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50 Best Christmas Nail Designs to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

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31. Santa and Rudolph Nails


Santa Claus and Rudolph’s nails can be a sure way to spread joy and happiness during Christmas. This adorable Christmas nail art design will bring a smile to your face and attract interest to the nails. Although there are various options to experiment with, the simple nature of the classic white and red combination will give you a vivid and lively manicure. Adding snowflakes, candy canes, or stars to give extra detail is also possible. Christmas only happens yearly, so why not take advantage of the best festive time? For a smoky look, wearing white and red outfits is possible. For an elegant look, you can wear your most oversized sweaters with a vivid hue of your red lipstick.

32. Mickey Mouse Christmas Nails


Christmas-themed Mickey Mouse nails are an excellent way to commemorate childhood memories. Disney films have been a favorite to enjoy with friends or family for many years, especially during the holidays. If you decide to embellish your nails using the names of your favorite Disney characters sporting Christmas hats or reindeer antlers, The manicure will be enjoyable and adorable. For nail art you can create, it is best to simplify the design so that the logos are the focal point of your style. To achieve this, it’s recommended to go with a white or non-nude base coat that allows the symbols in black to be prominent against the background.

33. Snowman Christmas Nails


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For those who reside in warmer areas, Christmas is typically connected with the snow season and all the joyous things associated with it, including making snowmen. This Christmas Snowman manicure is an image that represents the joy of childhood. It may express transformation, magic, and happiness. Your manicure could also signal that living each moment to its fullest is essential. Snowmen have a short lifespan; they melt once they are warm. It is necessary to cherish every minute. Snowmen are the most beautiful works of art that can be customized to different lengths and forms of nails, but the longer, the better, as it allows you the chance to be imaginative and add additional specifics.

34. Christmas Tree Nails


Christmas is the time of the year when you must pick an uplifting and festive manicure. What’s more enjoyable than decorating with a Christmas tree? Christmas trees are a great way to decorate your home and bring happiness; a similar concept applies to manicures. You can opt for a precise and vibrant manicure using colorful bases and polishes with glitter. You can keep it simple by wearing a primary coat and a beautiful Christmas tree. This style works with nail lengths of all sizes or forms; you don’t need to sway in stilettos to experiment with this. It is also possible to put a small Christmas tree on every nail or select which pin you want to focus on. Make sure to work with your manicurist to create your perfect Christmas manicure.

35. Dark Green Simple Nails


Green is among the colors that are most popular to wear for Christmas. It reminds us of the Christmas tree. It makes a gorgeous holiday manicure that is easy and simple. The dark green shade is a hue that is simple to wear and is suitable to wear for all kinds of occasions. It is a great color to wear to nails of any length or shape and is ideal for all skin tones as well as women of all different ages. It’s also a color that is believed to promote growth. Combine it with red, white, and silver to create an even more elaborate look.

36. Christmas Nail Tips Design


Concentrating the design solely around the edges is an excellent option for those wanting to test New Year’s manicure designs but prefer a delicate style. This is a playful and contemporary alternative to the traditional French manicure. It’s created by coloring your nails using a stripe of glitter nail polish over the top. Then, apply mistletoe or a Christmas tree below for a wintery look. This nail art looks best with long nails and round tips, which allows you to play around with different styles. Wear your festive nails all over this holiday season, and getting the attention they will attract will be a pleasure.

37. Ho Ho Ho Nails


The famous phrase “Ho ho ho” is closely associated with Santa Claus and is a way to express his joy and joy. This is the perfect option if you are looking for an easy, fun manicure that makes you smile. Many shades are available, and you can find the ideal combination. However, the colors that are associated with Santa are white and red. This combination can make a stunning manicure. To bring sparkle to your nails, you can try glitter nail polish for a base or accent the nail’s surface using glitters.

38. Dipped in Glitter Nails


Glitter is a fantastic option to add sparkle to your holiday look. Instead of covering the whole nail in glitter polish, one alternative is to experiment using the dipping technique. It appears you have soaked your nails with fairy dust, sometimes called glitter polish, but only coated a portion of the top of the nail. This makes nail art elegant and straightforward. It’s feminine and fun and draws attention to the form of your nails, even though they are available in various sizes and shapes. To keep with the Christmas theme, you can choose green or red.

