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Pixie Haircuts for Thick Hair – 45 Ideas of Ideal Short Haircuts

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#11: Feminine Undercut Pixie for Curly Hair

This pixie cut to create thick curly hair is soft and feminine thanks to its soft curls. With a smoky shade or subtle highlights, it’s impossible to make a mistake.

Undercut Pixie Cut For Thick Curly Hair

#12: Long Disheveled Pixie with Blonde Balayage

Does this long Pixie cut to fit hair that is thick makes you want to chop off your locks right now? The soft, slender waves over the top keep the style smooth. Bright blonde accents on the dark background give it the look of a movie star.

Long Pixie With Blonde Balayage For Thick Hair

#13: Shaggy Tapered Pixie with Side Bangs

A messy pixie that has a tiny amount of curl provides the most beautiful texture and depth. Make use of a straightener or curling iron to create small curls. You’ll look like the epitome of elegance.

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Messy Tapered Pixie With Bangs

14th: Voluminous Pixie with Angled sides

Another method to style pixie hairstyles for hair with thick layers is to use angles. These can create a beautiful geometric design and lift the face. Request your stylist to keep the edges sharp for an attractive angled look.

Tapered Angled Pixie Haircut For Thick Hair

#15: Choppy Silver Pixie

Straight haired women are sure to love this messy pixie. If you have coarse, thick hair, a cut like this can be a great way to manage locks with elegance. Allow your bangs to graze your eyebrows, and sideburns drape your ears if you like an eye-catching look that can help balance your face.

Choppy Pixie For Thick Coarse Hair

#16 Messy Bob with Piece-y Layers. Bob featuring Piece-y Layers

Modern pixie hairstyles for thick hair tend to lie somewhere between a genuine short bob and a pixie. From the front, it’s one of the bobs, when looking from the side it’s half boband halfway pixie, and the real tapered pixie when you look from behind, a complete combination!

Tousled Layered Long Pixie

#17 Feathered Gray Hairstyle with long Bangs

Purple and gray go well together! Try your hand at this cute cut with layers. Blot dry or flat iron for a soft, feminine cut that will look stunning to all your colleagues.

Gray And Purple Layered Pixie With Long Bangs

#18: Boyish Tapered Pixie Cut

Do you want something that is a bit shorter? A very short pixie such as this cute tapered cut is a stylish and low-maintenance style. Hairstyle with pompadour bangs, and complete the look by moving the crown pieces forward to add more definition.

Very Short Tapered Pixie Cut

#19: Long Razored Teased Pixie

If you’re not a lover of polished appearances razored layers can give an extra dimension to your fashion. To create a fashionable style, keep your face-framed layers clean and neat and use an teasing comb to add an extra boost to the smallest layers in the back.

Messy Pixie Bob With Side Bangs

#20: Elegant Brunette With Back-Swept Layers

The most elegant of all pixie cuts short for thick hair has layers that can be swept back and blend into the neat and cut nape that is tapered. Get your stylist to suggest an undercut that will give extra height to the neck, and go for sidesburns and a V-cut nape instead of the standard one.

Brunette Pixie With Undercut

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