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113 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Shoulder-Length Hair

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#61: Bright Blonde for Straight Hair

I prefer this cut for my clients who have hair that is thin or fine. By keeping the length short it creates the illusion of completeness. I love adding a slight downward angle to the front of the frame to create the illusion of a focal point. This keeps the cut-looking fashionable and trendy. I added highlights in foil to add dimension and also keep her color fresh. I like the way the light bounces off her champagne-colored tone. The benefit of highlights or babylights for delicate hairstyles is the fact that the lighter usually will slightly increase the volume of the cuticle to give it more volume. This helps add texture too – an all-win! The first thing to determine is where you would like it to go either above your shoulders or under your chin or in the middle of your neck. This is typically based on the shape of your face and length of neck. Many people do not realize that neck length is a significant factor when cutting an cut. This particular client has a beautiful neck that creates a sleek look which is suitable for her. You can plan on styling your hair that is short. I like to apply a thickening mousse , then blow dry it with an angled brush. There are many different variations of the Bob haircut. Ask your stylist for assist you in deciding which one is the best fit for you!

Picture of a straight bright blonde shoulder-length hair

#62: Dark Mahogany

It’s a rich ruby red. I love how it complements the green of her eyes that are hazel, and the more vibrant pieces emphasize the texture of her cut.For anyone seeking a striking red shade, they need to be aware that a stronger shade requires more attention. Reds are notoriously difficult to maintain however they can be easily maintained by using a color depositing shampoo such as Viral Ruby as well as Overtone products.

shoulder-length mahogony dark red hair

#63: Elegant Hollywood Waves

Try a classic, modern take on an old-fashioned hairstyle. It is perfect for shoulder-length hairstyles to give it the perfect amount of bounce and sheen. Any kind of angular shape (heart diamond, square,) will look great with an shoulder-length cut that requires the least amount of layers. Request your stylist to prepare your hair using Amika Thermal Shield Spray, which will help shape your curls into a shape. After that, you can comb it out and apply Sexy Hair powder Lite into your hair from your base up to the ends. It will give a grip to the curls, without the need to teasing. Then, finish using the Amika Fluxus hairspray as well as CHI Shine Spray.

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Elegant Hollywood Waves for Shoulder-Length Hair

#64: Waves for Thin Hair

This is a sloppy, beachy style with a textured texture. The mature regrowth and brightness of the face makes the look as if she’s enjoying the sun and naturally sun-kissed. I like the way it appears messy and sloppy on purpose. Like she just stepped up from her bed. She curled up a handful of pieces and added the texture spray. I like the idea of this “just just woken up” style. The colour brings everything together, enhancing the curl. It’s part of her natural texture. It looks amazing when straight too! I believe that the LOB haircut is the best choice for any facial shape. It’s simple to cut and style. As I mentioned before, I love the idea of having it messy intentionally so using a curling iron such as one 1/4 Bex curling iron, starting from mid-shaft to the bottom and leaving the ends free will give you the perfect messy, textured look. I didn’t even make sure to curl each hair piece to keep the natural texture of her hair, as it’s just a bit more. I’m not one to overdo it when using products for hair. Begin with a leave-in conditioner that has heat protection, followed by dry-textured spray after applying the iron. Finish by using a hairspray that is workable to give it more hold.

Picture of waves for thin shoulder-length hair

#65: Lobby Choppy Haircut

My favorite type of bob. It’s smooth and smooth and. I can alter the length and thickness based on the shape of my client’s face. I like this cut because by making a few minor adjustments based on what you’d like to highlight it looks great for anyone. I’m a huge fan of texture since it’s easy to maintain. I always encourage my clients to be comfortable with their style instead of battling it. The look is very easy to maintain. It’s all you need is an item that has texture, such as The Matrix StyleLink Builder. It’s a mousse which adds in texture and gritty to it. It strengthens fine hair and is durable enough to handle hair that is thick without causing excessive buildup. If you have straight hair that is fine apply the mousse, mix and wrap some face-framing bits around your wand and you’re ready to go. In case you have already got texture simply apply Airy Builder to your hair, then diffuse and then let it dry amazing. Many of my customers request this cut since it’s simple to maintain but trendy. It’s a great option for versatility as it can be styled elegantly with deep sides for the nightclub.

