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80 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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#66: Modern Blonde Shaggy Cut

Modern Blonde Shaggy Cut

Get a trendy blonde shaggy cut that will liven the dull lifeless hair. Medium-length shag haircut is full of layers which fill out the flatter hair styles. Style your hair with dry shampoo for added texture.

#67 Androgynous The Black Shag has Fringe

Androgynous Black Shag with Fringe

A long fringe provides the perfect contrast to this hairdo, transforming the hair into an androgynous Jane Fonda-inspired shag. Medium haircuts that feature shagged parts work best with hair with a fine or medium density. The locks appear more full particularly with dark hair color.

#68: Black Shaggy Hairstyle with highlights

Dark Medium Shaggy Hairstyle with Highlights

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Refresh your dark hair by introducing shaggy medium hairstyles with highlights to give texture and movement your straight hair. Shaggy layers increase the width of your hair, by making the movement of shaping higher than the normal techniques of layering. Include softly placed highlights in caramel blonde to highlight the unique cut and give it more texture due because of the effect multi-tonal.

#69: The Perfect Shag for a Square Face

The Perfect Medium Shag for a Square Face

This is the ideal middle shag for a square-faced. Medium-length shag hair cut is best in the event that the hair is in a medium or long length. It is suitable well for thick and thin hair. It looks great with curly or straight. This dramatic cut adds an effortless and smooth hair styling.

#70: Face-Framing Light Blonde Shag for Shoulder-Length Hair

Face-Framing Light Blonde Shag for Shoulder-Length Hair

The face framing shag for shoulder length hair is ideal for a wavy or smooth texture and the light blonde hue. The stylist from California Elvis Pesqueira advises that this cut will add the body of hair. He says, “This will definitely give you more volume and give you separation.” Pesqueira shares how the hair was created by this huge, voluminous cut. “I started with the smaller pieces, then built up the face-frame. I utilized the face-frame as a guide when I was doing the rest of the cut,” he explained.

#71: Super Shaggy Layered Hair

Super Shaggy Layered Hair

A super shaggy, layered haircut creates a retro look, which allows your hair to appear larger around the crown while still maintaining length and volume. Add a few wispy bangs to medium shag hairstyles will keep your form throughout.

#72: A Sassy Shaggy Cut for Older Women

sassy shaggy haircut for older ladies

Medium shag haircuts can be styled sassy, like this contemporary shag for women who are older. It’s full of movement and texture. The highlights give it a more dimensional look and draw attention to the hairstyle. It’s sure to work with natural gray or silver hair as well! Hairstyles with medium shaggy texture for those over 60 need care in styling and products. Use dry-textured spray with Moroccan oil. This style is ideal for those who has hair that is medium or fine.”

#73 A Trendy Shag featuring Piece-y Balayage for women over 40

trendy shaggy cut for women over 40

A fashionable shag that is paired with a layer of slick pieces flatters women older than 40. It’s a modern interpretation of the head-turning 70’s shag cut with the addition of pieces of balayage with a piecey look and a subtle fringe for the curtain. The look in this picture will take years off of any person with its modern and fashionable look.

#74 Sassy Medium Layers topped with Razored Bangs

Sassy Medium Shag with Fringe

The smooth middle shag with bangs is made by connecting the shorter layers with the edges. A 90-degree cut provides sufficient volume and fullness, creating an appearance that is slimmer and taller. For a natural finish, apply a wand, leaving the bottom. Then, run your fingers over them to split the two.

#75: Mid-Length Hair with Short Blunt Bangs

mid-length shag with short blunt bangs

If you’re trying to change things up think about a mid-length shag coupled with short blunt bangs. You can style this shag with big barrel curls that move this hair out of your face. This will draw attention to the baby bang, which is cut above the eyebrow. Utilize a heat protectant when styling using hot tools, and finish it off with Dry texture spray.

#76: Soft Curly Shag with Straight Bangs

soft curly shag with straight bangs

A slick, tousled shag is in fashion right this moment, and now is the best moment to experiment with an easy curl shag and straight bangs. If you are a square or an oblong face and your bangs are soft, keeping them curly and tapered towards the end will give a soft look to your jawline and face. To give your hair texture and hold you can try Color WOW’s with a texture spray that is a step up from styling.

#77: Shaggy Mullet with Fringe Bangs

shaggy mullet with fringe bangs

A saggy mullet with fringe bangs is an excellent medium-length shag for hair that is textured. To achieve this hairstyle request your hair stylist for an shag mullet shag and a fringe that is rounded.

#78: Boho Chic Shag Cut

boho chic shag cut

Shag cuts are everywhere and this boho-chic version of them is the same. A throwback design but with a modern twist this bohemian shag is a generous and universally flattering choice for women of all ages.

#79: Balayage Shag Curtain Fringe

balayage shag with curtain fringe

Bring it back to the old times by wearing a sensual Balyage shag and the draped fringe. This classic haircut is among the best medium shaggy wispy haircuts for hair with thin. It’s an excellent choice for those want to appear younger and emphasize your best features. Blonde balayage can give this look an edgy and modern look.

#80: Mid-Length Curly Shag for Dark Hair

mid-length curly shag for dark hair

Medium-length shag haircuts let you enjoy the texture of your hair. The proper layers of your curl can make a attractive, shaggy look and will help you keep the time spent styling to an absolute minimal. If you’re at home, using an air diffuser for styling will help to shape your hair when your curls tend to form a clump too often.

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