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50 Cute Short Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Women in 2024

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Razor Cut with Highlights

A short razored bob with highlights

Q&A with the style creator, Brooke Schwartz

Hairstylist @ Mad One Jacks Salon in Hoboken, NJ

What would you say about this style and what’s the most appealing thing about it?

This style as a short, sharp and easy razor cut haircut! It’s one of my top short bob styles to make. What I like most about this style all is how easily to maintain the style. This cut grows beautifully and is easily cut in a matter of moments!

What are the best products to preserve and recreate this style?

Products play a huge aspect in this look! I love using Paul Mitchell’s HydroCreamWhip before blow drying to make sure that my hair is silky smooth and retains a touchable volume. Another option that I would recommend is to use a cream for texture from Paul Mitchell called Reworks. I apply my hands or a paddle brush to dry my hair. When the hair is dry then an ocean salt spray can be added to give it a beach-like appearance. It can be applied straight or after using an iron that curls across the hair. Then finish with the shine spray or light finishing spray, and you’re done!

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What kind of client would you recommend this style for?

This style is ideal for the person who does minimal or no styling whatsoever. It’s an ideal on-the-go fashion and is slightly more edgy than the traditional Vidal Sassoon hairstyle. Face shape plays a major aspect in deciding on the length, particularly on the front. A face that is more narrow is preferred, however, for those with a rounder face take more length so that it doesn’t encase the chin and increase the length of the face. This is a great look for those who are active since it looks professional but not overly refined. This style is perfect for someone who does not necessarily need an office job.

One Length Short Blonde Bob

A short one length bob haircut and blonde color

What would you say about the look? What is the most appealing thing about it? This powerful style, baseline cut is a strong, short blonde bob which creates an intense hair’s blonde coloring. My favorite part about this style is its brightness. clear blonde and the strong baseline

What products would you suggest to keep and recreate this style? Since I am an ambassador for Redken ambassador , my salon am using all Redken professional color and styling ranges to keep this look. I suggest Redken Extreme shampoo and conditioner as well as Blonde Idol violet treatment. To style my hair, I would recommend Aerate 08 or Fashion Work 12 hairspray.

What kind of client would you recommend this style for? The ideal person for this style is one with an elongated, diamond or round face. This style is ideal for medium-to-fine hair kinds. The versatility of this cut and cut lets it to fit any lifestyle from daytime to night time, how to maintain the blonde hair on short hair can be a burden and requires toners and color changes every 4 to 6 weeks.

Layered and Textured Bob

layered and textured bob

This is a layer-textured Bob. The most appealing thing to it is the lovely natural, swingy movement it creates. Apply any dry texturizing product, such as the latest Kenra Air Grip Spray add volume and increase the texture, highlighting the hair’s movement. This cut is ideal for hair with a thick or medium texture!

Sassy Wavy Bob

A sassy short wavy bob haircut

Q&A session with style designer, Rachel Dykstra

Hairstylist @ Launch Salon in Grand Rapids, MI

What would you say about this style? What is the most appealing thing about it?

The most effective way I could come up with is to describe this cute, short wavy bob is to describe it as sassy! The best thing about this cut is how she frames her face the best places. Sometimes, taking a risk of a leap in faith by cutting off your hair might be the best decision you’ve made!

What are your top recommendations for products to keep and recreate this style?

I am an John Paul Mitchell Systems girl all the way through, and the products I recommend will always be part of that range! If your hair is wet, I’d recommend Rare Oil Style Perfecting Serum. It nourishes it, gives shine and maintains the style throughout the day long. To protect your hair from heat damage for dry hair I would recommend using hot off the Press. For a hairspray, I would suggest Marula’s rare oil perfecting Hairspray because it’s very resistant to humidity and extremely versatile. To give your hair a more textured look I would recommend Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Spray.

What kind of client do you suggest this look for?

What I really love about this wavy bob style is that it looks great on a lot of my clients! If someone has thick and long hair, this haircut lets me to shed a significant amount of weight, while creating the illusion of body and movement. If someone has slim hair, cutting it to this length may give an illusion of having thick hair. It can also give the volume and layers that a thin-haired client would never have thought they could attain or have themselves! This style is perfect for those who feel stuck and are looking to “do” your hair better! You can think less of your everyday ponytail, and some everyday curls and be sassy. A shorter hairstyle means lesser time curled!

Jet Black Chin Length Sleek Bob

A jet black short chin length bob haircut

Q&A session with style designer Sara Praefke

Stylist / ALKAmist @ Alkali Salon in Santa Ana, CA

What would you say about this style and what’s the most appealing thing about it? I consider this cut to be modern and modern. One of my favorite things about this cut is its straight lines. I like my Bobs to have a strong base, and I want to be confident that my guests’ hair will be perfectly laid in straight.