39. Baby Blue Christmas Nails


A famous and popular autumn nail color is blue. The trend will be prevalent throughout the holiday season. Blue is a color that reminds one of a snowy morning and a snowy sky and is appropriate for any nail shape. Make your manicure a more fun and festive look by adding dimension in complementary shades like silver, white glitter, and black.

40. Christmas Decorations Nails


If the most enjoyable part during Christmastime is decorating your holiday tree with lights, then why not dress up the holiday decor with your fingers? Begin with the base coat of neutral color, adding tiny, vibrant trinkets onto your nails. Cute and sleek, This manicure is among the most elegant yet will put you into the Christmas spirit within seconds!

41. Christmas Red And Gold Nails


An elegant and classic form of your manicure for the New Year is gold and red nails. The look instantly becomes festive, recalling Santa, Rudolph, holly fires, and rippling berries. Block nails with gold and red offer your fingers a “gift-wrapped” style and a red manicure with stars and gold accents looks elegant and festive.

42. Christmas Reindeer Nails


Applying a nail’s distinct hue is an easy and quick way to give your manicure a new look. What’s cuter as well as more festive reindeer? Remember to add hooves and holly sprigs to inform everyone that your cute animal is among Santa’s assistance. It is also possible to include sleigh bells and red noses to transform this reindeer Rudolph himself.

43. Christmas Wrapping Paper Nails


Inspiration for nail art is available everywhere, even under the Christmas tree! Utilize the patterns on your wrapping paper to guide you in creating your multi-dimensional manicure. Think stripes, sequins, bows, and holly sprigs. Your nails will appear attractive enough to be wrapped.

44. Pastel Christmas Nails


While traditional Christmas colors such as deep red and vibrant greens are in style this season, others prefer a more subtle and sophisticated look. Pastel New Year’s manicures are ideal for people who like neutral and white shades. Since the colors are quiet and easy to apply, apply one or two nails with patterns inspired by wrapping paper and perhaps some sparkle.

45. Santa Christmas Nails


Christmas is only once a calendar year. If you are a fan of this time of year, make the most of it and attempt the Santa’s manicure. You can make Santa. Claus the center of your manicure, and add some accessories inspired by Santa on your nails, including gifts, a sleigh or mitten, or even a boot. You can also keep the fun-loving persona at the forefront by contrast with a classic red cherry manicure.

46. Stars Christmas Nails


Stars shouldn’t be placed on the Christmas tree and nails! Contemporary and subtle, yet shiny and fun, the manicure with stars offers a youthful look without looking too sexy at the same time. It adds a bit of sparkle and is compatible with any nail length, from natural distance to stilettos.

47. Grey Christmas Nails


Another stylish option for those who love neutral colors is a gray manicure for the New Year. Elegant and frosty, this shade is an elegant Snow Queen vibe that pairs well with a sexy feminine form such as the mountain peak or coffin-shaped nails. The fresh white highlights, such as snowflakes, look fantastic with a gray base, but this one has no limitation regarding shade to balance the prominent nail or applying silver glitter to add a fun and festive look.

48. Colorful Glitter Christmas Nails


It’s the time of glitter and glitter, which means your nails shine! The Christmas glitter blends all the season’s classic colors, including emerald silver, ruby, and gold, and looks stunning on a hidden base coat. The result appears as if your fingers were covered in fairy dust. It’s also one of the most simple nail polishes for the New Year.

49. Cute Christmas Nails


There’s no shortage of adorable ideas to decorate your home for Christmas. Let your childish side shine by creating lovable cartoon characters of Christmas-themed characters like Rudolph and Santa. This design is best suited to shorter natural nails, which are square or square, rather than stilettos with long slender legs or coffins, as they are more elegant and sexually attractive.

50. Green Christmas Nails


The Emerald Green color is considered to be a traditional Christmas color, as it is reminiscent of pine trees. It’s a perfect color for your Christmas manicure. Give your Christmas nails a green elegant look by adding silver and white glitter accents. You can apply simple dots or stripes or go all out to make stunning glitter snowflakes and reindeer.

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