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80 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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#51 Medium-Layered Shag with highlights of blonde

medium layered shag with blonde highlights

This medium-layered shag hairstyle featuring blonde highlights playful to play with and is simple to put on. This color is great for women who have warmer or neutral skin tone. Shaggy shoulder length hairstyles that are fine like this giving natural-looking body and style. You can wear this cut as washed and worn, or cut it into pieces with the help of a product. Lanza Therapy Plumper and Lanza Healing Brilliant Texture are recommended. Plumper along with Lanza Beautiful Texture Healing are both recommended.

#52: Piecey Shag for an Oval Face Shape

Piecey Medium shag with bangs for oval faces

This slender medium shag designed for oval faces was designed as a hairstyle by the stylist Hiro from Los Angeles, CA. The layering of this cut gives it softness and works on all shapes of faces. “The length of this cut is perfect for an oval or round face shape. For those with a more long face shape, you can make the cut smaller.” The most appealing part about this style is that it is designed to look effortless and undone and is perfect for women with curly or wavy hair, who prefer to dry their hair and air it out with a straight haired woman who doesn’t mind rough drying, and giving a bit of twist and texture using curling irons. Layering your hair removes the weight, therefore I wouldn’t suggest this style to someone who has fine hair.

#53: Chic Shag with Wispy Bangs and Shaggy Layers

chic shag with wispy bangs and shaggy layers

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The hairstyle has long layers with texture that give the appearance of movement and volume, and the ends are cut point-wise to make it appear more choppy, but not uniform. For medium shaggy hairstyles begin by applying the Redken Beach Envy Volume Texturizing shampoo and conditioner. Apply Pureology’s Color Fanatic to your hair when it is damp to help detangle it and keep it from getting hot. The fringe should be styled first in the way you like, then blowdry with a big round brush to create maximum volume around the crown. Lightly spray Redken’s Fashion Waves in your hair after you’ve dried it to add texture while styling. Make use of the 1 1/2-inch curling iron to create waves, switching directions for each section, and leave the ends of the hair exposed. When your hair is curling, move your fingers over the curls, creating an unruly bedhead style. Keep in mind that you want this to appear natural and effortless! Complete the look with the Redken Fashion Work #12 hairspray for the slightest hold.

#54: Straight Collarbone Shag Cut with roots-ed blonde

Collarbone-Length Straight Shag Cut with Rooted Blonde

“I think of this style as a shaggy , rooted blonde” stylist Caleigh Giarra from Nashville, TN. “I prefer to have a bit of the depth of an edgy blonde shag which is why shadow roots is my go-to.” To style medium shag cuts such as the one above, Giarra recommends, “texture spray and/or matte pomade. The particular products I applied to this style included Kevin Murphy’s Bedroom.Hair texture spray and Nightrider pomade.” “I would suggest this look to those who has medium-to-thick hair as it won’t make it difficult to style large sections of bangs or shorter hair layers.” Giarra explains.

#55: Face-Framing Shag for Straight Hair

face-framing shag for straight hair

The face framing shag that is straight and straight can serve as the most chameleon-like of medium-length shag haircuts that can transition effortlessly from work to play and is also universally pleasing. This low-maintenance cut always looks great. This stunning cut is made to highlight natural hair texture and develop shorter hair. It is effortless in style and has a sharp edge, thanks to its face-framing fringe and loose-falling layers. It’s made for people seeking a minimal effort style, high-fashion look. It is distinguished by its sturdy edges and its free-movement layers. For those who have straight hair it’s a fantastic alternative. With products that create volume and texture your hair will feel like it has character and won’t be left to droop! To style your hair, you can look into R+Co hair care products at this moment. Apply Mannequin paste to style the mid-lengths of the hair after drying to create hair with a texture. Badlands dry shampoo can be a great finishing product, causing a huge lift at the root while combating flat, dull and filthy hair. This style is a good choice for all types of hair. The shag removes weight from the inside by forming layers that create the illusion of movement and volume, while also putting the weight around the face, creating an overall frame. The frame that is placed around the face allows you to personalize this cut for the individual facial shape.

