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80 Best Medium Shag Haircuts for Every Hair Type

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#21: Subtle Shag Hairstyle

Subtle Shag Hairstyle

You’re looking for something new and not too extravagant? Consider a shag-like hairstyle that is subtle as it’s low-maintenance and stylish. Make sure you ask what style is compatible for your hair before making the switch.

#22: Imperfect Waves

Imperfect Waves

The imperfect hairstyles are just the perfect amount of messy and chic as shag hairstyles are. In addition, medium shaggy hairstyles that women wear are very liberating and fun to wear! This style won’t take much time during the daytime.

#23: Long Shaggy Bob

Long Shaggy Bob

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It is a good idea to opt for a long shaggy bob if your hair is thin, thin hair and want it to appear fuller. The main benefit is that medium-length shaggy hair utilizes layers to create volume that you can recreate from the convenience of your home. It is best to inquire with your stylist about their thoughts on this hairstyle before making a decision.

#24: A Flared Shag Style

A Flared Shag Style

Medium-length shags with a haircut that is flared can be very attractive for any face shape. One of the greatest benefits is that you’ll look fresh and flirty in the medium length shag.

#25: Shag Updated with Shattered Layers

Updated Shag with Shattered Layers

Shaggy hairstyles are characterized by disconnected layering that is a great method to increase the flow of hair that is thick.

How To Style a Medium Shaggy Hair:

  1. Blot dry hair using a big round brush, making sure to keep hair straight, smooth and even.
  2. Use your fingers to rake through the strands for pieces of separation.
  3. End with a hairspray that is medium-hold.

For this hairstyle that is inspired by Joan Jett Use Kevin Murphy HAIR.RESORT Spray for extra texture and excellent hold. Medium shaggy hairstyles that are suitable for thick hair are ideal for heart-, round, or square-shaped faces.

#26: The Perfect Medium Wavy Shag for Fine Hair

The Perfect Medium Wavy Shag for Fine Hair

A medium-wavy shag that is perfect for fine hair can be styled with a sleek or wavy look. Medium-layered haircuts can be a fantastic method for women to experience the look of textured hair without layers that are obvious, so ask your hairstylist for you some suggestions.

#27: Cool Central Part Shag that has Chunky Layers as well as Platinum Hue

A Cool Center Part Shag with Choppy Layers and Platinum Hue

According to the most skilled hairdressers, cool middle part shag with messy layers look stunning on oval face shapes since it provides the fullness and length. This hairstyle with a center part will maintain its shape while growing out and can look great when paired with natural, wavy hair. It is possible to apply the platinum blonde hue or any other lighter shade to brighten the area around your face, too!

#28 The medium Razor Cut Shag that has Curtain Bangs

A Medium Razor Cut Shag with Curtain Bangs

The shaggy-textured hair with layers cut across long lengths of hair provides it with an incredible 80s-inspired look with the feminine bangs. One thing to keep in mind is that shoulder-length shags are great for hair with some volume and a slight curl to it for more effortless styling.

#29: A Great Shoulder-Length Shag that has Full Bangs

A Fantastic Shoulder-Length Shag with Full Bangs

The soft, fiery waves and those romantic but stylish layers create this an updated version of the classic shoulder-length shag haircuts of the 80s. Every skin color can sport such a striking shade of the vintage copper blonde hair color and those long, full-length bangs are designed to match longer faces the most effectively.

#30: Medium Shaggy A-line Bob Layered Hairstyle

Medium Shaggy A-line Bob Layered Hairstyle

A medium shaggy, layered hairstyle that is perfect for ladies with hair that is thin, short or those with thin hair and would like to cut it shorter. The length of the edges that meet the shoulders is ideal for combining with delicate layers and subtle layers. They will ensure that the absence of body and the movement of the hair is taken care of. If you’re looking for more volume or waves, then a diffuser along with mousse or curl cream can aid in transforming this tangled curl to achieve a certain type of fashion.

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