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50 Cute Short Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Women in 2024

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Super Short Inverted Bob

Super Short Inverted Bob

Keep your nape in perfect shape by wearing a super short inverted hairstyle. Let your hair’s fluidity flow to create a stunning curtains even with a short cut.

Old-fashioned Bob with Bangs

Vintage short bob haircuts with bangs

Q&A with the style creator Candyce DeMarc

Owner / Barber @ Pioneer Barber Company in Seattle, WA

What do you think of this style? What is your most favorite part about it? If I look at her hairstyle, I imagine a mixture with a classic bob like Louis Brooks with its defined lines, retro-inspired bangs , and rough cut that has the class and class of a younger Isabella Rossellini. The edges that are slightly textured provide a modern look while the angles of the cut, being shorter in front and curving at the back gives it that fun flapper look.

What products would you recommend to keep and revive the look? The products I would recommend for this look would be mousse and texture sprays to prevent it from becoming too soft and flat. lots of hairspray to help hold the hair in place, and a small amount of silkening serum applied to the ends. I also love putting hair powder everywhere!

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What kind of person do you suggest this style for? I love this short hairstyle that is perfect for vintage ladies as well as women and girls at any age. It’s especially gorgeous for those with a more round face, softer features , or an extended neck to convey the vintage vibe of this look. It is a great look to wear with no or minimal makeup or hairstyling, for an elegant look or put together with bold lips, makeup and a headband or barrette for the night out.

Graduated Angled Bob

A graduated short angled bob haircut for for older women with grey hair

Q&A with style designer, Tiffany Shuck

Hairstylist @ VAIN in Seattle, WA

What would you say about the look? What is the most appealing thing about it? It is a graduated angled hairstyle. Back hair is cut at the hairline, while the front is positioned to be mid-neck if the hair is wet or straight. I love the sleek, clean lines that the back produces and the texture seen as the hair curls. What products would you recommend to keep this style? If you’re a woman with fine hair I would suggest applying Deva Curl B’Leave In and UltraDefining Gel. For hair that is longer I would suggest applying R+Co Twister and Aircraft. What kind of client do you suggest this cut for? Anyone with any hair type can wear this bob cut short. Just take into consideration that if you hair is straight and fine it won’t be able to notice the cut as much as someone who has curly hair. This style can be extremely slimming and can be a great match for any face form, but especially those with an elongated face.

Modern Swing Bob with Bangs

Modern Swing Bob with Bangs

Q&A with the creator of style Alexis Schlegel

Hairstylist @ Willow Salon and Spa in Tacoma, WA

What do you think of this style and what’s the most appealing thing about it? This style as a very roaring 1920s inspired Bob and modern look. It’s very fun and artistic. The thing I love about it is the simple maintenance and styling, as well as the coolness of the disjointed framing at the front.

What products would you recommend to keep and recreate this style? For this style I suggest the use of a small round brush to shape hair’s bevel as well as the bangs as well with some Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity spray to increase volume. To add shine, I applied my L’Oreal Shower Shine finishing spray. If you’re looking to create more of a textured appearance then you can try Kevin Murphy Freehold Cream. What kind of customer would you recommend this style for? I would suggest short bobs with bangs to those with longer hair and who likes to dress their hair down or who likes having their face more frame-like.

Cute Round Bob for Women Over 60

A short rounded bob haircut for women over 60 with grey hair

Q&A session with style designer, Aimee Frett

Hairstylist @ Salon Ambre in Temecula, CA

What would you say about this look ? What is the most appealing thing about it? I love the way this bob cut is short and works great for women who are over 60! It’s gorgeous tucked to the jawline, or even just grazing shoulders. There’s not much layers to be dealt with, which makes styling it a breeze with an easy blow dry and perhaps a touch up using flat iron. The hair has just the right amount of texture along the ends to make it soft and move. It looks amazing when worn with fringe. It’s that elegant style for any woman who loves classics and the flexibility to the adventurous! Simply by adding a texture spray such as Eufora Full Effect, you can add volume and texture. You can also use the curling wand, place it in a beach-like wave. Then end using Eufora style details Dry Spray Wax.

