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35 Wispy Bangs to Completely Revamp Any Hairstyle

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Ladies We’ve all experienced it. You stare at your dreadful hair and consider “Damn I’m going to change my hairstyle!” Luckily for us all, there’s an easy way to transform your look without needing to purchase the whole new cut. The wavy bangs don’t require a massive commitment, but they can provide you to get a little change. In fact, let’s face it often just that’s all you require! Contrary to what you’ve been told, there are a variety of curly bangs that can be suited to nearly every woman out there. If you’re a strong woman with striking facial features, or an enchanting look, you’ll be able to get a fringe that’s a good match. Here are some beautiful pictures to guide you on the path.

The most beautiful hairstyles that you can get with Wispy Bangs

#1: Dirty Blonde Curtain Fringe

A long, outgrown-looking fringe is among the most striking fashions of the season. This kind of fringe will take some time to keep So be ready for regular appointments at the salon and take some time styling it each morning.

Bob with Outgrown Wispy Bangs

#2: Soft Wispy Fringe

Wispy bangs and shaggy layers will make you appear feminine and elegant. A great shape for hair that is finer this style will attract attention to your eyes and will suit all facial shapes.

Middle Length Hair with Soft Wispy Fringe

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#3 Medium Length with Curtain Bangs

Wispy bangs are an excellent option to enhance your hairstyle, without doing a radical change. Maintain your current cut and leave the rest of your hair longer and include some face framing the texture of your curtain bangs. Make use of a round brush as well as an air-dryer to the hair dry. Make some waves using the wide curling tool.

Curtain Bangs Hairstyle

#4: Long Wavy Hair and Full Wispy Bangs

It is well-known that a thick fringe may appear over-weighted and intimidating. If you’re thinking of cutting your bangs, begin with a lighter, less wavy layers of your hair. Choose a lighter hair with a textured, soft look to create a chic, sophisticated style.

Long Dark Blonde Hair with Bangs

5: Bob with Wispy Bangs

Long and haired, these bangs are an amazing detail that highlights the sharp blonde hair lob. Separate your hair at the middle for a sleek curtain bang style or sweep the fringe to one side. Straighteners can be used on the middle of the heat to get the perfect, sleek look.

Sleek Platinum Blonde Bob

#6: See Through Wispy Bangs

A subtle, clear-cut bang looks cool and give you the look of a 90s-style. This fringe style that is side-swept allows your face to be more defined without visually cutting off the top portion on your face. For those with a face that is round and it makes you feel uncomfortable wearing a fringe, check the look.

Light Brown Hair with Soft Curls and Bangs

#7: Blunt Bob and Textured Bangs

We’re in love with this style. The cool mix of the tough, sharp line of the cut and the bristles’ airiness highlights the striking contrast. A little shorter in the middle and wavy bangs that make you look adorable and innocent.

Two Tone Hair Idea

#8: Afro Wispy Bangs

Enjoy your natural curly hair style with a softand wispy fringe. Curly and wavy hairstyles are trendy and it’s the perfect time to start getting them.

Short Curly Bob with Bangs

#9 90’s Pixie Cut Long Feathered Bangs

The look is a little non-conformist but elegant and gorgeous This look is a perfect example of the 90’s style. The middle section and the long, wispy fringe give your face a frame and emphasise the cheekbones. This style is ideal for round and oval faces.

Middle Part Pixie with Framing Bangs

#10: Shag Wispy Fringe

Have your stylist blend your fringe into the rest of your hair by adding a few layers. This way you’ll be left with a sleek shag that is textured and full of body and motion. You can also add some waves to create a night out style.

Shoulder Length Shag

#11: Cool Wispy Bangs and Layered Cut

Be careful! This look is sure to cause you to think of cutting your hair in this way. This combination of cool, platinum tone shag cuts and those A-line wavy bangs are absolutely stunning.

Trendy Wolf Cut

12: Long Bob with Blunt Wispy Bangs

This contemporary version of a classic Vidal Sassoon style hairstyle is a true head turner. It appears that the blunt fringe doesn’t need to be bulky. Pick a medium density to get an almost transparent soft, soft look.

Long Bob with Blunt Bangs

#13: Long Hair and Wispy Bangs

Do you want to change up your long hairstyle, but without making drastic changes? Opt for soft bangs , while maintaining your length the same. If this slight change isn’t for you, you can try the clip-in option which is a simple, easy alternative that does not need any commitment.

Low Maintenance Haircut with Bangs

#14: Delicate Wispy Bangs Look

The soft, wispy texture of the bangs softens face features and add an impact on the eyes. This trendy style works with all of facial shapes and hair types and is also the best option for hair with thin layers. You can wear it as natural or add some texture to your hair to make it a night-out style.

Cool Gray Hairstyle for Women over 60

#15: Tassel Cut Bob and Wispy Bangs

A tassel bob is among of the most stylish fashions of the season. It has sharply cut hair that has slightly falling out ends. Combining the cut with a slim hairline that is wispy to freshen the look.

Brown Bob with Ombre Highlights

#16: Block Color Wispy Bang Hair Idea

The soft, textured bangs provide the best addition to this combo of black and wine red shades. Would you dare to try this look?

Dark Red and Black Hairstyle

#17: Wispy Full Fringe and Messy Waves

This hairstyle is all about effortlessness and subtle indiscretion. The fringe can be styled using a round-shaped brush and hairdryer, then braid the rest of your hair once it’s damp – this can help to create the tousled waves.

