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113 Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Shoulder-Length Hair

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#71: Strawberry Swirls Curled Hair

This is a striking cut that is layered in blonde and red that has soft curly curls. The model is also sporting fashionable shoulder lengths cut, as well as side-swept bangs. My favorite thing about her hair is the shade and how it not only complements her skin, but the cut too. The two colors of red, and beige blonde work well together. When choosing this combination take into consideration what your complexion. If you are fair-skinned you can add the deep red shade will add more energy in your skin tone, and also increase the brightness of your eyes. This blonde hue which is highlighted with red is a honey-beige shade that allows us to remain more warm to match the red however, it also gives her some brightness with her fair complexion. If you’re wearing an shoulder length hairstyle that having soft, layers that are textured will allow you to style more easily and also help keep hair longer. To style this look I first conditioned the hair using IGK Trust Fund for some volume on the crown and top, and then I used IGK Mistress to smooth frizz, and then blow-dried straight. It was then used with a 1-” Sam Villa flat iron to create soft, easy curls. I washed them off with Lanza healing oil finish spray to give it a strong hold and shine. This look is simple to create at home in just 15 minutes or less. She can style it more elegantly for her front desk or shake it loose and wear it messy to wear out with friends on the weekend. This look is ideal for a round or oval face shape, and small to medium-sized density.

Picture of a strawberry swirls curled hair

#72: Pinned for a Perfect Party Look

This half-up half-down design is the ideal combination of whimsical and elegant. The best thing about this style is the ease of its styling and the addition of a brooch provides just enough extravagance. I’d recommend this style to anyone with layers, as it’s difficult to recreate if your hair is just one length. I employed KMS Dry Wax in order to give it a hold and a bit of texture.

Picture of a pinned for a perfect party shoulder-length hair

#73: Braided Aqua

This is a shoulder length, braided hairstyle with loose waves. My favorite part about this look is braids! Braids are so trendy and trendy right now. They provide the perfect amount of texture, along with the loose waves , and can bring the entire look together. My clients request this style all the time because this style is extremely versatile. It is suitable at a variety of occasions, such as weddings, proms or any other important occasion. This design is great for those seeking a casual style that is not extravagant. This style can be suited to different facial shapes and be adapted to specific facial shapes by the detail on the front. For this particular customer, we loosely pulled back her bangs, so she could feel that they gave her a frame without feeling like they were getting impeding her movement all night long. We also left some of them framing her face from the opposite side. But, you can also manage to keep everything pulled back from the face, based on the individual’s preferences. This kind of style is suitable for medium hair textures and shoulders lengths to longer hair.

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Picture of a braided aqua shoulder-length hair

#74: Wrapped Easy Updo

This is a shoulder length haircut that is easy and smooth with polished sophistication. Although I am a fan of sleek styles personally I’ve come to enjoy the movement. I think it creates feminine looks to those who wear it from every angle. It is possible to look gorgeous on all faces by simply observing the proportions of the style. This means, thickness, width, tightness. Blondes show the most texture! It’s a gorgeous hairstyle that is easily styled with one of my most-loved items, KMS spray play, another of my favorite products one is Puff Me and then finishing with R + Co Vicious spray.

Picture of a wrapped easy shoulder-length updo

#75 Sunset Blonde with Layers

This is a minimal maintenance haircut for shoulder length locks. It’s ideal for a variety of occasions such as on your workday wedding, date nights, or even for everyday errands. It adds a touch of sexiness and flair to your night or day out outfit. The best thing about this haircut is that accessories can make a huge difference in dressing you down. For a more formal look you can wear it with a cute dark dress, and lipstick shades of plum or red. For a casual look the look would be perfect with a pair jeans and a comfortable sweater. In any case the soft waves will define your face, creating an attractive and sweet appearance. For those with normal to fine hair, this style is perfect since it provides the perfect amount of body and volume. The hair with thicker hair will not get the same effects as this style. It will appear heavier and more dense. It is suggested to use smaller barrels on curling irons or curling wands to ensure that the curls will fall less. You could employ a tourmaline-ceramic curling iron, or curling tool with a 32mm or 38mm barrel circumference. It’s suitable for anyone of all ages since it’s never out of fashion. The hairline of the model is a bit over the shoulders when straight, and when curled as in the photo, it’ll rest on her shoulders. While curling, be sure to change the direction of your curl to create a natural-looking curl. Begin by curling a part away from your face before move the next piece closer toward the face. The ideal facial shapes for this look are oval, round or heart-shaped. This classic bob that is soft curled is able to last about three days and can transform into a loose, messy appearance after the second day. This is ideal for busy bees who do not have time to devote excessive time in their hair styling every day. Keep a spray for dry hair in your purse to slick dirty roots and smooth out weighed-down pieces.

