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113 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Shoulder-Length Hair

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#41: Perfect for Thin Hair

It’s time to get rid of the fine or thin hair issues by trying this stylish hairstyle. Dark hair and blonde balayage can give the fresh, gorgeous hairstyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Medium-Length Hairstyle Perfect for Thin Hair

#42: Fun Shoulder Length Blonde Bob Hair

Give a new twist to this classic blonde hairstyle style by adding exciting long layers on the front. Keep the back short . Layer them for a slender style.

Fun shoulder-length Blonde Bob Hair

#43: Beachy Lob for a Rounder Face

The most popular lengths for face shapes with round facial features is the medium shoulder length haircut. Middle-parting, and adding wavy-textured beach waves can help in elongating and thinning the face.

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Beachy Lob for a Rounder Face

#44: Adorable Ash Brown Curls

The subtle highlight highlights of ash brown give an extra dimension to her hair, while the perfect waves showcase the length. This adorable shoulder length hair is easy to make and is perfect to wear for everyday use.

Picture of an adorable ash brown shoulder-length curls

#45: Trendy Top Messy Bun

A messy bun will make life easier for the day , by taking the hair off your face, providing you with a fresh, brisk feeling. It is also a stunning hairstyle for formal occasions by adding waves to your hair to create an even more stunning style.

Picture of a trendy top messy bun shoulder-length hair

#46: A Bold Burgundy Red

Make everyone swoon with this gorgeous burgundy that looks great on straight hair! This gorgeous shade looks amazing on skins that are warm and tan and needs to be maintained to keep it looking vibrant throughout the day.

Picture of a bold burgundy red shoulder-length hair

#47: Box Braids

They are appealing to all ages since these braids are put together in many different ways, needing only minimal maintenance and work with any hair type or texture. Make sure to keep it shoulder-length and shorter length if wish to feel comfortable and relaxed. This is a sexy and vintage style. These box braids that are shorter have a 90’s vibe to them. The things I love about this hairstyle is its length as well as the jewelry. The pearls at the end are what really stand this hairstyle out. In case your hair seems too long, you can fold your hair in half, so that when you cut it off, you don’t cut your hair! Make sure to apply a moisturizer to your scalp every week to prevent dryness and irritation.

shoulder-length box braids

#48: V-shaped Haircut

This layered cut is stunningly flatters medium to long hair exactly the same. Along with the highlights, this method creates movement and depth within the hair strands. The V is cut that has many layers and an array of colors that include baby lights and balayage and finished by adding beach waves. Her color here highlights how low-maintenance this combination is, as we didn’t make it happen during this shoot. The color is one I had just a few weeks earlier and it’s still fantastic! I’m loving the latest styles that are easy to maintain for people who want to color their hair. This allows people to experiment with the color. I like the beach waves that I add to most of my cuts and colors as it highlights the depth of the color and texture of the cut. The color can look completely different when you’re straight compared to when curled. Additionally, the texture of hair can be stunning when curled. I’d suggest you try it! It is true that you need long hair to begin with in order to make the perfect V-shape, however it’s extremely adaptable to all hair types and hair textures. It looks fantastic in straight hair or curled.I personally love this cut with many layers to showcase its texture, and also give it plenty of volume and body. It is possible to alter the cut to suit their face shape by deciding which face frame pieces you place or do not put around the face of your guest. For larger faces I would suggest adding additional pieces around the face. To achieve the look I applied Aveda’s volumizing treatment at the root of her face and Aveda’s daily damage remedy hair repair at the ends. Then, I blow dried my hair and then finished the look with 1 1/4 inch curling iron. I alternated the direction I was going in. When the curls were cool I used my fingers to move through the hair, breaking them upand finishing using Aveda’s Control Force hairspray. The hairspray I use is my absolute most favorite due to it being a mobile hairspray. It’s also it holds for a long time.

V-shaped haircut

#49: Frizzy Waves

The painted choppy bob style is very versatile and easy to maintain. It’s an extremely cute, flirty look that is suitable for anyone of any age. Through a hair painting method employed to lighten the hair the hair, it creates an extremely low-maintenance color that blends with the skin tone to add the appearance of brightness and depth as the hair is growing beautifully. The A-line haircut that is over the shoulders is incredibly soft. We added soft layers over on top of the head and in the area around it to eliminate some bulk and give an airier look to the overall appearance. The extremely texture ends were created by cutting points to soften the lines, giving a more fun and unstructured appearance of the hair. Take a shot. This style is very flattering to all types of faces. This style is a breeze for those with texture, and also for those with curly hair. I’d suggest adding layers of it for more weight reduction for people with thicker hair so that it doesn’t look excessively bulky at the bottom. For people with curly hair, adding just a little of movement using an ironing wand or curling iron or flat iron can be simple as it is designed to create a natural appearance. I recommend always applying a thermal protection spray for hot tools, and then finishing the appearance by spraying a texturizing agent for more hold, volume and separation.

A frizzy shoulder-length haircut with waves

#50: Naturally Curly Red

My customer is an advanced level 2 with medium-to-fine hair. She’s thought about doing red for quite a while. These colors give an imposing look and which isn’t afraid of the spotlight. She can wear it straight or curly. My aim when I do fashionable colors, or any color is to ensure that the hair’s integrity remains intact. To achieve her desired look, she is looking to wear her hair straight or curly. I create the corners in the front of the head to create an angled look when curly. Portland has a lot of unique styles and colors. That is the reason I love living in the city. I do quite a bit of fashion colors. However, based on the amount of commitment they have, how often they attend to their hair, as well as the way they care for the hair they have at home the appearance and style of my fashionable colors differ. My aim is to ensure that the hair will last for many years and still look nice even when it gets faded. I love curly hair and I love that she doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her hair. Her hair is straight after having surgical procedures. Be aware of the fact that she is on a the same schedule each time you go to the salon. We will freshen her hair each six weeks. Make sure that you are using cooler hair water in your home. Don’t wash your hair every day and make sure you use a color safe Shampoo and Conditioner. I prefer using an Angel Wash and Rinse from Kevin Murphy, Smooth Again to smooth her hair, and Cocktail Deva Curl Styling Cream and Gel. Then, diffuse. When it comes to curly hair I think that any shape of face works. If you’re living your life you must ensure that your boss doesn’t care about anything.

Bright red hair color for naturally curly shoulder

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