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Top 25 Edgy A-line Bobs

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The bob cut that is trending at the moment is known as the A-line cut bob. The A-line cut starts shorter at the back, but slowly becomes longer between your shoulders and your chin. It’s the perfect mix of modern design and elegance. Not only is it suitable for nearly all facial designs, but it reduces the appearance of your face and makes you stand out with your facial appearance.

Since its inception the A-line bob has grown into a fashion with a variety of variations. Before you become confused by the best option Here are twenty-five of the best fashionable A-line bobs that will make your choice easier.

25 Eye-Catching A-line Bobs

1. Deep Rooted A-line Bob

Deep Rooted A-line Bob


This A-line bob is an perfect short hairstyle for women who have thick straight hair. The length close to the jawline will draw attention to the facial highlights. You can see how the bob is dark near the roots? It helps frame your face. Dark roots can make your face appear larger and more slim.

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2. Multicolored A-line Bob

Multicolored A-line Bob


The most efficient method to add volume your hair is to style it as more wavy. If you aren’t a fan of making your hair look full of waves, you can try using straighteners or curling iron to create waves on an end. The person who claims that mermaids always have long hair hasn’t seen this A-line hairstyle!

3. Subtle A-line Bob

Subtle A-line Bob


The A-line bob was initially with a subtle. If you search for older short hairstyles you’ll see some simple A-line bobs that are all across the internet. If you’re looking to go for something trendy however not too flashy look at this elegant A-line bob with an extremely slight tilt to it. It can be styled in curls to create a delicate romantic, romantic style.

4. Short A-line

Short A-line


If you’re an oval-shaped face You can pull off this bob with an A-line as a professional. Maintaining the length at the front about exactly the same as the back highlights the appearance of your face. Females with square or round faces should not try this shorter A-line because it can make your face appear more round or smaller.

5. Wavy A-line Bob

Wavy A-line Bob


The wavy bob with a wavy look is one of my favorite styles. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, you can make it look more wavy using an iron or straightener iron. Make sure to apply a heat protector to protect your hair from the damage caused by heat. Reduce the length of your hair to make your hair appear fuller. This will make your face appear slimmer.

6. Asymmetric A-line Bob

Asymmetric A-line Bob


It’s hard to find a more sophisticated than this A-line bob with asymmetrical lines. It gives height on the top, and make your jawline appear pointed. When you style it with curls, you take the look to a new level. The great aspect about this style is that it doesn’t require accessories to highlight the look.

7. Layered Short A-line Bob

Layered Short A-line Bob


The most reliable way to freshen the look of an A-line is to put on an extra layer at each end. This adds a lot of volume to the hair. It’s also a must admit that I love those red hairs! In the end it’s a fun style.

8. Long A-line Bob

Long A-line Bob


The way you cut your hair in the back might not be a good fit for your face. It could be excessive for your style. This is the perfect option for women who would like an A-line hairstyle but desire to look professional. The middle parted hair is a way to draw attention to the middle of your face. It also emphasizes your nose, eyes, and your mouth.

9. Long Layered Side-Swept Bangs

Long Layered Side-Swept Bangs


This hair shade is simply stunning! It’s stunning. Add bangs to your hairstyle is a fantastic way to highlight certain facial aspects. The bangs in the front and center can cover the forehead in a big way and side-swept bangs will conceal any unsymmetrical features such as asymmetrical eyebrows.

10. Mildly Curly A-line Bob

Mildly Curly A-line Bob


It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to overcome the person you love or discover yourself, women enjoy the look of a fresh revamp. It provides a feeling of change and freedom. It’s an amazing hairstyle that can be transformed. Balyage in golden color gives the volume and depth to her hair. You can create these silky curls using an iron for curling and hairspray.

11. Shingle A-line Bob

Shingle A-line Bob


A shaggy bob is cut near to hairline for the intention of highlighting the hairline. This bob with an A-line is designed for women who are confident that aren’t afraid to cut their hair short. They realize that their character is what defines them and not only their hair or clothing.

12. Ombre A-line Bob

Ombre A-line Bob


The ombre A-line bob appears like a curtain from a movie that is about to split open. The lighter brown end softens her jawline making it ideal for someone with a strong jawline or a prominent cheeks. This is the ideal beach bob, perfect to create that sun-kissed appearance.

