#21: Chin-Length Chocolate Bob Shag

If you plan to grow out your short length hair, you’ll need a style that can help you make the transition. A chin-level bob with jagged, uneven edges does a great job of disguising the awkward transitional stage. Throw in some natural waves and a tousle for an extra-youthful look.

Jagged Chin-Length Bob With Waves

Instagram / @MRJUBBS

#22: Crazy Curls

Bedhead is all the rage because it truly embodies that “I woke up like this” flawless feeling that Beyonce describes. But, you can add a bit of sophistication to the short style with accessories like sunglasses and a scarf to make this an acceptable look outside of the bedroom.

short shag wavy messy curls


#23: Textured Curly Bob Cut

Curly hair queens can also get a bob cut. Texture makes a shag hair cut appear delicate, and gives more leeway if you don’t want to style hair every morning, or constantly use heat tools. Cut in gradual shaggy layers — they frame your face softening up your complexion!

Layered Messy Bob For Wavy Hair

Instagram / @SALSALHAIR

#24: Razored Two-Layer Bob for Thick Hair

You’ll never think of yourself as of an older woman when you’re sporting a youthful, two-layer, razored bob. Your thick crown of lush healthy hair will look amazing when it’s cut to maximize its complete fullness and volume. Just a quick blow dry and a shake of the head, and you’ll be ready to go.

Razored Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @JZ.HAIRCO

#25: Short Warm Blonde Shag

The great thing about shaggy hairstyles is that they have a range of aesthetics depending on how they’re worn. Short warm blonde shags cut a-line with wispy longer strands in the front and layered around the crown can be styled tousled serving bedhead chic, or stick straight for a sleek, polished look.

Caramel Blonde Layered Bob


#26: Short Shag with Purple Highlights

Add some funk rock’n’roll tint to shaggy hair by implementing highlights in a cool color! Purple is a fantastic pairing for dark brunette bases, since there is contrast, but it’s subtle and not trying too hard.

Black Shaggy Bob With Purple Balayage


#27: Short Textured Hair with Balayage

Those not keen on voluminous stacked bobs should try shags. Short textured hair replaces the height at the crown of the head with a uniform shaggy length. Incorporating shorter layers achieves the sought-after ragged appearance. Pro tip—highlighting them with blonde balayage gives extra definition!

Feathered Bob With Bangs And Highlights


#28: Sunset-inspired Pixie Bob with Nape Undercut

Everyone will be talking (only good things, of course) about your bouffant pixie bob. The pinkish-brown palette melds the hues together for a color that’s flattering to any skin tone. Undercut in the back, with below-the-jaw side pieces, it’s a short shag winner!

Piecey Rosewood Pixie


#29: Jaw-Length Shaggy Walnut Brown Bob

Cutting your bob hairstyle to continue the jawline is a great choice when you want to experience the face-lifting effects of short shag cuts. The super-deep side part contributes to the uniquely feminine silhouette of this walnut-brown bob.

Feminine Shaggy Jaw-Length Bob


#30: Piece-y Golden Bob with Silver Highlights

A mixture of blonde and silver in a piece-y texture does an excellent job of framing the face. The swoopy peek-a-boo bangs drop past the chin, barely touching the cheek. When you want an ultra-feminine hairstyle that can be quickly combed with just your fingers, here is your go-to option.

Blonde And Silver Piece-Y Bob



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