The pixie haircut is a simple method to make your appearance more attractive and vibrant. A shorter haircut draws more focus to your face, and you need to think ahead about what aspects you’d like highlight with your short cut. A pixie that is short is a good example. It flatters women with delicate features and large eyes. If you’re carrying extra weight, it’s best to choose one with a tapered cut and longer bangs. Here are 45 of the best Pixie hairstyles in photos!

Ultra-Cool Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

1: Pixie With Lang Crisp layers and Nape Cut

The thicker and thinner the layers are, it’s less “puffy” and less “spiky” your hair will appear. Hair that extends to the ear all around and features a an impressive undercut around the neck’s nape neck creates striking contrasts and plenty of interest. Cut the hair shorter, but not completely buzzed.

Caramel Blonde Layered Pixie

#2: Choppy Dark Brown Pixie

The model looks like she’s wearing her new blue suede sneakers and is planning to paint the town red! We love the way that stylist has taken the naturally shaggy look that her hair has and transformed it into a trendy fashion. Tips: It works extremely when paired with biker-chic clothes like this.

shaggy pixie with tapered sides

#3: Long Choppy Uneven Pixie Cut

This cut is choppy and has the longest length at the front. It gradually shrinks in length toward the back. The style is a straightforward change from longer hair to a full cut that is a pixie, since the length that frames the face gives it an appearance similar to bobs However, the nape is shorter cuts.

Side Parted Choppy Tapered Pixie

#4: Layered Mussed Up Pixie with highlighted Bangs

Embrace a messy, cool-girl texture. No matter if you’re looking for a crop to complement the straight look or even a cut that is suitable for long curly hair hair layers as well as a tapered cut are essential. When styling, go for messy ends to showcase the beauty of the hair, which is an important feature of a contemporary haircut that is of any length.

Messy Pixie For Thick Hair

#5: Adorable Long Tousled Brunette Pixie

Are you scared of a pixie cut that is flat? It’s simple to create a longer pixie style without sacrificing your love of volume. Use a root booster or volume enhancer to your hair’s roots prior to blow-drying it and flip your head over while drying to boost the volume. Once you’re done, shake it off and leave!

Disheveled Brown Pixie Bob

#6 Extra Long Blonde Pixie with Tapered Nape

Because women’s hair differs in texture choosing a suitable cut can mean “every day is a perfect hair-day” with the least amount of styling. In the case of cutting pixies for coarse, thick hair A longer style with a side-parted cut is the most natural and flattering to thick hair strands.

Bronde Pixie Bob

7. Feathered Pixie using Nape undercut

The most beautiful pixie cuts for hair with thick layers include layers of feathers with uneven layers over a nape that is cut. This will show the texture of your hair and create beautiful lightness and movement the otherwise boring and monotonous short hair.

Undercut Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

#8 The Long Pixie that has Long Layers

Pixie cuts for hair with thick layers are easy to style if you have long layers. Give your hair body and texture back with this easy-to-maintenance cut. Some small highlights on the crown makes the style attractive and dimensional.

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

#9: Long Messy Blonde Balayage Pixie

Playing around with the color of your cut pixie is a fantastic option to personalize the appearance. Hair painting or balayage techniques can allow stylists to create tones that match your hair’s roots as it expands. A dark blonde with ashy roots has a rocker-chic look which is a perfect match for the shape.

Long Blonde Pixie With Black Roots

#10: Bronde Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

One method to make pixie cuts with thick hair look more attractive is to highlight them. The one above looks fresh and summery thanks to the bronde balayage shade. The most appealing aspect of the pixie is that it is a versatile style It can be grown into a bob till your next appointment at the salon, or cut it back to an elongated pixie should you want to.

Bronde Pixie Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

#11: Feminine Undercut Pixie for Curly Hair

This pixie cut to create thick curly hair is soft and feminine thanks to its soft curls. With a smoky shade or subtle highlights, it’s impossible to make a mistake.

Undercut Pixie Cut For Thick Curly Hair

#12: Long Disheveled Pixie with Blonde Balayage

Does this long Pixie cut to fit hair that is thick makes you want to chop off your locks right now? The soft, slender waves over the top keep the style smooth. Bright blonde accents on the dark background give it the look of a movie star.

Long Pixie With Blonde Balayage For Thick Hair

#13: Shaggy Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

A messy pixie that has a tiny amount of curl provides the most beautiful texture and depth. Make use of a straightener or curling iron to create small curls. You’ll look like the epitome of elegance.

Messy Tapered Pixie With Bangs

14th: Voluminous Pixie with Angled sides

Another method to style pixie hairstyles for hair with thick layers is to use angles. These can create a beautiful geometric design and lift the face. Request your stylist to keep the edges sharp for an attractive angled look.

