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113 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Shoulder-Length Hair

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#51: Jet Black Graduated Bob

This is a stylish modern and contemporary version of the classic Bob. I absolutely love the sharp inversion, which is what sets this style apart from the usual haircut. The flexibility of this haircut allows the wearer to have straight, natural curls or waves from the beach. The hairstyle is suitable for anyone however, for those with an oval-shaped face it can give it the look of having a more slim face. Whatever your hair is thin or thick this style is a great option to rock and get people talking! If you’re flat curling or ironing for waves at the beach, you must apply a heat protector for applying the heat onto your hair. I like using the Kenra Hot Spray Heat Protectant which also functions as a hair spray. If you’re looking to wear natural curly curls DevaCurl can reduce frizz, and helps define curls without making hair stiff or oily.

Picture of a Jet Black graduated shoulder-length bob

#52: Rockabilly Green

This is a classic hairstyle with modern twist. I love how it works with the hair of almost every woman. It’s a style that can be used in a variety of ways and adds elegant look for any occasion. I created this look by using the set pattern, then using an iron for curling, and then pinning each curl into the same way as barrel rolls. When I was done curling, utilized Aveda Air Control to give the curls a slight hold, then let all the curls fall out. With a paddle brush, and teasing the areas that required volume, I made the look I wanted, and added Aveda Control Force for a solid hold. This style is perfect for any event and works well for lengths from chin to long hair.

A Rockabilly hairstyle for shoulder-length hair

#53: Perfectly Platinum Blonde Color

I’d like to classify this as the California girl/beachy chic style. Our client came into the salon with hair that needed some care. After a brightening session and removing her hair, we gave her a cut that is suitable for day-to-day wear or for a fun weekend glam. There’s nothing more appealing than this beachy sexy wave! If I apply the final elements for her hair it’s as if fireworks explode and I’m in the love with her. Although this style is perfect for a moderate to low maintenance individual, the right products are necessary to maintain that the color and style lasts. For all cool blondes, I make sure to send them home using hair products from the Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel regimen. For a texturized, yet elegant look, I use a variety of Kevin Murphy products – Hair Resort, Bedroom Hair, and also one from the Shimmer Sprays. They all work wonderfully with any hair type and provide an incredibly glossy and lustrous look.

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Picture of a perfectly platinum blonde color

#54: Exquisitely Messy Bob

It’s a simple, texturized hairstyle. This model has a slight wave at both ends, making the unfinished look simple to create. I like the lived-in appearance the cut offers. There’s a lot of texture which creates a messy style. This cut can be used on virtually any face shape and hair kind. People with natural waves or curl may find it easier to create the messy appearance. If your hair’s straight, apply the flat iron and curling iron, to give your hair loose curls then apply a wide-tooth comb to brush it out until you’ve achieved the desired amount of curl. To complete the style with a texture spray is what you require such as the Dry Texturizing Spray I employed.

Picture of an exquisitely messy shoulder-length bob

#55: Choppy Hair With Natural Highlights

This look is simple. You can simply take your natural waves and elevate it. The ease of it of it is the thing that makes me the most happy about it. Did she get out of bed and run the fingers of her head? Are they going to church or to class? Do you see the top off on her car as she’s in the gym? Nobody knows since the style is so neat and a little disheveled. Lobs are suitable for all! Any face shape and size! A choppy lob is my favorite hairstyle everyone could wear. Make sure you invest in a quality curling iron. I make use of hot tools, such as an iron for barrel curls and the curling method of @domdomhair, but I also roll all my curls in the same manner. Flip your hair upside down and put some of the @love_kevin_murphy Bedroom hair into it. Apply it to your fingers. Finish the look with @love_kevin_murphy Dry powder throughout and powder Puffing at the root for a dramatic volume.