13. Graduated A-line Bob

Graduated A-line Bob


This cool bob reminds me of the 20s, in which women with short hair were known as ‘flappers.. These were women who chose to take care of themselves dressed in short clothes and did whatever they wanted. They initiated the feminist revolution which shattered the stereotypes of women.

14. Wavy Disconnected A-line Bob

Wavy Disconnected A-line Bob


An A-line bob that is not connected is one that grows longer from front to back however, it features a sharp cut along the jawline, revealing the drastic contrast in length. This smokey balayage was an inspiration from the cold winter evenings in autumn.

15. Sleek Black A-line Bob

Sleek Black A-line Bob


This elegant black A-line bob is so sharp, you could cut a diamond using it. This bob’s A-line style is the perfect hairstyle for making your appear more slimmer, and make your eyes stand out the nose, mouth, and eyes. If you have a slimmer jawline, show it by wearing this hairstyle.

16. Crisp Wave A-line

Crisp Wave A-line


Marcel Grateau and Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield are the creators of curling tongs as well as flat irons, and women around the world are forever grateful to them for their inventions. With the help of heating styling tools that allow us to achieve perfectly smooth, straight hair as the lady in this photo. Isn’t it amazing? The blunt ends add a little pizzazz to the design.

17. Coily A-line Bob

Coily A-line Bob


Although most women prefer straight bobs the curly A-line haircut looks old-fashioned. If you’re naturally curly locks don’t be afraid to show them off and straighten your locks. Let the curly beauty in you and show them off with this beautiful curly A-line hairstyle.

18. Patterned Undercut A-line Bob

Patterned Undercut A-line Bob


The leather jacket, the knee-high boot black eyeshadow, awe-inspiring bicycle rides. It’s impossible to have hairstyles that are traditional in this state of affairs. Try this pattern-based undercut haircut instead. The word “edgy” does not make sense with this one.

19. Dimensional Blonde A-line Bob

Dimensional Blonde A-line Bob


Blondes are the hottest thing at the celebration. It is because the blonde hair appears light and at ease. It sloughs away all worries of stress and anxiety. This gorgeous blonde hairstyle with cool undertones looks stunning!

20. Long Subtle A-line Bob

Long Subtle A-line Bob

Instead of playing with all the colors available opt for a natural look with subtle highlights. They’ll highlight your hair’s natural beauty as well as add an extra dimension to your hair while also framing your face. This subdued long A-line haircut with a mid-length can help slim down round cheeks as well as highlighting the gorgeous eyes.

21. Deep Angled A-Line Bob

Deep Angled A-Line Bob


A-line bobs are often elegant and yet still appear edgy. This particular bob is a little angled that gives it a more subtle style. But, it also offers a unique method of adding more edge by adding colour. The green ombre in this hairstyle makes it look even more stylish.

22. Baby Bangs Curly A-line Bob

Baby Bangs Curly A-line Bob


The retro style is back with the roar of (pun meant)! The curly hairstyle softens your face instantly. Additionally, it is easy to spruce up your look by adding lipstick and mascara. This is the new version of the girl-next-door straightforward and sweet. Don’t be fooled by her!

23. Smokey Blue A-line Bob

Smokey Blue A-line Bob


I love this style! It’s like a snow-covered blanket in the winter evening. Its contrasts draw attention of everyone. Note the way that this A-line bob is started straight, but then ends in a curly way. It adds to the appeal of this cut. The A-line bob offers a gorgeous depth that will show off the cheekbones and jawline.

24. Long Curly A-line Bob

Long Curly A-line Bob


Are you heading to a vacation and would like to look different? This image should be your model. It has the perfect I’m-a-changed-person-after-my-incredible-vacation vibe. This balayage of gold and copper offers a whole new meaning to sun-kissed.’

25. Sharp A-line Bob

Sharp A-line Bob


Waves…the ocean…and beaches! This was the thought that came to me as I looked at this hairstyle. The curly brown locks remind me of the ocean. It’s so serene. Although I love curly hairstyle, I like A-line bobs with a style that is hairstyled with waves. This incredibly cut A-line bob is awe-inspiring.

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