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50 Stunning Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

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11. Long Burgundy Hair

long wavy burgundy hair

Straight hair comes with its advantages in showing your new burgundy hair. But, cascading waves produce an amazing visual effect as well.

12. Box Braids with Twist

burgundy box braids

These braids with four strands with a toned-down color of burgundy look stunning. If you’re one of the gorgeous who braid their locks in box braids to create to protect themselves, then you can add this stylish note to your style.

13. Burgundy Plum Hair Color

plum burgundy hair color

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The color spectrum for burgundy is extremely broad. But, all hair hues in this chart are derived from the fall-specific colors. autumn. A delightful plum overtone is the perfect way to greet the colder months in fashion.

14. Burgundy Blonde Ombre

burgundy blonde ombre

If you think that burgundy was too intense of a shade of hair to blend with other color, reconsider! This edgy ombre blends minty green, burgundy and an ash-colored copper shade to create an amazing ombre.

15. Dark Burgundy Half Updo

dark violet burgundy hair halfdo

A gorgeous line of ringlets in a dark burgundy color. This stylish half-do will be a hit at your next event to get a stunning look!

16. Burgundy Red Hair Color

red burgundy hair

Even if you have thin hair, dying it with an intense burgundy hue like this one can visually add more volume. While at the same time it will make the texture stand out due to the bright hue.

17. Burgundy Lob

lob haircut on burgundy hair

We have already discussed that the colors of the chart of burgundy colors are appropriate for any hairstyle. The pictures of a lob cut with the burgundy hair color are the proof!

18. Burgundy Pixie Cut

pixie haircut on burgundy hair

This is a sexy style that’s not for those who aren’t confident. A pixie style with sharp undercuts and a cut-off pattern is stunning when paired with the rich plum color.

19. Stacked Bobs featuring Burgundy Hair Color

stacked bob haircut on burgundy hair

We like the toned-down color of burgundy in this hairstyle that is stacked. This hair has a reddish brown shade in formal or more conservative settings.

20. Red Burgundy Hair Makeover

auburn burgundy hair color

If you’re in need of a new look opt for the fiery red-burgundy hue like the foxy woman here. Its vitality and warmth provide an energy boost to ward off the chill of autumn.

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