Picture of a choppy hair with natural highlights

#56: Stacked Bob

The hairstyle, commonly referred to in the fashion of the A-line bob is among my top cuts. The longer lengths on the front let women experiment with shorter hairstyles while continuing to provide them with the feel of hair that is long. It’s perfect for all kinds of different lifestyles! You can pull it back, curl and go or straighten and smooth the way you want it to – it’s your choice! The dark chocolaty brown color, accentuated with a few red tones, is ideal for brunettes. The natural-looking highlights lighten the dark hair for the coming summer months giving different shades and depths. Stacked bobs match almost every hair texture and face shape. The style can be split in two directions or in the middle. It can be accentuated with texturizing products to make for an exciting time at the beach or hairstyled with a smooth texture for an elegant night out. For hair with fine texture using a thickening glaze with a medium-hold mousse or gel would be ideal for thicker hair use a light styling cream and mixing it with a silkening gloss can add the appearance of smoothness and shine. Add the argan oil and you’re all set for whatever you face.

A shoulder-length stacked bob haircut

#57: Ginger Prom

This style was a corrective color. She first came to me with a dark, almost reddish tone, which had already grown approximately an inch over its natural, ash blonde hair with faded and sagging ends. As soon as I saw her, I was able to tell from her skin tone and eyes that she’d look stunning with copper red. Her hair is thick and long so I added a shorter texture layer for her to create a contemporary vintage look. After I was done with her coloring as well as cut it dry I put her hair in curls, and pin them to dry. After that, I cleaned them then gave her a pin curl to create the vintage flare. I like that this color is does not just look better than it did before but also requires less maintenance and her hair’s roots are less obvious also. Always think about the tone of your face, natural hair’s shade, your eyes color, and your lifestyle. Your natural beauty speaks the truth. If you’re blessed with freckles, skin that is pink and light blonde or dark red locks, the shade is more likely to compliment your appearance extremely well. Be honest about yourself. Women often want something totally different from their own personal style which will require lots of care and money. A new style does not always mean you have to be a bit radical and extreme to look attractive. Straight, thick bangs aren’t the best choice for all. For certain types of individuals, it’s simple to make them look neat and stylish. Some may require time to get the hair to lay the way you want it to go. Always speak to an expert hairdresser, and bring your real-life inspiring photos with you.

A perfect prom hairstyle for shoulder-length hair

#58: Middle Part LOB

This look is modern and adaptable. It’s perfect for women who are looking for a fresh look however, who also wants to move away from hairstyles like a long bob. With the midi trend on the rise in the moment it’s clear that the LOB is a must-have because it can be worn with straight hair as well as romantic beach waves to create the “I have woken up this way” style. This length can match any face form, although the front must be adjusted to create the hairstyle to fit the bone structure of one’s face. Apart from the middle it is also made into a side piece that is essential for an oblong or long face. Apply a few items for an even more polished style. Sea salt spray, hairspray, or putty can be very effective.

Shoulder-Length Middle Part Lob Haircut

#59: Vintage Updo

It’s a contemporary vintage style. The client attended an event for school students in the 1920s, and wanted to dress appropriately without overdoing it. I like the simple lines and how it conveys the classic Hollywood style without becoming too stylized. This style works best on medium-to-thick second-day hair, as it will hold the designs better. Try experimenting by putting pin curly hair that are in front. Different levels of volume allow the style to be appropriate for various facial forms. It’s an excellent choice for those who want the look of old-fashioned glamour without appearing too formal.

A shoulder-length vintage updo

#60: French Braid

I would place this look under the category of boho. the soft waves, and the large braid create the effortless style you’d expect from boho style. I believe that the color of my client adds some dimension to the braid. Some braids are hidden in hair with dark colors. However, the caramel color splits it. My client was of the opinion that there was no way to achieve things with short hair. Wrong! It’s true that you’re only limited by what you are able to accomplish, but this makes a shorter bob have personality and amusement. I utilized the Babyliss wand to create waves, and backcombing dust to create the texture. It is a great accessory for any event, and you could even decorate your hair by adding flowers and a sparkling hair accessory.

A shoulder-length french braid hairstyle

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