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80 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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#41: Shaggy Blunt Bob Cut for Thick Hair

shaggy blunt bob cut for thick hair

The sharp bob that is shaggy and blunt cut to suit thick hair comes with a lot to think about. Layers, bangs or blunt, or concave styles are all available in medium shaggy hairstyles that work well for thick hair. If you’re a woman who is unhappy being unable to put their hair fully up, then you’re probably not looking forward to haircuts with bobs. If you’re able to opt for the cute half top knot, you’re in luck!

#42: 70’s Shaggy Lob Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair

70s Shaggy Lob Cut for Shoulder Length Hair

A shag-lob cut to shoulder-length hair, is an excellent haircut for women growing their hair and require a touch of edge to the look. If you’re wearing a long shag in the bob style such as this one, bangs on the side will bring out the 70s-inspired look. The texture of the layers using shag haircuts can help create an authentic appearance. To finish off apply a texture paste similar to Evo Box o’ Bollox for the look of a natural.

#43: Golden Wavy Shag With Long Bangs

golden wavy shag hairstyle

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This long, wavy shag can be worn with any color of hair, making it appropriate for ladies of all age groups. The medium shag with long bangs is perfect for the way of highlighting a gorgeous eye color also! If you’re looking for something similar to this however shorter, take a look at these fashionable short shag haircuts.

#44: Flattering Shaggy Hair for a Round Face

flattering shag cut for round face shapes

A long, shaggy hairdo for round faces is perfect suitable for a woman who needs minimal maintenance, but still wants to look stylish. This cut is perfect to create a round-face shape. For medium-length shag hairstyles such as this one, you need to blow-dry with the vent brush, and then place on a few loose waves. The most effective way to create messy waves is to curl just the middle, leaving your ends straight. Sometimes, curls will be in the middle, and then use flat irons for straightening the edges to create an even more messy, textured look.

#45: Middle Part Mid-Length Wavy Modern Shag

Wavy modern shag with a middle part

This mid-length wavy modern hairstyle is stylish. Hair that is healthy, patient with products, and a consultation with your stylist is the most effective thing you can do. The contemporary shag hairstyle shown in this photo has a lot of movement and texture in the front , while keeping the layers on the back a bit longer. The best part about this style is that when the hair gets longer it will be stunning because of the size. The maintenance for this style is not too difficult.

#46: Messy Shag with Short Bangs and Layers

Messy Shag with Short Layers and Bangs

A messy shag that has bangs and short layers are perfect for ladies who have curly or wispy hair. They can sport shaggy layers and thick bangs to highlight delicate features. The mousse like MacGyver created by Evo can enhance the waves and add texture.

#47: Modern-Day Mid-Length Shag Cut

Modern day mid-length shag cut

The mid-length shag offers an updated beachy style with shag-like, textured layers and fringe that is textured. The length itself is cut from short to long , with some separation in the front. This leaves the two corners of the front appearing larger,” she adds. Anyone considering this cut must be aware that it takes styling and product to create the beachy curl. The fringe is also a need for regular maintenance, such as a routine haircut and style at the beginning of the day. The best part about this style is that it can be adapted. It can be slick or messy and , once it is styled, after each day of hair that has not been washed just gets better! If it is worn straight, this style can be worn for a more shaggy, textured look.

#48: Soft Shaggy Layers that move

soft shaggy layers with movement

Opt for shaggy, soft layers that have lots of movement. Every shag has wearability. They can be trimmed and still look beautiful and give individuals that extra volume around the crown and on their faces that they’re always seeking. Medium shag haircuts work well for different types of faces. You can ask your stylist to change your layers’ length, and include a fringe if you want. It’s also very easy to make. Simply add ocean salt, and you’re set to go! This style is ideal for women who desire a elegant look, but are looking to keep their expenses low.

#49: Effortless Textured Shag Haircut

effortless textured shag haircut

The shag’s smooth texture is focused on wearable texture. The long shaggy fringe is minimal commitment, easy maintenance wearability which is ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with a fringe. It’s a soft interpretation of shags, by incorporating a sturdy border as well as loose shaggy layers, as well as a cracked face frame. It’s also great for those who’ve grown an bob, but would like to alter the style as it grows in length. This cut is ideal for those who want a medium length cut however, with a totally different and flexible shape. This cut can be used with any texture because it’s an easy-to-look design. You can change the fringe so that it is more like Brigitte Bardot, or perhaps longer as the one in the photo.

#50: Modern Chocolate Brown Shag for Thick Hair

modern chocolate brown shag for thick hair

The contemporary brown shag comes with layers that are loose and less defined, and the overall appearance is more like a mullet. It’s a vibrant shade that is suitable for all skin tones. The look of a shag is different than straight or curled. It can be customized to different facial designs, so there is no one who can’t wear this style. It’s difficult to style into a ponytail due to the many layers of face framing which is why women who need to get to get rid of their brown hair from their face may not like this saggy.

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