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80 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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31: Choppy Shag with Deep Side Part

Choppy Shag with Deep Side Part

The best shag cuts for medium-length hair are messy when styled in a thick side part. It already is sexy. But, you can also you can add beach waves to make it look more voluminous. This shaggy, wavy hairstyle with medium lengths is ideal for thick hair because hair texture can make it appear lively and the cut takes the weight from your ends but without sacrificing length.

#32: Textured Mid-Length Shag cut with choppy end.

Mid-length textured shag cut with choppy ends

A new, choppy texture shag cut on natural glossed hair is the most simple to get when you’re looking for a dramatic transformation – not only in appearance but in your daily life! The middle part of the shag for medium length hair is a distinct style that is simple to style and maintain at your home!

#33 Shag for Thinning Medium Hair that has Face-Framing Layers

shag for thin medium length hair with layers and bangs

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The fringe and the volume of the hair on top in this shaggy hairstyle gives the illusion of volume through the hairstyle that is great for fine and thin hair. This super-textured cut with the face-framing complements women with cheekbones that are high.

#34: Curly Shag for Medium Cut Hair

Medium-length curly shag haircut

Medium shag haircuts need conditioning, particularly if you have beautiful, curly curls that are well-defined. Pick a short to medium bob style in this manner if you want to refresh the natural look of your hair. Pick this curly bob with shaggy layers , and keep your natural hair color for healthier curls.

#35: An Edgy Shag for Women Over 50

Medium-length shag for women over 50

This stylish shag is ideal designed for women older than 50 due to the amazing fringe that separates. You can wear longer fringe , and don’t get caught up in how to style the cut. Give you a couple of waves with the flat iron with a rocking motion on random areas of the inside. One disadvantage is that it can take away from medium-length shag haircuts of the 70s when the hairstyles aren’t precise and the texture and body aren’t uniform enough.

#36 Medium Shaggy Bob with Bangs

Medium Shaggy Bob with Bangs

A medium-sized shaggy bob with bangs is a great choice for thin hair. The added layers can add volume to curly shags for medium-length hair.

#37 Medium Shaggy Cut with Razored Layers

medium shaggy cut with razored layers

A textured bob cut undercut on the shoulder should lift weight away from beneath the occipital bone in order to encourage motion around the edges. If you’re considering shag cuts with razored layers it’s crucial to conduct an appointment in consultation with your stylist. If you don’t have the right quantity of hair, the undercut may not be the best choice for you. It is possible to create similar haircuts without the undercut portion. If the texture isn’t smooth enough Don’t cut it with the razor. Instead, use scissors. If you’re looking for styling products, choose one that is able to keep hair in check and give you separation at the ends, such as dry shampoos, leave-in conditioners and styling creams. To fit your face one who has a tiny face or a small forehead is advised to avoid the fringe since it will make the face appear smaller. Some shapes work great when paired with the cut.

#38: Ombre Mid-Length Shag with Bangs

ombre mid-length shag with bangs

This razor cut shag is for medium hair that has a full fringe is a natural soft texture. Medium shag haircuts give off an effortlessly cool style. This style of hair is best suited to wavy or curly hair of medium to fine in thickness. Also called a low-maintenance, mid-length haircut, you can use cream gel or mousse to blow dry your hair or diffuse it while working with natural texture.

#39: A Must-Try Shag for Medium-Length Thin Hair

shag for medium length thin hair

Choose moderate-length shags with curtains for hair that is thin. The style was made with shears as well as straight razors to highlight the texture. The best part about this particular style is that women who have wavy hair or who love volume will find it extremely attractive. Medium-length hairstyles such as this can generally be styled easily with salt spray or a wave and are air-dried to create amazing results. The medium shag haircut that has bangs can be trimmed quite nicely and can transform into exciting new styles as it grows longer. Hairstyles that maintain the fringe is a great way to wear longer lengths when it’s growing out but it is best to choose a stylist that is comfortable with this haircut to ensure it’s done perfectly.

#40 The Haircut is a Medium Shaggy Angle with jagged layers

Angled medium-length shag cut

Try an untidy and shabby mid-length cut that has layers of jagged hair. It’s a popular choice due to its effortless texture and effortless texture adds a look of cutting a medium bob length. A medium-length shag cut typically created with Sam Villa 7” Dry Cutting Shears, which cut through the hair to make the texture. Utilizing this Sam Villa 2-in-1 Marcel Iron and Wand to create an easy wrap around the wand for an undone loose wave. Add Redken Wax Blast 10 for definition and hold. Shag hairstyles such as this are great for all types of faces and can be arranged according to where you split your hair and the place where the layers are put. This style is great for women with naturally curly or even the texture of their hair. When you curl your hair, be sure to keep your hair loose and don’t overdo it. Apply a texture spray to add more volume and texture.

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