Tapered Angled Pixie Haircut For Thick Hair

#15: Choppy Silver Pixie

Straight haired women are sure to love this messy pixie. If you have coarse, thick hair, a cut like this can be a great way to manage locks with elegance. Allow your bangs to graze your eyebrows, and sideburns drape your ears if you like an eye-catching look that can help balance your face.

Choppy Pixie For Thick Coarse Hair

#16 Messy Bob with Piece-y Layers. Bob featuring Piece-y Layers

Modern pixie hairstyles for thick hair tend to lie somewhere between a genuine short bob and a pixie. From the front, it’s one of the bobs, when looking from the side it’s half boband halfway pixie, and the real tapered pixie when you look from behind, a complete combination!

Tousled Layered Long Pixie

#17 Feathered Gray Hairstyle with long Bangs

Purple and gray go well together! Try your hand at this cute cut with layers. Blot dry or flat iron for a soft, feminine cut that will look stunning to all your colleagues.

Gray And Purple Layered Pixie With Long Bangs

#18: Boyish Tapered Pixie Cut

Do you want something that is a bit shorter? A very short pixie such as this cute tapered cut is a stylish and low-maintenance style. Hairstyle with pompadour bangs, and complete the look by moving the crown pieces forward to add more definition.

Very Short Tapered Pixie Cut

#19: Long Razored Teased Pixie

If you’re not a lover of polished appearances razored layers can give an extra dimension to your fashion. To create a fashionable style, keep your face-framed layers clean and neat and use an teasing comb to add an extra boost to the smallest layers in the back.

Messy Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

#20: Elegant Brunette With Back-Swept Layers

The most elegant of all pixie cuts short for thick hair has layers that can be swept back and blend into the neat and cut nape that is tapered. Get your stylist to suggest an undercut that will give extra height to the neck, and go for sidesburns and a V-cut nape instead of the standard one.

Brunette Pixie With Undercut

21: Neat Boyish Cut with Long Angled Bangs

Straight hair looks chic as ever with long, angled bangs. You can sweep them away and leave them loose or clip them back for a stylish evening look. Make a statement with your most striking necklace or earrings by sporting this stylish and edgy style.

Neat Boyish Pixie Cut For Straight Hair

#22: Tapered Pixie with Side Cuts

Do you remember Ashlee Simpson’s days of pixies? We think she’d be happy with this pixie that is tapered. Undercuts on the sides are something that you rarely see and the layered pieces that cover these are the perfect accent of the cut.

Layered Pixie With Side Undercuts

#23: Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

Do you want to be shorter but don’t want to sacrifice your body? The pixie that is tapered with a hair with a feathered crown is ideal to keep volume. When you’re out, go through your hair to refresh it. An ideal look for women who have thick locks and big faces. this style can help to lengthen the shape of your face effortlessly.

Tapered Pixie For Thick Hair And Round Faces

#24: Thick, Sleek and Short

You can opt for a more refined cut by making the sleek side-parted style. This is a stylish look that can be worn with any occasion or outfit. You’ll look like a model of sophistication and elegance.

Long Brunette Pixie Haircut

#25 Tapered Pixie With Angled Sideburns

The sideburns that are angled on this pixie with taper add an interesting static effect. the hair’s layers are lively and will make your hair appear stylish and healthy. For a refined and subtle shade, accent dark hair by using auburn babylights. Are you looking for a lighter hue? Go for golden highlights!

Layered Pixie Cut With Sideburns

#26: Messy Pixie for Thick Wavy Hair

This pixie cut for dense curly hair is suitable for women of all ages. Flutter the hair using hairspray or mousse to create huge hair waves for your messy hair. If you are looking for easy-care cuts, this style is perfect for you!

Messy Pixie Cut For Thick Wavy Hair

#27 The A Long Razored Pixie with Feathered Crown

The long pixie with highlights has enough length to be feminine but is as well edgy and powerful. For ladies who have thick hair and face shapes that are round, this style can help to reduce the appearance of the appearance of the face. fashion.

Long Pixie For Thick Hair And Round Faces

28: Blonde Pixie Bob featuring Feathered Layers

The long-pixie style to thick hair , with layers of back-swept hair is like bangs that are all over in the most stylish way that is possible. To avoid helmet-head issues Make sure that the your long hair is feathered, and fanned out after styling.

Blonde Layered Pixie Bob

#29: Razored Black Pixie with Purple Highlights

The pixie that is razored will showcase your personality! Make your hair strands longer, and then cut them short around the nape of your neck to create a hip-style. To add more detail, try the sideburns with a pointed tip. Add a dangly earring to add a little shine.

Razored Pixie With Pointed Sideburns

#30: Cute Choppy Gray Pixie

If you’re a straight person A pixie that is choppy and has many layers is ideal for you. Wear the look with a metallic silver or gray to create a new look that is a modern take on the classic Pixie cuts that are ideal for hair with thick layers. Spray your hair with a hair spray to secure the style.

