sawing is one of the most important steps in the application of poly gel and because it’s soft and pliable, no electronic file is required to form it. It is possible to use an instrument to smooth any imperfections and form it in the way you like.

Filing The Polygel

Apply Finish

You’ve almost achieved the perfect nails using poly gel, however before you must apply an application layer. One of the most important options you can make is whether you want a matte or glossy topcoat. You can discuss the alternatives with your technician. A topcoat is crucial because it makes nails more durable and sturdy, preventing the risk of damage and makes the nails last longer.

Apply Finish


The next time, you’ll heal your nails by placing them in the light of a nail lamp. It is recommended to repeat the process to get the best results. The duration of curing varies between 30 and 60 seconds based on the type that is used.

Curing Polygel Nails

Apply Lotion or Oil

Manicure maintenance is crucial to moisturizing your the cuticles and hands. If you visit an salon, a manicurist will likely finish the manicure with oil on the base of your cuticles. They will also apply an excellent lotion on your hands. Similar applies for those who want to create your own poly gel nails in the comfort at home. This will help keep your skin moist, but it will also prevent cracks and offer protection. Inject the cream into the palms of your hand , then apply a gentle massage, paying attention to your fingertips.

Apply Lotion Or Oil

How do you apply Polygel Nails that have Dual Forms?

The great thing about the polygel nail is that they’re flexible and can be used in a variety of ways, such as making double-forms. This is among the most straightforward methods for beginners. Watch this YouTube video to follow a step-by-step instruction on how to apply this technique properly. Begin by selecting an oval design that’s just a little bigger than the nail. Make use of a double-ended tool using an emery cloth and brush. apply the gel using the spatula’s side on the two mold. Make use of a gliding liquid to make it easier to apply. Apply the gel onto the double mold and then place it over the nail’s natural surface at a 45 degree angle. You may also apply clamps to help keep it in place throughout the treatment. This can help to prevent blisters. After the curing process has completed, you are able to take the double mold off and form the nail the way you like.

How to Remove Polygel Nails?

There are many methods of removing the poly gel from nail. They can be sanded and the remainder should be moisturized if needed. This gel is a leave-in that is flexible and easily removed using either a hand-file or electronic file. Nail technicians typically remove the majority of the poly gel using this technique, which is followed with an acetone bath. To do this yourself it is possible to use cotton wool that has been soaked in Acetone. Apply it to your fingertips with aluminum foil and let it sit at least 10 mins.

Removing Polygel Nails

How Long do Polygel Nails Last?

A manicure with poly gel can last from three to four weeks, typically longer than a manicure with gel, but smaller than acrylic. The length of time the poly gel nails last is contingent on many aspects, including the size and shape of the nails that you pick and the frequency you utilize your hands. It can also be beneficial to select colors like lighter pink or nude that will grow less. Based on how fast your nails are growing it is suggested that you schedule an appointment for a subsequent procedure. It’s more costly than gel however, it’s stronger and deformable, which gives you stunning nails that are less prone to chipping and breaking.

How Long To Polygel Nails Last

Is Polygel Manicure Safe for Your Nails?

If properly applied and removed If they are removed correctly, poly gel nails can be an excellent choice for manicures. They are considered to be safer over other options like acrylic, have no the odor of strong perfume, and don’t require mixing or mixing monomers. This is still a relatively new concept and there aren’t all nail technicians adequately trained. It’s essential to do your homework and locate the right salon and technician that have previous experience using this application. It’s beneficial to look at the different brands to determine which one is most suitable for your needs.

Is Polygel Manicure Safe For Your Nails

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