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50 Stunning Burgundy Hair Color Ideas

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41. Light Burgundy Balayage on Blonde Hair

blonde burgundy balayage

Natural hair and a stunning display of burgundy-colored hair from top to tip is the ideal option for this stunning style.

42. Red Burgundy Hair Color

red burgundy hair

Add a touch of color to the natural brunette hair color by adding the deep red-burgundy tone for a gorgeous soft note and a little glamour.

43. Rainbow Hair with Burgundy Highlights

rainbow hair

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If you’re drawn by this hairstyle with a playful vibe, be aware that it’s hair with rainbow colors and that highlights are the most popular hairstyle. Include a few highlights in burgundy in your color choices to experience one of the most popular fall hair shades!

44. Burgundy Highlights on Blonde Hair

burgundy highlights on short blonde hair

If you’re not sure on the burgundy shades that will complement your natural blonde hair, you can try some highlights in burgundy. They are a great match for blonde tones.

45. Purple Burgundy Hair

violet burgundy balayage

It could be that it creates the captivating color scheme. But, a burgundy-tinted, purple shade is an eye-catching style choice that can attract attention.

46. Burgundy Pixie Cut

pixie haircut on burgundy hair

This is a different short hairstyle that is perfectly complemented by warm burgundy-colored hair which softens the sharp edge. As as if this cool and stylish style of pixie cut using an undercut required additional glam!

47. Burgundy Balayage

burgundy balayage highlights

Here’s an example an balayage which brings together several burgundy shades. You can try it when you’re unable to decide which color to go with this autumn.

48. Dark Burgundy Brown Hair Color

outgrown pixie cut on auburn hair

For a natural and chic style, mix burgundy and brown. Both hair shades are considered autumn fashion must-haves. Therefore, you can’t be wrong!

49. Straight Burgundy Hair

burgundy straight hair

Straighten your hair and achieve this smooth and sleek style quickly. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to show off the dark burgundy color in the full glory.

50. Light Burgundy Ombre

burgundy ombre

The auburn-burgundy hue of hair applied mid-length to the ends is the punch of color that natural hair needs for a refreshing appearance. Take a look that is feminine and soft for yourself if the full burgundy hue isn’t your style.

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