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80 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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#11: Cutest Shag for Little Girls

Cutest Shag for Little Girls

If you’re looking for something different to test on your daughter’s hair, you can try the most adorable shag for young girls. In reality shaggy medium length haircuts is low-maintenance and allows a good amount of hair lengths to be cut off to facilitate detangling. Remember that the bang region will have to be cut regularly.

#12: Medium Messy Shag

Medium Messy Shag

You’ll never be wrong with a messy medium shag. Shaggy hairstyles with a mid-length are some of the easiest styles to create, particularly for hair with fine texture. I suggest you to blow dry your hair when styling, instead of air drying to ensure it doesn’t fall flat.

#13: Modern Medium Shag

Modern Medium Shag

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Did you know that a modern medium shag is stylish and gorgeous? A shoulder-length shaggy hairstyle is flattering and enjoyable. But, it’s important to make use of an 1.25-inch curling iron, or even a wand to create the smooth waves.

#14: Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves

Shag hairstyles and beach waves are the perfect match. Particularly on shoulder-length shag cuts Beach waves show the best of the style. Be aware that this haircut works for virtually all hair textures, with the exception of thin and fine hair.

#15: Beachy Shag

Beachy Shag

A beachy shag can be one of the easiest and most perfect shags. The shaggy lengths of shoulder are simple to love, and even though and still looking polished. Consult your hairdresser to determine if the wave style and hair texture will complement a shaggy cut.

#16: The Rock and Roll Shag

The Rock and Roll Shag

This rock and roll shag has been around for ages and amazing. Shaggy hairstyles with a mid-length will never be trendy, therefore, get yourself onto the train when you’re prepared. Be awarethat this hairstyle is compatible with all hair types, however it’s best with curly hair.

#17: Shoulder-Length Lob

Shoulder-Length Lob

If longer hair simply isn’t your style It could be beneficial to consider a lob that is shoulder-length. Shoulder-length shags are simple to maintain and easy to cut and style. Hair that is shorter will dry faster and takes less time to manage.

#18: Shag without Bangs

Shag with No Bangs

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of a fringe, request to have a shag that doesn’t have bangs. A shag haircut suitable for medium length hair may be the ideal option for you. The style is stylish and the angles are small enough to frame your face without needing to be committing to an entire fringe.

19: Shaggy Bangs and Medium-Length Hair

Shaggy Bangs with Medium Hair

Shaggy bangs look great with medium hair. It could be the ideal style that you can make for this year. The shag-style that is shoulder length is fashionable and very fashionable at the moment. You might want to add just a few drop of Olaplex Bonding Oil before blow-drying for the smooth and shine.

#20: Mid Shag

Mid Shag

If you’re thinking of something in between a bob or a shag, consider an mid-shag. A shag cut that is suitable for moderate hair can be simple to put together and appears adorable even when messy. If you apply a dime-sized quantity of redken Aerate over your hair, then blowdry it and you’ll be left with this gorgeous texture.

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