#56: Face-Contouring Shag Bangs

Face Contouring Shag with Bangs

Medium shag haircuts can look beautiful with bangs. If they’re wispy, curtain-like, short or long they are a good match perfectly. The face contouring shag with bangs looks amazing on faces with a heart shape. Mid-length shag haircut with layers of feathers that are feathered down creates the illusion of fullness and can be styled curly or straight. It’s cute even when it develops to long hair. When it does, take a look at these amazing length shag haircuts.

#57: Shoulder-Length Shag Layered Cut

Shoulder-Length Shag Layered Cut

The shaggy hair that is layered over shoulders could be fashionable in many ways. Side bangs are an impressive appearance. The blonde-colored shag when paired with waves from the beach can be cut straight or curly using some experience with a curling tool. Be sure to put to the hair a texturizing spray, or finishing spray while styling the hair to give it the additional sparkle.

#58: Wispy Shag with a Deep Side Part

Wispy Shag with a Deep Side Part

A wispy shag coupled with a long side parting that is heavier to one end is perfect for women who move back and forth in their parted hair or always have a side-part. This style will also give height to hair so that the root doesn’t appear flat. Eliminating the weight from the crown is crucial for medium shaggy hairstyles. The thin layer is able to move without looking too sharp and creating a lovely balance overall.

#59: Wild Shaggy Mid-Length Hair

Wild Shaggy Mid-Length Hair

A wild, shaggy, mid-length cut with a variety of layers can give a rockstar style. It is a great match for a woman’s tough attitude, without doubt. A medium-length shag can keep your length and density and will also add lift.

#60: The Feathered Shag

The Feathered Shag

Create that feathered shag by cutting the hair with a point and adding movement using texturing. The shaggy hairstyle is shoulder-length and has layers. It was developed by Illinois-based master stylist Sharon McReynolds. “This hairstyle is perfect for all facial shapes as well as hair styles, excluding naturally curly hair” states McReynolds. “The design gives a casual and casual look that is perfect for women who prefer messy hairstyles.”

#61: Collarbone-Length Shag

Collarbone-Length Shag

If you want a trendy collarbone length shag to fully realize its potential, a mix of choppy ends and a textured texture is required. If you’re looking to trim the length of your hair it’s the perfect length for those who are afraid of cutting it too short. Medium shaggy hairstyles are flexible and can be styled curly, wavy or straight.

#62: Middle-Part Shag With Layers

Dark Blonde hair with Middle Part Shag With Layers

An intermediate-sized shag and layers can give an even volume throughout. Layering short, shaggy is ideal for longer medium-length hair, particularly if hair is with wavy. If you’re trying to achieve an elegant celebrity style This is the way to go.

#63 Wavy shag that has side-swept bangs

Wavy Medium Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

For women who have fine or thin hair or thin hair, curly medium shag hairstyles that have side-swept bangs can help create fullness throughout your hair. Particularly, if your hair thin or fine. Side-swept bangs are great if they are softly texturized on the ends of the hair strands, creating an elongated soft curly. You can transform this into the look of a wavy-layered cut using an iron that is large enough to curl the barrel to showcase motion.

#64: A Fluffy Shaggy Bob for Women Over 60

A Fluffy Medium Shag Bob for Women Over 60 with silver hair

Choose a moderate shag hairstyle for women who are over 60 years old to enjoy the convenience of air drying and a reduced diffusing time. Hairstylist expert from Texas Terry Whiddon created this shag with an open curl system. “The basic principles of it is to maximize the use of concave and convex layers” hiddon explains. He adds, “medium-length shag haircuts for women over 60 like this one are incredibly versatile and easy to maintain. It’s as simple as washing your hair with conditioner and a small curling product, and then on you go.”

#65: Heavily Layered Shaggy Hair

Heavily Layered Shaggy Hair

The layers that are thick and dense are ideal for those with thick hair looking for volume. Hairstyles that have shaggy layers are best for medium hair. This is the beauty all of the world can see!

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