The recommended products and the reasons for them:

1. Spray for thermal protection (Ironclad 01 Joico Thermal Protectant)

Forprotection against heat from hot tools

2. Root Booster (Matrix&rsquos Total Results High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter)

For: Lifting roots to increase volume

3. Volumizing Blowout Cream (Matrix&rsquos Blowout Big Queen)

To: Add weight and volume to the hair (Optional for those who have thick hair, but more crucial for those with normal or fine hair)

4. Texturizing Spray (KMS Hairplay Playable Texture Remodelable Spray)

To achieve the look of a messy wave and the separation of curls

5. Medium Hold Hairspray (Sebastian Shaper+ Extra Hold)

To: Controlling hair pieces that fly away, and setting the final style.

6. Dry Shampoo (KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray)

To remove oily roots between shampoos of hair

Picture of a sunset blonde with shoulder-length layers

#76: Superb Textured Bob

This is a modern, textured haircut that is cut from shoulder-length hair. It’s more contemporary because it’s more flexible than a classic, more structured Bob. I love how sexy, youthful and stylish this style is. It’s very feminine and flattering for a lot of women. It’s perfect for all facial shapes (except for faces with square shapes). When styling it, you can have amusement! Straight or curly, wear it however you like. If you’re doing straight, apply your preferred hair product, like 12n1 by MonPlatin, and blow-dry. If you want a curly hairstyle blow dry, and then use a 3/4-inch curling iron, preformed by a thermal styling spray from Kenra. Spray the Matrix Texture Builder spray to add some texture.

Superb Textured Bob for Shoulder-Length Hair

#77: Soft Brown Balayage Color

This is a shoulder style lob or long bob with highlights from balayage. This cut has been extremely popular over the past few years. It’s perfect for those who has long hair and would like a fresh look, but doesn’t want something too short or a high-maintenance. I love the color we chose to pair with this stunning haircut. A perfect lob, coupled with a perfect balanceage. I like having the highlights be a little stronger and more luminous on the face. The “money item” will be the most important thing! The good news is that this style can be worn by every face shape and hair types. It flatters anyone! For keeping your fresh hairstyle beautiful, make certain to visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks to get a cut. Also, make use of the glossing treatment for keeping your hair shining and healthy. I do not recommend to wash their hair each day and try to do it at least once every two days. In between washes , you can use dry shampoo. I like “Hair Refresher” by Davines. To achieve the “lived in” popular beachy style apply the flat iron, or curling iron for some curl. When the curl is cool and is dry, spray it using Davines Dry Texturizing Spray. This spray is a great amount of hold too. It’s time to take on the world with your fresh, easy to maintain, fashionable and fashionable look!

Picture of a soft brown balayage color

#78: Wedding Perfect Maypole Braided Updo

The look is formal variation on boho hairstyles due to the sleekness of a barrel roll. However, the braids make the appear more relaxed. This is great for those who aren’t ready to be committing to a polished appearance. I love braids since you can’t beat a beautiful braid of any kind. The braid I am talking about is actually a new one I invented that I’ve dubbed”the “Maypole” braid. This hairstyle is ideal for those who want to switch up their look during the middle of an event or change from day to night. It is easy to take the barrel roll and create a stunning half-up, half-down hairstyle. It is recommended to have medium to thick hair type for this hairstyle because of the braids. This style is extremely adaptable and can be worn by any face shape. It can also be styled the way you would normally do to enhance your appearance.

Picture of a wedding perfect maypole braided hair

#79: Middle Parted Bangs

This is among the most fashionable shoulder length hairstyles for those who love fashion. It’s because it’s classic and stylish in the same way. It’s all dependent on the type of finish you’d like to achieve Straight or wave! I believe its variety is what’s interesting about it! DO IT! It’s effective for most people. If you feel that your face isn’t “circular,” you may try a diagonal bang to create lines on your face. If you have hair that is curly, don’t choose a straight line cut. It would be a bit slender at the middle, similar to an elongated pyramid. My advice is to build layers for those who want to keep that. If you are wearing it straight, you can finish it with oil. If you’d like it to be flowing, you can apply products such as sea salt.

Picture of a middle parted bangs on shoulder-length hair

#80: Blue Purple for a Funky Look

This is a sexy hairstyle that’s not meant for the timid! If you’ve ever thought of having rainbow hair , you can always be on the cooler part of rainbow. I love the mix of colors and the palette of colors. This is not for those who isn’t interested in taking treatment for their hair. I insist on all my mermaids make use of Olaplex to maintain their hair’s health after bleaching. Shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free and only wash once every week. Dry shampoo is the best option to keep you going through the non-wash days. A cold shower is essential! For styling, using an extremely low temperature is the best. I am a huge fan of Bio Ionic’s StyleWinder Iron because it’s extremely easy to use. The colors last for approximately 6 weeks, and then diminish with every wash. There are many factors that play in the longevity of the colors. If you’re brave enough to take a risk, I’d recommend going for it!

Picture of a blue purple for a funky look

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