What are the best products to keep and recreate this style? When I washed my hair I mixed a mixture consisting of Eufora Sculpture Styling Glaze as well as Illuminate Shine Mist to control and a light hold. I dried the hair using the round brush, and then applied Eufora Pure Polish give an elegant hairstyle.

What kind of client do you recommend this style for? This cut is ideal for anyone who loves short or long hair of medium length. It is able to work with any shape of face by changing length, angle , and fringe. It can reduce weight for those with large and unruly locks . It can also give the appearance of thickness to those with limp and fine hair strands.

Trendy Messy Bob

trendy messy bob hairstyle

This style is loved by women of all age group and is extremely trendy. The reason that hairdressers and customers like this haircut is due to its many options and practicality. The simple, short, messy style that is the hallmark of the current short bob haircut style makes it simple to wear and keep. The cut can be altered to suit any type of face by changing the length or cutting technique. A majority of its appeal remains in the styling however!

Textured Blunt Bob With Bangs for Women Over 50

trendy messy bob hairstyle

The sharp and sharp effect of this bob can make people think at the mirror. The best thing about this style of bob for women who are over 50 is that with an angular bob it makes you feel like you are on all the tops of your game! It is able to move and move with you as you stroll, showing off your confidence. To style: On wet hair, apply an leave-in conditioner as well as a heat protector spray. After drying, apply hairspray and spray wax. Evo is a top brand since each product does exactly what it’s designed to accomplish. I would recommend this cut for women with thin hair that needs to appear much more thicker. This cut is also stunning with hair that is thick as it is able to be softer to style and blend with the cut.

Natural Graduated Cut

Natural Short Graduated Bob Cut

Q&A with the style creator, Tiffany Perils

Hairstylist @ Rocco Altobelli in Roseville, MN

What would you say about the look? What is your most favorite part about it? This is a natural, graduated hairstyle and a soft push to the sides. The shorter strands can be used to style. My favorite part about it is that it allows you to round the brush, curl it, wave or straighten the style.

What products would you recommend to keep and recreate this style? If the hair is damp I apply an oil-based medium hold spray. I enjoy Rocco Altobellis spray gel because it contains a heat-protectant within it, the rhatany root. It also gives body, volume , and shine. It is also fast drying. Brush the hair round and style using any heat tool you like. Finish the look with redken’s Wind Blown 5 dry finishing spray. This gives a matte look with a dry, unfinished texture. What kind of client do you suggest this style for? This style is perfect to anyone who is looking for a young, and spirited haircut. Any hair type can be rock this style.

Modern Bob With Fringe

modern bob with fringe

This style is very modern. It’s easy and simple which makes it ideal for women who don’t need to be too fussy and still appear “done”. The bangs can make all the difference! They add an edge that doesn’t require an overwhelming commitment. It might not look like it but there was amount of texturing that went into creating this cut. No matter how rough or smooth it’s still gorgeous. Who would have thought that a simple smooth, textured, single-length bob with bangs could look so elegant?

If your hair naturally straight or doesn’t have much texture, you should try Kerastase Fluidissime Thermal Frizz Protective Spray as well as Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother. Both are light yet effective. If you have hair that is thick that needs to be held and styled make use of Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Creme or the Creme de la Creme blow-drying cream from Kerastase. The appeal of a shorter hairstyle with bangs is that it can be customized to suit your needs. Just like any short cut it’s important to have a certain level of commitment.

Short to Long Sophistication

A short to long bob haircut with a side part

Q&A with the style creator, Perri Lujan

Hairstylist @ Victor Paul Salon in Costa Mesa, CA

What do you think of this style and what’s your most favorite part about it? I like this short bob cut because it’s extremely versatile. It’s flirty and sexy! It’s possible to create a sophisticated style for work, when you blow dry it straight or you can put some curls into it and use it to create some texture. It’s easy and easy.

What products would you recommend to keep and recreate this style? Before blow drying an appearance like this I apply the Oribe Imperial Blowout from the roots to the ends as well as Oribe Maximista throughout. After blow drying I flat iron, and then finish by applying Brazilian Blowout Dry Oil. If curling, I employ 1 1/4-inch curling iron , and end by applying Oribe Apres Beach.

What kind of client do you recommend this style for? I would recommend this to clients looking for easy and quick shorter styles. This style is ideal for anyone who lives a full and active life. Hair with a fine to medium in thickness will work well with this look.

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