Picture of a lobby choppy shoulder-length haircut

#66: Bright Pink Rooted Ombre

This is platinum with a touch of pink on the bottom. I love how beautifully the pink melts into platinum ends! This is for people who want their hair to look striking! It’s great with any length of hair which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to be an ideal choice for anyone who wants to be flexible. If we talk about the way you live, this is the perfect product ideal for someone who doesn’t go to the pool frequently and doesn’t clean their hair often. The less often you clean your hair the more the colour will last! The platinum rooted looks fantastic on curly or straight hair!

Picture of a bright pink rooted shoulder-length ombre

#67: Mermaid Melt for Thick Wavy Hair

I love this style of shoulder length hair! Utilizing a color melting technique and mixing trendy colors is just so enjoyable! It’s very summery and brings me back to the ocean! I’m happy to return to brighter and lighter shades after everyone went into winter darkness! When you are choosing a fashion color take a moment to think about whether you’re prepared to commit or not prior to committing. Maintaining your home and maintaining it are essential when you choose these colors. Color sage, sulfate-free shampoo as well as conditioner is required also. I am a fan of the latest Biolage R.A.W. I suggest a low heat setting for styling tools as well as an effective heat protector spray such as Kenra 22. Kenra 22 to keep your hair’s color for a long time. Limit your washing of hair to the minimal amount. The latest fashion colors are very trendy right now, and I am a fan of them , however, I ensure my clients are prepared with aftercare and make sure they know they’re different from the traditional shades!

Picture of a mermaid melt for thick wavy shoulder-length hair

#68: Inspiring Inverted Bob

This is gorgeously elegant. It’s a blend of modern power mom, hair for summer festivals and all in one. This is among my most adored cuts. It’s fun, cool, and stylish! It’s a winner on many levels. It’s just short enough to be relaxing and easy however long enough to be styled in a variety of ways. This style is an excellent low-maintenance style for every shape of face and hair kind! Blot dry it straight and smooth to create a perfect, elegant hairstyle or add some waves and a spray of texture to create the “I have woken up looking like this” bohemian style. It’s impossible to get it wrong! The length of the front of your hair gives you numerous options for braids, as well as half-buns! Make a statement and cut your hair to create this fun summer style!

Inspiring Inverted Bob

#69: Edgy Dip Dye Blue Ombre

This is an absolutely sexy style. I love the color that melts between mat ash brown and bright turquoise. It’s like Cinderella changed into a gorgeous princess wearing her turquoise dress. All women and girls is able to wear this style If she’s courageous enough. But I believe it’ll work best for women who want different hairstyles. For those cute beach waves, make use of an enormous curler, and then brush it all out with your hands. Apply a pump spray for a look that’s messy. The long bob style is ideal for females with hair that is thin since it will give the hair the most volume. It is important to note that turquoise color is a semi-permanent color. It fades with each wash. If you prefer it to be vibrant, you must dye it frequently. However, who says pastel colors aren’t cool?

Picture of an edgy dip dye shoulder-length blue ombre

#70: Attractive Auburn Color

It’s a copper-gold melt! I love this alternative over the traditional ombre. In a departure from the traditional dark to blondelook, we’ve updated it and breathed new life into it. The greatest part is the fact that we don’t need to lighten the hair prior to it, which means that it’s in excellent condition, which has resulted in amazing shine! This stunning color shift is impossible to stay away from! With a simple take-home Novafusion copper-colored shampoo, the color will be vibrant and easy to style at home. The subtle color combination is stunning when the hairstyle is straight, curly, or left as natural. A little play-do with dry wax will make this appear like hot mess that’s fast which is my most favored style that is ‘undone. The length is ideal for those who is always on the move. It is easy to style and simple to put on!

Picture of an attractive auburn shoulder-length hair color

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