What are the best products to keep and recreate this style?

My products to create this look came of the name SEVEN Haircare. I applied a product called Seal which acts as an equalizer that helps to maintain a balanced pH and to keep the moisture content up. I also utilized my Diamond style oil in order to give my hair shine and enhance the sleek appearance. Another product I suggest would be a hair protection product to ensure that your hair is safe from all heat tools.

What kind of customer do you suggest this look for?

I suggest short bobs similar to this one for those who has fine and medium texture hair. This style is also great on those with straight hair. This style is ideal for people who don’t want to invest long hours on the day-to-day hairstyles. The most important thing to do is to either go through and straighten it. You can also make a small wave of it to create an unnatural look however, nothing that would require longer than 10 minutes perform everyday.

Sleek Blunt Bob

Sleek short blunt bob haircut

Timeless short bobs are available in a variety of variations and are suitable for all hair types which is my favorite aspect of this haircut. This cut is blunt and cropped very short. It and has a very clean, elegant look and an organic light honey, dimensional shade. For styling, you can use a round brush to give it a bit of body. However, keep the focus on keeping it straight as you go about it. This cut is a great choice with any type of texture. It looks fantastic swept by volume or scrunched in natural curls. The short, blunt rim broadens the lower half of the face. If you’re worried about this area, this hairstyle isn’t the most attractive.

Short Stacked Bob

Short Stacked Bob

You can be the talking point of the town with an angled bob that is short and short. It is perfect for creating a more full style.

Texturized Tousled Hair

A texturized, short tousled bob hairstyle

Q&A with stylist, Michaela O’Keefe

Board Certified Hair Colorist / Balayage Specialist / Blonde Specialist @ Revive Salon & Spa in San Diego, CA

What do you think of the style? What is the most appealing thing about it? This is a texturized shorter bob style with a low maintenance highlight. What are the best products to keep and recreate this style? To ensure that my client’s hair is maintained I make use of Boosta Spray and Elevate Mousse by Unite. We also prepared her hair with 7 Seconds by Unite. This 7 Seconds conditions the hair and keeps the shine in her blonde. The texture is more fine and Elevate Mousse provides her hair that extra tiny enough to hold curls and Boosta is used to give it more volume. What kind of person do you suggest this style for? The hairstyle can be customized to suit anyone. The change in the products will help this style to work for women with thick or hair with more fine.

Sassy Angled Blonde Bob

Sassy Angled Blonde Bob

A flirty, straight blonde bob that has subtle layers that boost the volume and shine of your locks! The bobs that are short angled, which tend to be neck-length, appear more lively in comparison to other styles. Highlights and lowlights can add a dimension to create an all-sun-kissed look. If you’re a woman who prefers minimal styling short bobs such as this one will suit you!

Q&A session with the style creator, Trudy Reulet

Hair Stylist @ Lacoste Hair Designs in Covington, LA

What would you say about this style? I love getting to create looks that are dimensional such as this. Highlights can be stunning particularly when they are paired with the perfect lowlight that makes the blonde pop more. This client’s hair was highlighted. I picked Redken shade EQ glossy to create the perfect golden, yet cool blonde shade. It also adds an extra shine to hair (who wouldn’t want to have more shine?)! I’ve always been awed by this haircut for the versatility it is. It doesn’t matter if you want something professional, stylish or flirty and fun This bob with a graduated cut can be used for a variety of designs. Do you have any advice for those who are considering this hairstyle? This hairstyle is great for people with fine or medium hair. Layering this hairstyle gives the appearance of being more thick. To achieve this look I’d say that the right products are essential! A product I’d suggest for this look would be Redken’s Full Frame. This mousse is my favorite since it adds volume. If you’re considering this style, I suggest you take it! It’s certainly a great style!

Ombre Piecey Bob

A short piecey bob haircut with ombre hair color

Q&A session with style designer, Paige Leible

Hair Stylist & Colorist @ Beautique in Lees Summit, MO

What would you say about this style and what’s your favorite part about it? this bob cut on the short side, I balanced her ends while keeping her hair’s base natural so that she doesn’t have to worry about her roots! My favorite part about this haircut is that it’s extremely easy to maintain.

What are your top recommendations for products to keep and recreate this look? Bedroom. Kevin Murphy’s Hair Kevin Murphy is a product I’m in love with at the moment. It’s a hairspray with texture which gives an extra lift and grit to your hair in order to keep the loose, beachy hair in its place! I finished the look with Kevin Murphy’s Shine Spray.

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