Short Gray Pixie Cut For Thick Straight Hair

#31: Tapered Textured Black Pixie

For thick coarse hair the tapered texture pixie can be used to manage locks in a stylish way. Layers near the face will permit you to rearrange them to look more romantic or for when you’re working hard in the fitness center.

Tapered Pixie For Thick Coarse Hair

#32: Finely Chopped Caramel Pixie

The hair that is thick needs to be properly cut to be attractive in any hairstyle short that is straight, wavy, or curly. A tapered silhouette and lots of layers of choppy hair create the shape you desire in a pixie cut that is suitable for long, curly hair. It’s equally appealing when styled straight with a lift at the root. The cut isn’t very long and allows you to experiment with the texture and color when you’re looking to change things up.

Pixie Bob With Feathered Layers

#33: Short Blonde Pixie

The hair of short length will appear more wispier than it actually is when dyed with a light hue. Ash blonde hair is stylish choice. To stay trendy Why not opt for an edgy and feminine stylelike this? On one hand, it’s an old-fashioned, 1960s vibe, however it is also the darker roots remind of the modern ombre style. Perfect mix!

ash blonde pixie with dark roots

#34: Short Feathered Tapered Cut

The most effective pixie cuts for hair that is thick work best in harmony with your hair’s texture rather than against it. The feathered layer option can reduce your hair’s bulk and provide your hair with a more natural feel. The result is a perfect pixie for running your fingers over.

Brunette Pixie With Razored Layers

#35: Choppy Thick Hair

One of the most basic tips for the pixie cut that is suitable for hair that is thick is to remove some weight by using chunky layers. This is crucial when dealing with hair with a texture. A cutting tool that is razored will reduce the thickness of layers and create a natural appearance and easy. Layers that aren’t blended, or blurry, will not work with this cut.

Short Choppy Pixie For Black Women

#36: Pixie With A Tendency To A Curl

Curly hair can cause problems with styling, however when it’s a shorter cut like Audrey Tautou’s you’ll be able utilize your unique style in your favor. The proper length and hair thickness are the most important factors in this case, but the payoff is worth it.

pixie haircut for thick curly hair

#37: Tapered Pixie with Feathered Crown

Utilizing the feathering technique just at the top of your hair will create an appearance of height and volume. the tapered look at the nape of your neck helps keep this look from looking too messy. If hair is only one color, layers can provide an identical depth of highlights, which makes your hairstyle even more attractive.

Women's Brunette Taper Cut

#38: Layered Strawberry Blonde Pixie

One of the most polished cuts of pixies, the traditional cropped pixie is clean and elegant. The strands that frame the face are also used for side-swept bangs and the neck’s nape is neatly clipped and tidy.

Caramel Blonde Pixie With Nape Undercut

#39: Angled Pixie

Kellie Pickler has an elongated pixie. However, her style is quite different from the version sported by Anne Hathaway. Kellie’s cut is angled with sideburns, as well as sharply cut ends. As such, it appears more sexier and requires some definition in the styling.

elongated pixie haircut

#40: Funky Tapered Pixie With Angled Bangs

Halle Berry is another celebrity who is stunning with her short hair. Her style of choice is this chic pixie that has a feathery look that is styled in loose waves or as rigid locks with defined ends as in the photo. We think Halle has discovered a magical potion to make you look younger So gorgeous she looks!

pixie haircut with edgy bangs

#41: Two-Tone Pixie Cut

Cuts that are short become more expressive by using creative hair color options. Consider a cool, two-toned color that can also differentiate between the textures and lengths of your cut. The longer, choppy blonde top that has feathery tips that are staggered and feathery and the smaller, neatly tapered back and dark sides.

Black And Blonde Short Choppy Pixie

#42: Short Fluffy Blonde Cut

A bit of length in your earlobes, paired with a feathery, fluffy crown can be a great and edgy style that is amplified by the platinum color more. To keep this look sexy throughout the day, use your fingers to randomly apply a matte texture paste across the top of your head, spreading it out and then smooth across the sides.

Feathered Blonde Pixie

#43: Edgy Choppy Gray Pixie for Thick Hair

All layers do not have to be swept back. A cut that has layers styled forward exudes total rocker vibes. If you’re going to rock this style, make sure you visit the salon for regular trimmings to ensure that you don’t end having hair on your eyes within a couple of weeks.

Gray Shaggy Pixie

#44: Short-to-Medium Choppy Blonde Cut

The tinier you cut the layers the greater the impression that your cut creates. While not quite bob-length, but like an elongated Pixie, these layers work perfectly with the dark blonde shade to give you a fresh, easy and a shabby chic appearance.

Long Choppy Piece-Y Pixie

#45″: All-Over Pixie With Long Crown Layers

If you have a nape cut and a long V-cut, the layers make a statement. If you’ve got a cut that is chic and trendy it is possible to stick with the basic color of your natural shade to highlight the cut and the texture and keep the color smoky.

Pixie Bob With Nape Undercut


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