#11: A Bold Statement

Update your very short hair cut with a bold hue like this vibrant burgundy when you’re ready for a fun and different look. Keeping the hair longer on top while cropping the sides will produce a look that works for a variety of face shapes.

Layered Auburn Pixie


#12: Disconnected Shaggy Brunette Bob

Modern shaggy bobs are an eclectic high-fashion and urban option if you want your hair to be the talk of the town. The solid, deep dark-brown color is the best way to showcase the cut, and the straggly, razor-cut ends frame the face and look perfectly imperfect.

Inverted Wavy Brown Bob


#13: Razored Honey-Blonde Bob

The inverted bob with a shattered, angled shape and choppy V-cut layers makes even the thickest hair look sensational. And if you happen to have thin, fine hair, it can work for you too! A heavy dose of honey-blonde highlights keeps the hairstyle light and airy.

Choppy Caramel Blonde Bob

Instagram / @VOLARSALON

#14: Blonde Bob with Shaggy Crown Layers

A piece-y, layered bob is one of those short shag haircuts that look great on most women. If you’re tall, it will give you a sophisticated and elegant appearance, and if you’re petite, it can make you look statelier and more confident. Forward-brushed bangs round out this statement hairstyle.

Piece-Y Short Shaggy Bob


#15: Stacked with Style

Flirty flair can be incorporated into short shag hairstyles with just a bit of wavy texture. It looks effortless, weightless and full of movement, but still full and thick—the best of both worlds.

short shaggy brown blonde hairstyle


#16: Long Curly Pixie with Subtle Highlights

One of our favorite short shag haircuts is actually a “long,” wavy pixie style. The slightly longer length allows the curls to come to full fruition. At every angle there’s something exciting to look at: vibrant copper-blonde highlights, super-long sideburns, and flipped bangs that fall just over the eye.

Wavy Chocolate Pixie With Caramel Highlights

Instagram / @ALOVESHAIR

#17: Feminine Wavy Golden Blonde Bob

An inverted wavy bob with a side part is a convenient way to wear your curly hair. That’s because it always looks like you’ve purposely styled it to be a little messy! Each piece-y lock has a role to play, whether to caress the neck, frame the face, or give some extra height to the crown section.

Inverted Bob For Wavy Curly Hair


#18: Short Shaggy Brunette Bob

When you need an easy-to-style haircut for thick hair, look no further than a short, choppy bob. This one tapers gently to the nape and has slightly longer front pieces that frame the jawline. Side-swept bangs add a touch of asymmetry that really makes the style work.

Shaggy Bob Haircut For Thick Hair

Instagram / @LCINSTYLE

#19: Short Sliced Inverted Bob

Short shag hairstyles are popular with women of all ages because they’re versatile, modern and feminine. The sliced inverted bob is a perfect example of the cut that shows off the sensual shoulder line and lifts the face.

Short Shag Bob Hairstyle


#20: Short Bob with Cropped Bangs

Short shag haircuts are not only geared to women who prefer professional hairdos, but those edgy, alternative ladies, too. With bangs unevenly cropped, and maybe a subdued fun hair color, you get a super cool hipster ‘do. The good thing about having uneven bangs is that you can’t really cut or style them wrong – anything goes!

Rose Gold Layered Bob



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