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50 Stunning Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

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31. Burgundy Hair Color on Lob

lob haircut on red burgundy hair

This deep burgundy color that is similar to red wine looks gorgeous on smooth straight hair. The lob haircut with sharp bangs is also an amazing look!

32. Deep Burgundy Bob

purple burgundy hair color on bob

Color your bob hairstyle in this captivating striking hair shade. This color is great for darker and lighter skin tone.

33. Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

burgundy hair colors

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If the chart from before was missing some burgundy shades now you can! Pick the perfect hair shade in burgundy to complete your hot fall style.

34. Long Brown Burgundy Hair

brown burgundy hair

The reddish brown hues of burgundy are perfect for fair skin and green or blue eyes. The shade appears natural, particularly when you’re naturally brunette.

35. Purple Burgundy Hair

purple burgundy hair

Get your groove on and give you hair the possibility to show off in this bold burgundy hair that is soaring towards a vibrant purple. It’s stunning on medium-length hair, too just as we can tell.

36. Burgundy Wine Hair Color

rich wine burgundy hair color

This is among the deepest wine-inspired burgundy shades. It’s reminiscent of mulled wine at Christmas , this color can brighten your cold autumnal days.

37. Burgundy Balayage on Dark Hair

burgundy balayage

Hairy, slender tresses were adorned in dark burgundy to create this elegant, subtle Balayage effect on short hair. As always, the rich shades of burgundy are highlighted by the beautifully styled curls.

38. Burgundy Balayage on Light Brown Hair

light burgundy balayage

Mix two warm hair shades such as the golden brown hair color and the reddish brown to create an enthralling but soft style this fall.

39. Burgundy Black Hair Color

dark burgundy hair color

We enjoy the natural change of black towards a faint hint dark burgundy that is achieved by making use of this gentle balance.

40. Burgundy Violet Hair

violet burgundy hair shade

For those stylish women with the ability to experiment with hair color This violet shade of burgundy should be tried!

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