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50 Best Christmas Nail Designs to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

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11. Black and White Christmas Nails


The combination of white and black may seem odd for a New Year’s Eve manicure. However, it is actually among the best traditional varieties. It provides a lively and elegant look that is an excellent choice for wearing with anything and anywhere. This style is appropriate for every skin tone and can be applied to nails of any length or shape. There are many ways to try it. You can use a white manicure to coat all your nails with the black base coat. You can also apply a white coat to create an all-black manicure. Blending and mixing base coats to make the most vibrant results is also possible. The designs you add could be anything from candy stripes to snowflakes. Have fun and have fun being imaginative.

12. Red Blue Natural Nails


What’s more appealing than attracting attention to your nails using the bright colors of red and blue nail art? The great thing about this combination of colors is that they go well together and provide striking in their own right. It is a great way to emphasize the length and shape of your nails and create an impact. Blue is cold, while red is warm. For a Christmas-themed manicure, it is possible to add images of the holidays on top of the red and blue base layers. One of the most adorable options is gingerbread characters or snowflakes. You could also pick an additional neutral color, such as beige or naked, to give more balance.

13. Green Check Nails


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Green is an excellent color for Christmas, with intense shades, as they bring back memories of pine tree scents. It is also simple to wear, looks stunning on all skin tones, and is suitable for women of all ages. If you’re looking for a straightforward and elegant manicure, choose manicures with checkered green nails. A plaid pin can be striking and give a retro look, but when done in two similar colors of green, it appears elegant and refined. It is possible to paint all your nails the same color, pick one pin with a checkered pattern, and then cover the rest with simple nails in green. Alternately, you can make the appearance of contrasting colors by painting one nail with a varied green while the other is bright red.

14. Matte Christmas Nails


Matte nail polish can create an intriguing effect that is distinct from standard shiny options. It is not shimmery and has a clean and refined look, making your nails sleek and flat. The great thing about this matte look is that it is available in various shades and can be used on nails of any length or shape. Dark green is an excellent option for creating a gorgeous Christmas-inspired look. It’s a neutral shade suitable for all skin tones and can be used in all kinds of weather. It’s also a shade that can create a matte look.

15. Nutcracker Nails


The Nutcracker is usually used around Christmas, and it can be a symbol of good luck and security. It also represents the strength and generosity of people. It’s easy to understand why someone would want to try this design for a festive manicure. There are numerous methods to make a nutcracker nail style. You can choose from the fingers and focus on the distinctive nail; instead, select your preferred base coat color, which includes green, white, gold, or red.

16. Red Metallic Nails


Red is the most popular color to decorate for Christmas. Picking a metallic shade can make it more appealing. The metallic lacquer could be any color, and it looks like a mirror with a shimmer. Red is often associated with romance, passion, and love. While some women are reluctant to wear it because of its boldness, the ideal time to wear it is during the festive season. If you want a more elegant style, choose darker reds that appear less noticeable and are more wearable. You can add an image on top of it. It could be snowflakes, stars, or even decorations for Christmas.

17. Green and Red Christmas Nails


The nail art you create is a great way to show off your personality and enjoy yourself. There’s never a better time to have fun designing your nails than Christmas, and many options exist. Mistletoe, lollipops, swirls, and Christmas lights are possible with a red and green combination of colors. These colors are holiday favorites and can be combined to create stunning and vibrant nail art. Play with different finishes, such as glitter or matte polish, to make your manicure more striking. If you’re willing to go the extra mile with your look, you could reduce your attire so that you can focus on your nails. You can also dress in your favorite sparkle dress to let that diva-like side shine!

18. Gold Tips Nails


Consider gold tips if you are a classic French manicure fan but want something different. The appeal of this style is that it’s stunning yet simple to do. The gold varnish is applied to the ends of your nails. You can play with various combinations based on how dramatic and visible you want your nail art to appear. Choose muted hues such as nudes, beiges, and whites for base layers to create a chic design that can be worn everywhere. An emerald green or a rich shade of red is suitable for a brighter alternative. To enhance the gold of your manicure, match it with your favorite gold jewelry.

19. Christmas Nails in Neutral Tones


A Christmas-themed manicure is an excellent way to feel in the Christmas spirit. For most people, this can be achieved by wearing the traditional combination of white, red, and green; however, neutral shades are an excellent alternative for those wanting something distinct. These shades are easy to wear, have less glam, and are suitable for nails of any length or shape. You can wear shades like white, beige, and sand to create a multi-colored look. This is simple and elegant and is suitable for a variety of styles, even more formal ones. Then, finish your work by adding gold-colored designs or Christmas reindeer, snowflakes, and trees.

20. Mistletoe Leaves Christmas Nails


If you’re looking for an elegant manicure associated with luck, health, love, and happiness, why not experiment with mistletoe leaves? Nails for New Year’s Eve using mistletoe can make manicures fashionable and fascinating since they are used to decorate the holiday season. There’s also a tradition of kissing when you are on one of the branches with your significant other. It’s an opportunity to express to those in your life that they are essential to you. This is an excellent alternative to traditional New Year’s outfits, including snowflakes and snowmen. To make this work of art appear more subtle, apply it to one nail and leave the rest of your manicure neutral and straightforward.

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