Gray to Ash Ombre Hairstyle with Bangs

#18: Mid Length Hair and Round Wispy Bangs

While shoulder-length hair may appear boring, it’s actually the norm for many girls. Enhance your look by adding the round-shaped fringe. For styling your hair with a round shape, you can use a big brush and raise it as it dries; then finish by applying an air blast that cools to ensure the proper shape.

Arched Wispy Bangs

#19: Wispy Curtain Fringe

Face-framing layers and wispy fringe are definitely meant for wearing together. Request your stylist to give you shag cuts to create the perfect top-of-the-line look. The surprising thing is that it doesn’t need any effort, but regular appointments with your stylist are required (please don’t ever cut your own hair!)

Layered Hair with Highlights

#20: Eye-Grazing Wispy Fringe

Although eye-grazing fringe may not be the most practical way to wear bangs, they look so stylish and flattering, you’ll know it’s worth it. It’s best worn with a side parting and curls that are curled to the C shape to complete the appearance. Use hairspray to hold all hair strands in the right place.

Eye Glazing Wispy Fringe

#21: Ultra Short Baby Bangs

If you hear the phrase ‘a Wispy Fringe’ what image comes to your mind? It could be an ultra feminine style with falling curls and flicks. Don’t think so. Cut in short, sharp bangs, in a straight line creates an edgy, punk-inspired style.

Short Point Cut Bangs

#22: Sweeping Side Bangs

Long, wispy side-bangs frame smaller features in a perfect way and could be the right choice for you. The kind of fringe shown here is perfect for faces with hearts as it gives a charming feeling, like a pixie. Be sure to feather the hair, too.

Choppy Bob With Side Bangs

#23: Long Curtains

If you’ve got a huge forehead, it’s possible that these bangs suit you the best. When you’re bending downwards, the fringe can be messy, and does not split equally, yet it’s better looking with this. You get a cool 90s style effortlessly.

Medium Shag With Wispy Bangs

#24: Good Girl’s Wispy Bangs

For those out who have hair that is thinner and thinner hair, the idea of having an unruly fringe could seem appealing. But, if you don’t have hair that is thick it could be difficult. A slightly parted short and wispy fringe is a good option.

Medium Cut With Eye-Brow-Skimming

#25: Edgy Asymmetrical Fringe

The straight , wispy style has been around for a long time and we like it because it gives a lively appearance. It requires bold features to pull this look off. Try cutting the bangs to create an edgy look.

Choppy Bob With Short Fringe

#26: Long and Choppy

A shag is one of the styles that is never going out of style. It’s a fact however what fringes work in this case? Long , wispy hairs that make a huge forehead appear smaller and make the eyes stand out!

Mid-Length Black Shag With Bangs

#27: Chopped Pointed Bangs

If you opt for a shorter cut, you may think that your hairstyles can be limited. But it’s not the case. What better way to show off something that’s equally “out there” short and messy bangs? This is a bold choice however, the hair with a texture appears stunning.

Platinum Pixie With Short Bangs

#28 The Long Hair with chunky Bangs

Do you think of wearing long, layered hair? With a cropped, jagged bang. It’s a striking, contrast appearance that you can enhance with ombre. Even if the change in color isn’t too noticeable the hairstyle will appear much more intriguing than a plain shade.

Long Hair With Short Choppy Bangs

#29: Point Cut Arched Bangs

If you are looking for a face with a heart shape You should choose medium or even a shorter cut. Make sure to pair this style with adorable bangs. A fringe that is short and untidy with a point cut end is a stunning look.

Medium Wavy Blonde Hairstyle With Bangs

#30: Light Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs

One of the main issues that many women experience when they first start to get bangs is that they may appear unnatural. Blond dry with a round brush to get the volume you want and get the perfect shape in no time. This is a classic style that is perfect for work.

Mid-Length Layered Cut With Wispy Bangs

#31: Long Thin Fringe

Here’s an instruction on how to get your the perfect front-facing wispy bangs. If you keep your hair long, it’s possible for it to not be very full. A casual look is perfect for just about any occasion provided you keep it clean and well-groomed.

Long Hair With Straight Bangs

#32: Delicate Wisps

Do you want to take on a more feminine look? Consider a thin wisp that fall gently over the forehead. Finding the perfect wispy fringe is entirely dependent on the shape of your face and the length. For long-faced women such a style are incredibly attractive.

Medium To Long Cut With A Fringe

#33: Uneven Arched Bangs

Long wavy hairstyles are very popular right now, and it’s easy to see the reason. It’s basically a throwback to the 90s and would be ideal paired with straight bangs. To avoid the hairstyle from being too monotonous However, it is recommended to cut off the fringe and add some edge.

Medium To Long Cut With A Fringe

#34: Classic Swept Fringe

The curly bangs that swoop around face trends won’t go anytime in the near future. Therefore, it’s the time to join in. Combining this fringe with a bob cut that is graduated and a long lob could do wonders. A stunning fringe that you can embellish with feathers to make it more feminine.

Bronde Balayage Bob With Bangs

#35: Asymmetrical Chopped Fringe

Hairstyles with short lengths, like the undercut pixie of the new wave, can be a great basis for an asymmetrical look of bangs. Keep in mind that everything about the haircut must be in harmony. The addition of volume by adding textured pieces on the fringe will mean that you’ll have an impressive look within a matter of minutes.

Women's Short Undercut Haircut

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