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Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair – 45 Ideas of Ideal Short Haircuts

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The pixie haircut is a simple method to make your appearance more attractive and vibrant. A shorter haircut draws more focus to your face, and you need to think ahead about what aspects you’d like highlight with your short cut. A pixie that is short is a good example. It flatters women with delicate features and large eyes. If you’re carrying extra weight, it’s best to choose one with a tapered cut and longer bangs. Here are 45 of the best Pixie hairstyles in photos!

Ultra-Cool Pixie Cuts for Thick Hair

1: Pixie With Lang Crisp layers and Nape Cut

The thicker and thinner the layers are, it’s less “puffy” and less “spiky” your hair will appear. Hair that extends to the ear all around and features a an impressive undercut around the neck’s nape neck creates striking contrasts and plenty of interest. Cut the hair shorter, but not completely buzzed.

Caramel Blonde Layered Pixie

#2: Choppy Dark Brown Pixie

The model looks like she’s wearing her new blue suede sneakers and is planning to paint the town red! We love the way that stylist has taken the naturally shaggy look that her hair has and transformed it into a trendy fashion. Tips: It works extremely when paired with biker-chic clothes like this.

shaggy pixie with tapered sides

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#3: Long Choppy Uneven Pixie Cut

This cut is choppy and has the longest length at the front. It gradually shrinks in length toward the back. The style is a straightforward change from longer hair to a full cut that is a pixie, since the length that frames the face gives it an appearance similar to bobs However, the nape is shorter cuts.

Side Parted Choppy Tapered Pixie

#4: Layered Mussed Up Pixie with highlighted Bangs

Embrace a messy, cool-girl texture. No matter if you’re looking for a crop to complement the straight look or even a cut that is suitable for long curly hair hair layers as well as a tapered cut are essential. When styling, go for messy ends to showcase the beauty of the hair, which is an important feature of a contemporary haircut that is of any length.

Messy Pixie For Thick Hair

#5: Adorable Long Tousled Brunette Pixie

Are you scared of a pixie cut that is flat? It’s simple to create a longer pixie style without sacrificing your love of volume. Use a root booster or volume enhancer to your hair’s roots prior to blow-drying it and flip your head over while drying to boost the volume. Once you’re done, shake it off and leave!

Disheveled Brown Pixie Bob

#6 Extra Long Blonde Pixie with Tapered Nape

Because women’s hair differs in texture choosing a suitable cut can mean “every day is a perfect hair-day” with the least amount of styling. In the case of cutting pixies for coarse, thick hair A longer style with a side-parted cut is the most natural and flattering to thick hair strands.

Bronde Pixie Bob

7. Feathered Pixie using Nape undercut

The most beautiful pixie cuts for hair with thick layers include layers of feathers with uneven layers over a nape that is cut. This will show the texture of your hair and create beautiful lightness and movement the otherwise boring and monotonous short hair.

Undercut Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

#8 The Long Pixie that has Long Layers

Pixie cuts for hair with thick layers are easy to style if you have long layers. Give your hair body and texture back with this easy-to-maintenance cut. Some small highlights on the crown makes the style attractive and dimensional.

Long Pixie Cut For Thick Hair

#9: Long Messy Blonde Balayage Pixie

Playing around with the color of your cut pixie is a fantastic option to personalize the appearance. Hair painting or balayage techniques can allow stylists to create tones that match your hair’s roots as it expands. A dark blonde with ashy roots has a rocker-chic look which is a perfect match for the shape.

Long Blonde Pixie With Black Roots

#10: Bronde Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

One method to make pixie cuts with thick hair look more attractive is to highlight them. The one above looks fresh and summery thanks to the bronde balayage shade. The most appealing aspect of the pixie is that it is a versatile style It can be grown into a bob till your next appointment at the salon, or cut it back to an elongated pixie should you want to.

Bronde Pixie Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

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